i am so much happier now that I’m dead. Technically, “missing. ” Soon to be presumed dead. Gone. And my lazy, lying, cheating, oblivious husband… Will go to prison for my murder. Nick Dunne took my pride and my dignity… And my hope and my money. He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That’s murder. Let the punishment fit the crime. To fake a convincing murder, you have to have discipline. You befriend a local idiot. Harvest the details of her humdrum life. And cram her with stories about your husband’s violent temper. Secretly create some money troubles. Credit cards, perhaps online gambling. With the help of the unwitting… Bump up your life insurance. Purchase getaway car. Craigslist. Generic. Cheap. Pay cash. You need to package yourself so that people will truly mourn your loss. And America loves pregnant women. As if it’s so hard to spread your legs. You know what’s hard? Faking a pregnancy. First, drain your toilet. Invite pregnant idiot into your home… And ply her with lemonade. Steal pregnant idiot’s urine. Voil. A pregnancy is now part of your legal medical record. Happy anniversary. Wait for your clueless husband… To start his day. Off he goes. And the clock is ticking. Meticulously stage your crime scene… With just enough mistakes to raise the specter of doubt. You need to bleed. A lot. A lot, a lot. A head wound kind of bleed. A crime scene kind of bleed. You need to clean poorly… Like he would. Clean and bleed. Bleed and clean. And leave a little something behind. A fire in July? And because you’re you… You don’t stop there. You need a diary. Minimum, 300 entries on the Nick and Amy story. Start with the fairy tale early days. Those are true. And they’re crucial. You want Nick and Amy to be likable. After that, you invent. The spending. The abuse. The fear. The threat of violence. And Nick thought he was the writer. Burn it just the right amount. Make sure the cops will find it. Finally, honor tradition with a very special treasure hunt. And if I get everything right, the world will hate Nick… For killing his beautiful, pregnant wife. And after all the outrage, when I’m ready… I’ll go out on the water with a handful of pills… And a pocket full of stones. And when they find my body, they’ll know… Nick Dunne dumped his beloved like garbage. And she floated down past all the other… Abused, unwanted, inconvenient women. Then, Nick will die, too. Nick and Amy will be gone. But, then, we never really existed. Nick loved a girl I was pretending to be. “Cool girl. ” Men always use that as their defining compliment. “She’s a cool girl. ” Cool girl is hot. Cool girl is game. Cool girl is fun. Cool girl never gets angry at her man. She only smiles in a chagrined, loving manner… And then presents her mouth for fucking. She likes what he likes. So evidently, he’s a vinyl hipster who loves fetish manga. If he likes girls gone wild, she’s a mall babe… Who talks football and endures buffalo wings at Hooters. When I met Nick Dunne, I knew he wanted cool girl. And for him, I’ll admit, I was willing to try. I wax-stripped my pussy raw. I drank canned beer watching Adam Sandler movies. I ate cold pizza and remained a size two. I blew him semi-regularly. I lived in the moment. I was fucking game. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy some of it. Nick teased out of me things I didn’t know existed. A lightness, a humor, an ease. But I made him smarter. Sharper. I inspired him to rise to my level. I forged the man of my dreams. We were happy pretending to be other people. We were the happiest couple we knew. And what’s the point of being together if you’re not the happiest? But Nick got lazy. He became someone I did not agree to marry. He actually expected me to love him unconditionally. Then he dragged me, penniless, to the navel of this great country… And found himself a newer, younger, bouncier… boo keys

WildeHopps Headcanons

1. Nick and Judy act completely platonic and casual in front of their co-workers and friends and what-have-you, but when alone at his place or hers, their mannerisms are a bit more domestic, i.e. Judy will tighten or loosen his tie for him upon entering through the doorway, and Nick will wordlessly hand her one of his t-shirts to put on during sleepovers so that she doesn’t have to remain in her uniform.

