Here's my list of fave SoShi reactioners

* link is to their Mr Mr reactions

Dylan Jacobs thechannelofdylan (Taeyeon bias): He is a true pink blooded SONE. He is really funny and always keep people up to date with his BABIES

Josh kingzodi16 (Tiffany bias): If you wanna see some really funny spazzing then you should check him out.

Nick nickehboi (Sunny Bias): He always end up tearing up whenever he watches their videos it’s so precious lol.

Courtney & Jasmine 2minjinjongkey ( Hyoyeon and Sunny bias): They do a variety of groups but when they does do SNSD their reactions always be worth it. Cortney is forever catching life whenever Hyo is on the screen :D

Jre jrekml1 (Taeyeon bias(?)): He and his friend Kml do a big variety of skits and reactions to other groups. When he does reactions to the girls their really funny XD

Jose jose ochoa (Tiffany and Hyoyeon bias): He is a fairly new SONE so he is still learning all their names but it’s the most precious thing when he be reacting to the girls esp HyoFany.

i just wanted to share with you guys the people that I always look for when a new video or news come out :D

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