Theory: Cargo Titan is Pastor Nick [CRACK]

Left: Cargo Titan (ch. 75). Right: Pastor Nick (ch. 37)

As you may know, everybody was absolutely certain Pastor Nick met his end. What if it was not the case?

Not only these two characters present similarities on their faces but also, I feel like it’s necessary to point Nick’s death:

Nick’s corpse - Ch. 52

Now inspect closely. Hange assumed he was tortured before dying, but something’s not right. Not only was his nape intact, but also it would appear shifters can be masters at hiding their regenerative abilities! Look at Reiner who managed to keep the smoke from the bite he had. Maybe Nick did the same in order to conceal his true identity!

Also, it’s not the first time it ever happened. There were shifters in much more critical condition:

Bertolt’s stump - Ch. 83

And he was still alive. It’s safe to say Nick was faking his death.

Do I need to mention it was the last time we’ve ever seen Pastor Nick? He was actually on the warriors’ side all along. We were all assuming he opened his vision of the world thanks to Hange but…

Hange and Nick - Ch. 37

Look at his face. Look how he doesn’t approve. It was sign of his betrayal all along.

Hidden in the warriors’ base, he’s now he’s faithfully serving Zeke as the Cargo Titan, faithful to the enemy, a much more trustworthy ally than the heretics that are the Wall Cult.

Will Hange uncover his identity in the next chapters? Let’s find out!

July 26: Death Cancellation Tuesday

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How do the kids feel about their father's personal war against Brenda?

“Look daddy!” The runt of the litter pushed the bag across the table, leaving skid marks of finger paint and applesauce dragging across the wood. It was his birthday, and just weeks before Nick had been temporarily suspended from the PTA due to mysterious reasons.

Not so mysterious: he’d gotten into a fight with Brenda over the funding for the next play and had told her, without much reserve, that although he would love to drain every last penny from her money grubbing husband, he thought it would be better if she got off his back and let the air out of her overstuffed head.

Which didn’t end well.

Because then Brenda decided to say something very pointedly rude about his choice of mate.

Nick Wilde’s satchel (a lovely, sturdy thing that was passed down from his wife - and he will pointedly never allow anyone to call it a handbag) went flying across the air. And three pounds of knitting needles, packaged cheerios, juice boxes, and crayons went barrelling into Brenda’s stupid face.

Granted, it did little more than mess up her hair.

But, as she reminded the Principal- her hair cost more than Nick Wilde’s entire salary, and for that he had to pay.

He’d been down for a while. Sulking through the days, counting down until he was finally able to host book club again, when his children approached.

“Daddy look!” the runt passing the bag along the table, he scampered about, hugging Nick’s leg with sticky fingers. The other kits crowded about, static in their enthusiasm.

“I made the design!” his eldest daughter by four and three quarter minutes (which she lorded over the others as her right to alpha of the lot) pointed to the bag.

Another one of his boys clamored up onto the chair. “An’ I helped mommy type in her credit card!”

Judy joined them, leaning over the bag. “We might need to save up for a while. And only eat carrots for a while. Because… we’re gonna be held back-”

“How held back?”

She kissed between his ears. “It’ll be worth it.”

When he spilled over the bag, he decided that, without a doubt, it was.

And when his suspension ended two and a half weeks later without any repercussions beside a strict no handbag police -

(to which he ranted about it’s correct title as a satchel)

- his entire family donned the newest ensemble to their wardrobe.

It turns out, the anti-brenda pins and t-shirts were only proof of how much his children took after him. Because as they flashed the emblems to every one of their friends, (”look! I have an arch nemesis too! Just like daddy!”), he’d never thought of a single moment he’d ever been prouder.

Their bills remained paid, as soon after many PTA members and friends at the ZPD decided to order a few for themselves. Which Judy hesitated about. But Nick, taking the envelopes stuffed with cash and requests and numbers, did not.

It is not unusual to walk into the ZPD on casual Fridays and see a wolf or rhino wearing a Stick it in your Juice-Box t-shirt. And the Team Nick vs. Team Brenda pins handed out during parent teacher conferences, created and designed by Nick’s children only added to the fire.

Nick’s kids don’t really understand what’s going on at all. But they’re his kids. And he’s going to use them to their full potential.

Besides, this is wonderful future resume material.

Here’s a #filmfriday for you just in the nick of time. This week’s pick is Wizards, a 1977 psychedelic animated film directed by Ralph Bakshi. This movie is seriously bad ass and very artistically inspiring. Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, the forces of magic and technology clash to determine the fate of the realm! Wizards is extremely artful and a feast for the eyes with amazing illustrations as well as animation. It is not for the faint-hearted and deals with some very heavy issues about world war. A lot of the war concepts reference those of World War II so watch at your own discretion! 📽 #filmfriday #wizards1977

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Comic on/cos play au for Nick and Phil would be amazing to see if you want to do that one lol

Phil is an up and coming comics writer and Nick is a history professor at the local college. He and Phil attend conventions together-early mornings camping out for good panels with multiple cups of coffee turn into VIP passes through the back entrance but they make sure to still make time for their favorite con activities. Nick spends weeks on his cosplay and they split up their time between comics and Star Wars.