2. They never fall asleep at said sleepovers, at least not intentionally. They always attempt to pull an all-nighter by playing video games or binge-watching crime shows. Once in a blue moon, however, they’ll wind up nodding off while sitting side by side on the couch, and Judy will lean her head against his side in her sleep. In the mornings, whoever wakes up first will nervously slide away from the other and breathe a sigh in relief that the other one didn’t wake up to catch the moment.

3. Judy knows all of Nick’s favorite coffee orders by heart, and she always makes him wait in the police cruiser so that she can enjoy the satisfaction of getting him his coffee and then watching him nod appreciatively after he takes the first sip. Silently reminding him in this tiny way that she KNOWS him makes her feel happy in a way she can’t quite understand. Nick, for his part, never allows himself to get used to this feeling of being catered to in such a sweet way, for the fear that one day she’ll stop caring to do it. But she never does stop.

4. Paperwork is a tedious task, and Nick despises it. However, one evening when Judy’s caught up with a hard case and hasn’t had enough sleep, with the bags underneath her eyes to show for it, he convinces her to go home early to rest, and then gets started on doing her mountain of paperwork for her. The next morning when she arrives to catch up on it, she finds Nick sleeping on her desk, with everything finished. When Nick rouses from his slumber twenty minutes later, he finds the carrot pen on the desk by his arms. It hadn’t been there while he was working all night. Curiously, he picks it up and presses the button, and hears Judy’s recorded voice stating, “Nicholas Wilde is the greatest friend in the history of friends, and I love him.” He smiles, and replays it quite a few times before making his own recording: “Carrots is a sap. But, what the heck. I love her too.” He leaves the pen at her desk where she’ll find it, before making his way toward the break room where the coffee pot awaits.

5. Nick and Judy are appointed to go undercover at a gala in Sahara Square, and they are required to dress up for the occasion. Nick swallows thickly when Judy shows up wearing a strapless floor-length glittery violet gown, the color of her eyes. Judy gives him a once-over as well; he is in a black suit and tie for the occasion. They keep sending little furtive glances toward each other’s way when they’re sure the other one isn’t looking. At one point, Nick tells her to lean in for a selfie, with the explanation that they’ll keep up their cover well if they pretend to be self-absorbed. In reality, he just wants to be able to remember what she looked like in that dress. He spends many nights in bed staring at that picture, studying her features and sweeping his eyes over her bare shoulders and sparkly apparel. Eventually, he crops himself out of the picture, so that it’s just her to focus on. He clicks the heart button on the bottom of the screen, and that photo becomes the only one in his “favorites” folder.

6. Nick gets sick with a fever one weekend, and Judy drags him to the hospital. Refusing to be left behind in the waiting room, she ends up sitting in the corner of the medical room as the doctor checks Nick all over. At one point, the armadillo doctor looks to Judy and says, “Your boyfriend needs a prescription filled for the flu.” Both Nick and Judy proceed to sputter, embarrassed, trying to explain that they are simply just friends. The doctor then raises an eyebrow and asks why Judy insisted on being in the room to act as his care-giver. Judy ends up exclaiming in frustration, “Well, SOMEBODY has to look out for the guy, right? It might as well be me until some girl comes along!” Nick quips, “Hey, ‘the guy’ is right here, you know.” But internally, his heart has swelled up to three times its size, because Judy has confirmed that she’ll take care of him unless and until he starts dating someone, and having no desire to be with anyone who isn’t her, he realizes at this moment that he can have her around to look out for him forever. As soon as this understanding dawns on him, he finally starts to get used to the idea that she’s simply going to be around to do these things in his life: get him coffee, force him to go to the doctor, etc. It’s a heartwarming feeling, one that grips him; not that he’d ever vocalize it.

