The Rose Man // Manhattan, NYC

While out wandering (it was 4am at this point), we came across roses strewn across the city sidewalk and in a large dumpster adjacent to the Public Library (West 40th St). While taking photos, this man who was on a smoke break came up behind us to ask what we were photographing (Christian and I explained). Then we had a nice conversation with this gentleman and learned that there had been a wedding inside earlier in the day and he was being paid to help clean up. I made a few portraits of him and eventually headed off. I wish I got his name. 


Breakfast portrait shoot // Manhattan, NYC

Bright and early on Saturday, Tracy and Jon came to our hotel to meet up and eat some free continental breakfast with us. Once the breakfast hours ended, we utilized the dining area and it’s beautiful light for some portrait shooting. Then we went back to our room for a bit more shooting before heading out for the day.

Ft. tracythnguyen, jackierozettphoto, and jonmedina. ( christiannapolitano was here too, I just don’t have any shots of him.)


March 6th, 2014 // Chelsea, NYC

Once we got down to New York on Thursday, we dumped our bags in our room and met up with Jon. Once we met up, we went down to Chelsea for some pizza. We hit two different places (Gotham and Stella’s), which were both rad. By then it was past midnight, so we walked Jon back to his hostel.

Ft. jonmedina, christiannapolitano, and jackierozettphoto