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Zootopia Fan-story ENTRY 9 Tumblr- Lonewolfwriter

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Nick arrived at the ZPD at 12:03pm he stood stunned at the front, scared to enter, when he felt a soft paw glide up his back, He knew the touch all too well and it sent a shock and shudder up his spine, he turned rigidly, his fur instantly sweaty.

Judy stood behind him rubbing her foot into the ground timidly, her big violet eyes unable to look up at him “Hi, Nick” she choked out as confidently as possible.

Nick stared blankly for a moment, a smile was about to spread across his face, the weather was brisk and reminded him of all the other days him and Judy had met at the front of the ZPD before work, grasping their coffee or lunch, it felt blissful, but it was merely the taste of a sweet memory, a memory that soon got flooded with the image of Jack smirking and pulling up his zipper exiting the apartment of Judy.

Nick smile turned sourly to a scald “What do you want? Huh?” he growled.

Judy reached her paw out and laid it on his arm, her touch like velvet, kind and gentle. Nick withdrew it almost immediately.

“Get your paws off me Hopps” hissed Nick  

Judy’s eyes went moist as she fought back tears, “yes Nick” she complied.

The tension was electric and before either could stifle out a conversation, a throat was cleared. “Again with the throat clearing” thought Nick Grinding his jaw.

He turned to see Jack holding two coffees, holding two coffees like Nick used to, one paw outstretched towards Judy.

Judy looked up at Nick, who looked back down on her, his eyes questioning “Well! You gunna get your coffee?” he gestured with his head.

Judy huffed before doing a 90 degree turn and waltzing over to Jack their paws touching as she grabbed the coffee, but as she grabbed it he pulled it in closer, pulling it from her grasp, Judy confused reached out further and further, moving closer and closer until she was almost face to face with Jack, who leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips, for only a moment catching her by surprise, Jacks eyes again locking with Nick, who instead of being hurt by the action, smirked back at Jack, making Jack raise an eyebrow in confusion, Nicks reaction catching him off guard.

“Do you mind? You may be out of uniform but you are still at work, keep the fondling out of work” roared Bogo making both the Rabbits jump, as he strode passed them shaking his head at Judy then shooting Jack a stern look. Jack simply coughing into his paw and looking to the side like nothing happened.

Judy rolled her eyes “I can’t win” she thought to her self

“Hello Nick” greeted Bogo pleasantly as he passed.

“Hello Captain” Nick replied with a half hearted salute.

Jack shook off the embarrassment and darted straight for the ZPD, making sure to nudge pass Nick on the way, and Nick had to take a breath to make sure he didn’t get zapped.

Judy however stopped at his side.

“Nick I…”

“Do you love him?” asked Nick brazenly. His eyes on Jack

Judy choked a moment “I think… I don’t know Nick…I” she stuttered.

“HAY!” shouted a voice; interrupting and saving Judy “Stop badgering my client Miss Hopps!” barked Finnick flicking his paw in a dismissive way, his ears flowing high in the midday breeze. Finnick got to Nick side, grabbing his sleeve and walking him towards the ZPD leaving Judy standing alone.  

“Let’s get this over with, you’re wasting my weekend” Expressed Finnick poking fun.

Nick looked down to Finnick, “Hay Finnick, this meeting may get a little exciting, can I count on you?”

Finnick was quiet for a moment “ah, heck Nick whacha gunna do?” he complained.

Nick just raised an eyebrow “Finnick?” he pressed.

Finnick sighed, hooking his little claw around his tie and loosening it from his neck “you’re like a brother Nick” he moaned defeated.

“adda boy!” smirked Nick. Nick took a deep breath preparing himself, he was done, he couldn’t prove himself any other way, and so he knew there was one last thing he could do to get his partner back.

As Nick entered the ZPD everything went quiet, but he was used to it, “what’s the worst that could happen? They would talk about me? Who cares?” He thought everyone was murmuring and Nick kept his eye poised to the ground until he felt two arms envelope him in a hug, locking Nicks muzzle between their chests, he knew the scent and smiled hugging back.

“Nick, how are you buddy?” hooted Fangmyer letting go and throwing fake playful punches at him.

Nick felt a smile cross his face, Fangmyer had been a good friend when Nick was a cop and even know, under investigation, under scrutiny. He still treated Nick like a friend first.

“I’ve been better…” admitted Nick glumly.

Fangmyer placed his paw on Nicks shoulder looking him dead in the eye, and pointing a paw at him “Hay, keep your chin up, I still got the coffee orders in the morning for when you return, my treat this time” he explained tapping Nick twice playfully.