7. Their first kiss is a complete accident. They are in the middle of one of their all-nighters, at Nick’s place, on the couch, and Judy has just won a match against him in a video game. Judy turns her head up excitedly toward him with her lips puckered in a self-satisfied, mocking expression and Nick has an eyebrow cocked and turns to look at her, teasing words ready to be uttered, when their noses bump and their lips touch. Both of their eyes are open, and then widen in alarm, and Nick withdraws from the contact immediately. They stare at each other in panic. The video game proceeds to start a rematch, and Judy jerks her attention back to the screen, then nervously back to Nick. Nick swallows, and with a bashful expression, picks up the game controller and gestures toward the screen questioningly. She slowly, shyly smiles back at him, picks up her own controller again, and they continue on with their game, the kiss ignored… but not forgotten.

8. Judy’s phone dies one night while she’s in the middle of MuzzleTime with her mother, so she asks Nick, who is sitting by her side eating takeout, for his phone. He hands it to her unthinkingly, and she tries to call her mother, but to no avail. Since she’s got the phone in her paw anyway, feeling sentimental, she decides to click on his photo album. She notices her face on the “favorites” folder, and becoming curious, clicks on the folder to find the one photo from the gala. She realizes that Nick has cropped the photo so that it’s just her in it, and at that point, Nick asks, “Hey, what are you looking at?”- and then realizes what it is exactly that she’s looking at. He gulps. She stares at him with wide eyes. He coughs out a strange laugh, then rips the phone out of her paws, shoving it back into his pocket. “You bunnies, so darn curious,” he mutters, trying desperately to ignore the heat emanating from his neck, refusing to keep eye contact with her. She remains silent, chewing on her bottom lip, with warmth flooding to her own cheeks. It is at this point that both of them know. Nick is in love with Judy.

9. Their second kiss is no accident. It is a week later, and they are in the police cruiser. They are stationed at the corner of the third block north of Tundratown’s entrance. As of late, speeders have been tearing through the icy district. They are waiting at their post, waiting for signs of crime, when suddenly Nick says casually, “Once we’re done here, I’ll get us our coffee. God knows how much we’ll need it after we’re done with this cold place.” Judy responds with, “No, I’ll get the coffee. I always get the coffee.” Nick shrugs and says, “I know. Which is why I’m offering for once. You deserve to get treated once in a while, you know. Let a guy treat you, Carrots.” She crosses her arms and replies, “But I like being the one who does that stuff. I LIKE getting the coffee, Nick.” And then he responds, with the most neutral expression and as casually as possible: “Yeah, I know. But I like YOU, soo…” His voice trails off, his paw drops to his lap, and there is bone-dead silence. A smile slowly grows on Judy’s face, and he casts his eyes over to her in anxiety, beginning to question in panic whether he should have been so forthright, when she suddenly reaches out, grabs him by the tie, pulls him over to her side of the car, grabs his cheek with one paw, and crushes her lips to his. This time, their eyes close, and this time, the kiss lasts for a very long time. It’s a good thing no crime ends up occurring in their corner of the district that day, because the two of them wind up very, very preoccupied.

10. Nick can’t get enough of Judy once they are officially a couple. Much to her surprise, he is a very touchy-feely guy. He always likes to hold her paw when she isn’t busy doing something, and when they sit down, he makes sure that their legs are touching. From then on, whenever they have all-nighters and movie nights, his paws always wander to her body sometime in the middle of the night to pick her up and place her on his lap. He likes to rest his chin on the top of her head, and stroke her sides while she sits in his arms. He is also a nuzzler. He plants kisses on her at the most random times, and then always straightens himself back to his casual demeanor, but it’s the warmth in his eyes that gives him away and shows his affection. Judy thoroughly enjoys how physical he likes to be with her, and makes it known by stroking the fur on the nape of his neck whenever they’re alone. Sometimes when she does this, he lets himself show his undoing by seizing her lips roughly and making soft little moans, tugging at the hem of her shirt. And sometimes, when he does this, she allows the touching to go further, the kissing to become faster and harder, and the clothes to be discarded and forgotten. All in all, it’s a wonderful life to be in love with one’s own partner and best friend, and the two bask in all the moments of intimacy they finally get to share after so many months of holding back and acting platonic.

