Truthful Tuesday: What I'm up to.

My sister is getting married on March 31st of this year. I’m going to fly down to Tampa, FL on the 26th and stay with my parents for a few days before. They live in Hernando. I have no idea where that is. I’m looking forward to getting away from the continuing cold weather of Rochester, NY. We are going to drive 6 hours to Atlanta for the wedding. I’m going to use that 6 hours to tell my parents about the homosexual agenda. 

On May 1st, I’m flying to Los Angeles, CA to visit Pandora for her birthday. I will be there until Monday the 7th. We may hit up Disneyland on the 2nd. I hope I will have enough time to tell her about the second coming of Christ. Oh, and see Tricia, Nick, and a very special lady who promised to take me to gay bingo, or Hamburger Mary’s or something. 

I’m traveling a lot this year, before the Mayans kill us all. I would like to go to the Chicago tweetup, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have the time or money.