Nick understood what Fangmyer meant, he remembered their last stake out together Nick had bought coffee for them both, even after shouting Fangmyer a night at the bar the previous night.

“Come on Fangmyer, this paperwork aint gonna sort itself” droned Fangmyer’s partner.

“Nick I gotta go!” he stated flicking his thumb over his shoulder toward his office, “but you stay strong buddy, I’ll see ya soon” he winked at Nick before running off with his partner.

Nick chuckled to himself, a warm feeling in his heart, he felt suddenly less lonely. His thoughts suddenly interrupted.


“JACK!” shouted Bogo! From above grabbing Nick’s attention, Jack looking up unamused.

“My office NOW!” he barked pointing a hoof demandingly.

Jack began leisurely making his way up toward Bogo, suave as always, his top button undone.

“I guess we will get started” exclaimed Judy who had made her way to Nicks side to watch Jack getting called up.


Jack reached Bogo’s office and took a step in saluting “yes si-“

“Save it Jack” growled Bogo “I warned you to stay away from Nick!”

“Sir I don’t have any idea, what you could possibly mean!” he lied through his teeth.

“Really?” quizzed Bogo rhetorically, “because she seems to think differently!” he accused pointing to the corner of his office, Jacks blind spot, where there were three seats, two of which were empty and the last one sat a Hippo with big hoop earrings, she looked exhausted, obviously coming down to the station straight after pulling an all night shift at bar.

“Ma’am is this the rabbit that had come in to your bar unwelcomed and without a permit?” Bogo asked.

“Yeah, dats the bunny” she confirmed looking Jack up and down in disgust.

“-and what would you say this officers attitude was like?” pressed Bogo

“Well I wouldn’t call it very by-da-book if you ask me” she scoffed

Jack held a smile, but one of contempt. “Sir, I was merely doing my duties as a detective of the ZPD, I made sure that Nick wasn’t getting himself into any more trouble than he was in, why, I was looking out for him to say the least!” jack expressed with a tilt of his head and a theatrical drop of his ears.

Pricilla shook her head and pointed at him “You sir, are despicable and a bigot, nottin more”

Jack shone her a grim smile

“Watch it” warned Bogo, seeing Jacks sarcasm.

“Miss-“Began Bogo gesturing to the door

“No, no miss just Pricilla sweetie” she corrected

“oh-Pricilla” re-began Bogo, walking around from his desk and opening the door for her “Thank you for your time”.

Pricilla was on her way out when she stopped reaching into her purse “oh by da way sugar can you give this to Nicky for me?” she asked handing Bogo a business card with her name and number on it “he’ll know who it is” she said with a wink and smile “if he needs anything I’ll be glad to help”.

Bogo took the card placing it in his chest pocket and smiled dismissing her politely.

Bogo shut the door after Pricilla had left.

“you’re this close savage” he gestured a small gap between his hoof.

Jack stormed over to him “This close to what?” he spat defiantly raising his ear as if asking Bogo to repeat himself.

Bogo snorted in fury “Watch it Savage”.

“Bogo…. chief, what law did I break?” asked Savage innocently.

Bogo suddenly smirked “I’m so glad you asked” he stated picking a remote off his desk and turning on the television, a repeat of the early News replaying, with a mug shot of Nick.

“The ZPD and the officers of such don’t take kindly to officers who go to the media”

Savage who was a little taken off guard, smoothed his stunned expression “That’s a mighty dangerous allegation you have their Bogo” he stated folding his arms and tapping his foot.

Bogo just nodded in agreeance “you’re right, I have no proof it was you…” he turned away at the end of his sentence and Jack went to excuse himself when Bogo raised a hoof.

“But…I wonder if you would be able to convince Judy…if she saw this?” he turned smug Jacks paw was on the door and he froze.

“leave the fox alone Savage, last chance”.

Jack threw his paw from the door handle turning in fury “I’m trying to protect the innocent!” he shouted

“Nick is an innocent!” fired back Bogo.

Jack twisted his neck, his agitation coming to the surface.

“Jack, you are a fine officer, why are you doing this to yourself? You may very well lose your badge if you keep this up…” threatened Bogo

“you know why…” blared Jack pointing his paw straight at Bogo his eyes wide and crazed “do you have any leads? is it even him or am I living in fear for no reason? Vergil Thumpfoot, Steven hare, Ryan Goodfur!” He cried out the names counting them on his left hand with his right index finger.

Bogo was suddenly lost for words, he knew what Jack asked but he didn’t know how to reply, he knew the stories, he knew why Nick should have stayed away from this debacle.

“I didn’t think so, now if you don’t mind I have a felon to keep a leash on” he finished flinging Bogos office door open and slamming it behind him.