Someone To Lean On

@spanjaythelion requested: “Letting go hurts… a lot.”

(with apologies for how long these are taking; it’s been a rough month)

The coffee scalds his paws, and he pays it no mind. The steam rises up and coats his vision in a dull fog, blurring the glow of the streetlights so that they seem like enormous stars hovering just above him, beacons in the browns and greens and blacks of the night-stricken park. There is a stillness hanging about him, and he likes the feeling it gives him: time is stuck in this place, and it will not go on so long as he does not go on. A deal he finds very appealing, and is all too happy to take, prepared to sit endlessly in the dimness, peering through steam at a world swallowed up in darkness.


His ears twitch, but he keeps still. The soft padding of feet grows louder. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a shadow grow larger, creeping across the yellow-tinted stone of the path leading to his seat. For only a moment, he wonders how he possibly could have been found, before deciding he really doesn’t care.

“Nick?” Judy repeats, tilting her head to look him in the eye. “Do you need to talk?”

For the first time in what feels like ages, Nick blinks, dragging himself out of the vacant reverie with which he’d been regarding the darkness ahead of him. He looks over at Judy, examines her like some foreign object whose origin needs determining, and then, in a moment of recognition, smiles at her.

“Hey, Carrots. Fancy seeing you here this time of night.”

Hearing the void in his voice, she steps closer to him, reaches a cautious paw out, and asks, “What are you doing out here?”

The coffee cup fidgets in his paws. “Oh, you know, needed a pick-me-up. Nice night, decided to enjoy it, you know how much I love this little spot.” He sips the bitter beverage, ignores the pain receptors screaming at the heat searing away his taste buds, and goes back to staring out at the dark through his makeshift mist. When Judy doesn’t respond, his eyes can’t help but flicker to her. The look she has on threatens to collapse him, so he cocks his head to the empty bench spot beside him and mutters, “Take a load off, why don’t ya?”

The bunny hesitates, worried by all of the emotion he isn’t showing, but nevertheless hops up onto the bench and sits, keeping her eyes on Nick’s. Her stare is never matched, though, as Nick sips once more at his coffee, pupils pointed straight ahead. They sit in silence for a long, heavy moment, before she reaches her paw out and touches his arm.

“Nick,” she says, in that tone of voice that drives him quietly insane whenever he hears it, “Talk to me, please.”

“I am talking,” he snaps, surprising himself as much as her. He winces the moment she flinches back, tries to hide his expression in his drink, and fails. Sighing, he lowers the cup, stares into the bitter browns swirling inside it, and grunts, “Fine. What do you want me to say?”

“Whatever you need to, Nick.” She squeezes his arm, drawing his eyes to her paw. “I’m here.”

His gaze drifts up to her face, and her pitying look makes him wish she were gone, tempts him to find out what it would take to get her to leave him and never come back. He washes this poisonous urge down with more coffee and keeps his eyes forward, plastering his face with indifferent boredom.

“Judy, listen,” he finally sighs. “I’ll be fine, really. If you’re expecting me to go on some long rant about how horrible everything is and how ‘it’s just not fair,’ you’re gonna be disappointed.”

“Don’t lie to me.” Her stare is stern and firm. “I know you’re hurting. You can’t hide that from me.”

“Of course I’m hurting,” Nick spits, his voice going quiet. He leans forward, holding his cup just under his muzzle so that the steam can warm his face, and grinds his teeth before telling her in an empty mutter, “My mother’s dead.”

The steam and the heat of the coffee provides no comfort, he finds. The chill that blankets him is far too strong.

“It sucks,” he continues, attempting to keep himself from focusing on the frost creeping through his veins. “It really, really sucks. Letting go hurts… a lot. But… I barely knew her, Carrots.” He shuts his eyes and frowns. “I ignored her for over a decade, and we’d only started talking again, what, a month before…”

Judy squeezes his arm when he trails off, and the urge to scare her off roars up in his belly. Instead, he heaves his shoulders in a shrug, and sips. The burning sensation is no longer something he can savor.

