I used small rocks to take photos of. I placed a light (iPhone) to the right of the rocks so that the shadows are correct in the final image. I found a seascape background from the internet and used a white spray brush to apply a mist to the image. I added the rock image to photoshop and cut the rocks out and inserted them to the seascape background. I then placed them on the horizon and added more mist. I then used a strong white brush to add a sun in the top right. This work is similar to Nick Cobb’s work where he uses small models to imitate real life situations. However I was inspired by a photographer called Ben Brain, he used flint to create the same seascape as I did. You can see this in the image above.


Nick Cobb specialises in diorama photography and has done for the past 10 years. He makes his own models and and landscapes out of a number of materials and uses them to create his scenes. They vary as you can see above from night and day natural landscapes to more unrealistic scenes like the large skeletons. He also uses a number of coloured filters on his work as portrayed with the sunflower image. Some of his work can be spontaneous, if something in the image goes wrong, its not always wrong; it can create an interesting effect that he might quite like.


This morning, Nick Cobb, visited us at Ravensbourne and put on a workshop for us, here, we were able to take some photographs, which were influenced by his work and in a similar style, using different objects and materials. There were 5 tables ,each set up differently, with different objects/materials and we moved around the room in groups of 10 taking photographs at each table. Here are my favourites, out of the photographs i took today. 

This is a photograph taken by Nick Cobb, a photographer who is visiting us on Friday. This is my favourite photograph taken by Nick Cobb. I like this photograph, as the colour of the pink flowers, which implies new life, contrasts beautifully with the decaying and partially demolished building which implies that it has come to the end of existence.

I would ask Nick Cobb, - why he choses to use figurines and model scenes instead of real locations?