“STAY AWAY FROM NICK OUTSIDE OF WORK SAVAGE!” shouted Bogo through the closed door, with no response, before sitting in his seat and putting his goliath head in his hoofs and shaking his head.

Judy sat in the interrogation room with Nick across from her. “so uhhh…” she began lifting up a fold of paper on a clip board “-have you tried for any jobs?” she asked, reading the questions on the sheet in front of her.

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend?” hissed Nick, getting a quick jolt.

Judy sighed at his accusation before continuing “Have you broken the zone laws since the … you know… you got the” Judy trailed off unable to finish the question

“What you mean before you had this strapped to me?” Nick accused grabbing the collar and flicking it in her direction “You know, after I shot you” he added with sarcasm.

Judy’s small paws were slowly becoming fists. “Have you been in contact with any shady characters in the last few days?”

“Only Finnick, which I guess counts since he’s a fox, huh? You gunna muzzle him?” baited Nick

Judy slammed her paw on the desk “God dammit Nick, I’m just doing my job!”

Nick smiled pleased with her reaction before leaning in “Your job was to protect the weak and vulnerable to protect and serve, to help those in need” Nick grabbed his collar and held it out to her “tell me something Carrots” it was the first time Nick had called her that since the whole ordeal and it made her heart sink deep, “Is this what your job is meant to look like? Huh? You doing your job well?”

Judy blinked several time unable to look at the collar that choked Nick

“huh, didn’t think so, perhaps you would have helped everyone if you had just stayed in bunny burrow”.

“Nick, don’t make this hard, this hurts me”.

Nicks eyes widened and he got an instant shock “what?” he gasped in disbelief.

“I mean you know…I” Judy began trying to backtrack

“Finnick get out!” spat Nick cutting off Judy’s sentence.

Finnick looked to Judy, who wore a nervous poker face, then to Nick who was frowning deeply, but Finnick saw passed the frown, there was something else. He slowly got off his seat and headed for the door. As he went out the door Jack was about three steps away from the room and snarled at Finnick who returned it in kind.

As Finnick last hair left the Door and Jacks foot was about to enter, Nick exploded into a dash grabbing a seat and slamming the door, turning the lock shut and using the back of the chair against the handle so the door could not be opened and in the same swift movement had pulled Judy from her chair pinning her against the wall, holding one of her arms over her head, alas in his speed he had missed her other arm, they were muzzle to nose and their breath intertwined as Nick breathed heavily. It was electric and Judy was in near tears of fear, or anxiety or both, then Nick felt the all too familiar feeling of a gun barrel pressed comfortably under his chin, her free hand and most dominant able to grab it and withdraw it the moment Nick had pinned her.

Jack saw Nicks sudden move and went for the door, he pulled on the handle, it was locked tight, he shoulder-charged it to no avail

His anger turning to Finnick “What’s going on here fox” he asked Finnick, who was lost for words unsure about what was actually happening.


“Don’t make me hurt you Nick” threatened Judy pulling the hammed back on her sidearm.

“YOU THINK THIS HURTS YOU? you think everything that has happened hurts you?” his eyes looked down to point to her gun “You think that will hurt me?” panted Nick into Judy’s ear, his eyes moistening, the door slamming frantically beside him caught his attention for only a moment when he made eye contact with Jack, who was threatening him to open the door, before turning back to Judy, the more important of the two in this decisive moment.

He pushed his lips into hers she was stunned at first, but then it is as if they melted into one. It was passionate, fire and ice, wind and rain, sun and heat all at once. Nick’s fur became rigid on his neck, a small zap passing between the two’s lips and Judy could feel her feet pushing her on her tip toes to push into it harder.

“Stop Nick” pleaded Judy half-heartedly, the gun in her grip was firm and tucked tightly under his chin.

“No” spoke Nick from the side of his mouth, his lips refusing to leave hers; two magnets stuck together as one, and unlike Jack, Nick didn’t look over her shoulder to watch Jack in pain, his kiss was whole hearted and true and his focus was on Judy.

“Nick don’t make…. hmm…don’t make me…. hurt…”

Hopps’ eyes were shut tight and the gun in her paw slowly lowered away from his chin, before she dropped it on the ground, she wanted to pull away, and at the same time wanted it to last forever, this can’t be happening she thought to herself.

Nick let go of her arm his paws now falling to her face holding her cheeks tight as they kissed passionately the other grasping her ears tight and pulling her in. Her tiny paws making it to the small of his back, her cheeks were tear soaked “why Nick?” she cried from the side of her mouth

Nick pulled away slowly both their breathing was in sync, their hearts flogging from their chests.