“She might as well have already been dead and buried in the ground.”

“Nick!” Judy yells, tugging at his fur. “She’s still your mother!”

Was, Fluff, was. And she did her best.” Another sip and then, quieter: “Even with a screw-up like me, she did her best.”

“You aren’t a screw-up, Nick, and she knew it.”

He finds himself too weak to challenge her, and so says nothing.

“And it doesn’t matter how long you two did or didn’t talk,” Judy goes on. “She loved you, and she was proud of you.”

“Yeah, I don’t doubt it,” he chuckles, his face twisting into a grim smirk. “No matter what I did, I just couldn’t get her to hate me.”

“Stop it, Nick,” Judy orders, pulling his arm once more. He groans in response, then goes quiet. He glares into the murk of his drink, letting the steam fill his vision, wishing it could cover him up and let him disappear so that he might not have to continue talking this way.

“I never got to tell her about us, you know,” he grunts, realizing even as the words leave his mouth how crazy it is that he’d never done so. “I should have called her, but… I wasn’t used to having her around again. Didn’t think she’d care…”

“That’s okay,” Judy assures, leaning against him. He paw rubs up and down his arm soothingly, encouraging him to keep speaking.

“Probably for the best,” he says, letting a small smile onto his face. “The whole interspecies thing would’ve upset her. She wanted grandkits, and I don’t know if you and I are even size-compatible… yet.” He chuckles, and feels her laugh gently with him.

“She would have loved us,” Judy tells him. “She liked me a lot.”

“You think everyone likes you.”

“That’s because they do, all of them,” she insists, and he chuckles again. Smiling, she simply sits with him for a moment, savoring the brief, happy moment. But, being brief, it passes, and she asks, “…Can you tell me more about her?”

A moment hangs still between them, and she tenses, ready for the walls to come up around him again and block her out. He glances at her from the corner of his eye, keeping his expression masked with a turn of his head. Looking back into the night, he drinks from the cup once more and lets them both stew in their own thoughts, before letting out a heavy sigh.

“Okay, Carrots,” he says, watching the steam pour from his mouth and rise into the air. “What do you want to know?”

The bunny smiles, and asks, and Nick answers. He tells Judy of all the things his mother did for him when he was younger, all of the cut-off sandwich crusts and warmed citrus soda stomachache cures and comforting minutes-long post-nightmare hugs, and the more he speaks of her, the more she appears real before him, coming out of the dark between the trees without making a sound. He feels his body lightening, the tension in his muscles collapsing along with his walls, and after a minute he feels, for the first time since the call from his mother’s neighbor that had uprooted his universe, like himself. There is no more mask, and now she’s standing in front of him and smiling, giving him that look she always did whenever he came home after school, the one that always cheered him up, even on days when he’d felt like throwing himself into a wall and screaming at how unfairly they all treated him there, and he looks and smiles back at her and–

He can’t remember the way the corners of her mouth turned up.


It occurs to him that he has been silent for some time now. Breaking his stare, he looks down at Judy. Keeping her paw on his arm, she’s staring up at him with a nervous sort of fear glinting in her eyes. It’s more painful to look at than any kind of pitying look from before, but he feels no urge to spit and yell and make her hurt as well for it. Instead, he faces forward again. Blackness stares back at him.

“I should’ve seen her sooner,” he realizes, squinting into the inky night. “I– I could have spent more time–”

He pauses, not knowing what it is they could have spent time on, and with a churning rush in his gut he sees in the dark the gaping hole in their history that was never filled.

