Gryles 30 Day Challenge
Day 3- Favourite Head Canon

There’s no absolute proof that it is Harry in this picture; but the general consensus rules it is Harry. It shows a calm domesticity where they’re not Nick Grimshaw, Radio 1 DJ, and Harry Styles, One Direction member; but Nick and Harry. I am comforted by the notion that when he hangs out with Nick, it’s not all loud parties and publicity. A lot of the time it’s just cuddling on the couch and baking at midnight.

Sidenote re: yesterday’s Instagram action: all I want is a picture of Harry and Puppy


Gryles 30 Day Challenge
Day 11: Alternate Universe

Pushing Daisies AU

Nick Grimshaw liked to believe that his life was perfectly normal, aside from having the unique ability to wake the dead. He carried on, letting this fact affect his life as little as possible. He lived in a quant apartment in London with his dog of 25 years, Puppy. Puppy was the first to have benefited from Nick’s gift and she certainly wasn’t the last.

Private Investigator, Zayn Malik, enjoyed using Nick’s gift to solve murders and collect the reward money. Today, Zayn brought a new case about a young man who had been killed and thrown overboard while on a cruise. His name was Harold Styles, but Nick knew him better as Harry, a boy who he used to live next door to as a child and had been hopelessly in love with.

Due process stated that Nick and Zayn were to travel to the funeral home in Nick’s hometown where Harold was. Nick would awaken him, ask him about his murder, and before one minute, touch him again so he would return to eternal peace. It had been years since Nick had last seen Harry, and yet, looking at his still body in the casket, Nick remembered the joy and happiness they had once shared. Nick tentatively reached out, grazing Harry’s cheek, and the moment his eyes sprang open, Nick knew he never wanted to see them close again.

anonymous asked:

you will probably get like 5 of these but def gryles to begin with lol

  • who cooks normally?: Harry. If Nick was in charge of food they’d have take away every single night
  • how often do they fight?: Not too often. Harry feels Nick can be withholding at times and Nick thinks that Harry is too forward; they’re learning to find the right balance
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Pine annoyingly much to the dismay of those around them. They’re secure enough that they don’t need to be calling and texting every waking hour.
  • nicknames for each other?: Nothing schmoopy. Grim and Haz if not just Nick and Harry.
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Nick will let Harry pay on the principle that Harry is a multimillion dollar popstar and he (Nick) has no dignity.
  • who steals the covers at night?: Harry; and Nick knows better than to complain.
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: Harry likes bringing back weird knick-knacks that do not go with Nick’s decor but he will put up anyway. Nick likes tracking down rare albums, toys, electronics and the like that Harry has offhandedly mentioned.
  • who kissed who first?: It was mutual back of a cab snog after way too many drinks at a party
  • who made the first move?: Nick was overcome with the need to suck Harry’s dick
  • who remembers things?: Harry jokes that early mornings and heavy drinking have marred Nick’s senile brain.
  • who started the relationship?: Their friends were fed up with the “will they, or won’t they” and they were excommunicated until a decision was made. Harry was the first to propose giving it a go.
  • who cusses more?: Nick; all the self censorship on the radio makes him extra sweary around the house
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Nick would go into asskicking mode and aggressively makes sure Harry is okay. Harry just puts up with all of Nick’s whining and complaining without comment.

nick said that around the fourth day he just wanted to come home from puerto rico. assuming he left on the 28/29, the fourth day would be New Years Eve/New Years Day and you know what happened on NYE…

i’m just sayin’

Gryles 30 Day Challenge
Day 14: Angst

be here now

1// wish you were here - pink floyd 2// faithfully - journey 3// please be with me - eric clapton 4// someone saved my life tonight - elton john 5// i can’t tell you why -  the eagles 6// wish you were here -  fleetwood mac 7// i miss you - incubus 8// don’t go away - oasis