“Why Nick?” is all Judy could muster, gently banging her cupped fists on his chest.

“Carrots, you dumb bunny” he sighed with glazed eyes, kissing her right on the forehead to sooth her, “I would never hurt you in a million years”

Jack was shaking, his attempts to break the door down were in vain, his eyes suddenly widened and the same look that overtook him so often became prominent on his face, as if he were a machine being programmed, he reached for his holster unbuckling his firearm and raised it firm in two paws towards Nick through the glass of the interrogation room.

“What the hell, Savage are you crazy!” spat Finnick jumping and grabbing his arm and after a short scuffle Jack simply side kicked Finnick in the chops sending him crashing on his back with a bloody mouth

“NICK!” cried Finnick

“Nick Wilde is attacking officer Hopps” stated Jack in monotone as if trying to convince himself of the action he was about to take, lifting the gun and taking aim.

The room went in slow motion, Nick didn’t see Jack holding his firearm and didn’t hear the scuffle between Jack and Finnick, He was too lost in Judy’s violet eyes, in this unmistakable moment of bliss, and she in his emerald green eyes as she clung to his T-shirt crying and apologising over and over.

Then Nick heard the all but faint noise of Finnick shouting his name, his head turned to the door to see what the commotion was and he saw Jack, eyes like an animal on night howler, his finger hugging the trigger. As their eyes met Nick’s eyes widened at the sight, his grip on Judy tightened and he threw his shoulder forward to make sure he was protecting her completely.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. BANG! Echoed the crack of a gun through the halls of the ZPD.


One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson was spotted out today wearing a #TEAMGRIMMY shirt in support of Nick Grimshaw’s big move to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in September. Still no word on whether they’re dating after photos of them dancing rather intimately at a club last weekend were leaked.

Holiday pt 6b

Nick closed the door behind him then looked around his partners little room it was a bit bigger than her apartment.  he walked over to Judy and sat down next to her on her bed. Nick glanced over to Judy who was looking down at her lap like a child would when they were in trouble, he leaned back a little and let out a sigh.
Nick:Alright Hopps, want to tell me what got you so upset that you left tear stains on one of my favorite shirts?” he said in a joking matter in hopes she would smile.

Judy: im … im sorry Nick.” she said not looking at him Nick wasn’t expecting this from his partner in crime.

Nick: “ Its ok carrots really i can just wash my shirt its not a big deal.”

Judy:No! not your shirt i was upset because this was your first Thanksgiving with my family i wanted everyone to get along and you to feel welcome but instead everyone was giving us weird looks.” she looked up at him touching his arm

Nick gave her a small smile
Nick:Its ok, besides it wouldnt have been as fun if there wasnt any chaos in the mix… When i was younger there would always be at least one fight for every holiday event  so it was kinda nice in a weird way reminded me of my family.”

Nick moved his arm away and gave a fake cough even if they have been partners for a year he still got a little uncomfortable  talking about his past.
Nick: “ I Its getting late… you should be getting to bed i will just uh.. let my self out.” He said as he got off her bed but Judy grabbed his paw stoping him from reaching the door, Nick looked back at the bunny and raised a eyebrow.

Judy: “ You dont have to go you could stay in here.” she said her face starting to heat up nick turned to face her a grind
Nick: “ Mrs. Hopps, how scandal a good girl like you asking a “engaged” Fox to stay the night? i didnt know you had it in you.” he teased  

Judy rolled her eyes then raised her right paw showing showing the ring he put on her finger.

Judy: “ Technically smart guy im engaged you! Besides you would probably be better off in here so my brothers dog pile you at 6 in the morning.

Nick: “ok you win” He said raising his arms in surrender
Judy: “ Im glad you can see it my way.” she said smugly as Wilde lays down on the ground. “ I dont mind sharing my bed if you want or i can take the floor.”
Nick: “ na im fine i can sleep any were “ he said waving her off
Judy: “ are you sure?”
Nick: “ Im always sure carrots,”
Judy let out a laugh and threw a pillow and a blanket to him
Judy: “ Night dumb fox.” she yawned
Nick: “ Night cottontail”

the Next Morning Nick woke up draggy and confused in his different surroundings he yawned than sat up remembering he was at Judys parents. He looked over to find a sleeping partner next to him in bed Nicks eyes grew as big as saucer. “ NO dont tell me?…. that we actually?” Nick thought. he didn’t want there first time to be like that if they ever have a first time he wants to remember it.

he quickly raised the covers to revel that he was wearing pajama pants. Wilde let out a sigh of relief he carefully got out of bed making sure not to wake his partner, Grabbed his shirt not buttoning it up and left her room to only crash into Jack in the hallway.