“I’m alone,” he mumbles. The words spill out of him without warning, and once released he knows he can’t put them back in him. So they dance in his ears, taunting him with their pathetic tone, and he embraces them. “I’m alone, and it’s my own fault. I– I spent all those years ignoring her, because I was nothing special, and she knew it, and I knew it. I never saw her, or spoke to her, and sometimes I even– I forgot her. I pushed her out of my life because I knew she didn’t deserve to have someone like me for a son… Until– Until I finally did something with my life, and I thought I could look her in the eye now and tell her I wasn’t a waste and mean it this time…”

The steam from the coffee is misting his eyes, but he doesn’t blink.

“…and then she died,” he breathes, scrunching his face up in a foggy confusion. “Right when I could see her again, right when I thought I could maybe make up for how horrible I’d been, she died, and now I’m– I– I don’t have parents anymore. I don’t have a family anymore, and I think that, maybe… maybe I deserve that.” He looks out at the void before him and speaks to it, almost in a question, “Maybe I need to be alone.”

The paw brushes his cheek so gently, so suddenly, that he jolts back in his seat. The coffee sloshes in its cup, small rivulets spilling over the rim and dribbling down his fingers. His head snaps to the side, and he glares down at Judy with such shock that she feels the urge to shrink back and let him be. But she holds fast to him, running her thumb up and down his cheek while her other paw squeezes his arm tight and close to her chest.

“Don’t ever think you’re alone, Nick.” Her eyes shimmer in the low, yellow light of the posts around them. “I will never leave you.”

He stares at her for a moment, trying to control his lungs and the pulse beating between them, before telling her, “But you can, if you want. My mother, she couldn’t… couldn’t stop caring about me, no matter how badly I hurt her, or how much I didn’t deserve to be cared about. If I was that horrible to you–”

God, Nick, stop talking about yourself that way–”

“If I pushed you away like I did to her…”

“Don’t say that–”

“You can leave,” he offers, his eyes filled with a calm delirium she’s never seen in him before. “You should leave. You can let me go, Judy. Don’t let me make the same mistakes with you.”

They are both having trouble keeping their breaths quiet, and neither of them say anything to hide it. Judy sniffles, doesn’t bother to wipe her eyes, lets the droplets run down her cheeks. She stares up at him, her mouth half-open and stuck on a word she cannot begin right away. Finally, after an eternity in which she waits for his outburst, waits for him to shove her away and demand she never touch him again, and finds that nothing of the sort happens, she says:

“Nicholas Wilde. You. Are. My. Family. I will always be there when you need me, and I will always do everything I can to let you know how much I care about you, and I will always make sure you are never alone again, because I love you. I promise you that.”

She lets go of his arm and cups his other cheek, running gently through his fur. She feels his shiver, hears him draw in a sharp breath, sees his lips move in a soundless mimicry of her own words, mouthing the word “promise” in slow, shaking syllables. Emotions boil over in her belly, and she lets a tearful laugh escape her.

“Yes. I promise, Nick,” she gasps, “I promise I love you.” And she mashes their mouths together, sealing her promise with her lips. 

He lets the coffee spill over, lets the cup slip from his paws, lets it all fall by the wayside so that his arms can wrap around her small form and pull her into him because she is everything in that moment. He molds her to fit perfectly against him, and sighs against her mouth, and screws his eyes shut so her touch and her scent and her taste are all that he has. He feels her reassurance, her understanding, her empathy and her compassion and her love and her love and her love

All there, in that moment. And suddenly he can’t hold on anymore.

Judy holds his head to her chest until his shaking stops, and the hissed sobs go quiet, and his claws are no longer digging into her back. She sits in silence, her eyes locked on a lamppost off in the distance, and when he is still she looks down at the back of his shirt.

“Better?” she asks, and his response is to shiver against her and squeeze the parts of her he’s holding. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices the dark, steaming puddle creeping across the ground beneath them and inches her feet away from it. A minuscule smile glows on her face, and she whispers in his ear, “Do you need some more coffee?”

Something that might have been a laugh on any other night trembles out of him.

“No.” He stiffens in her arms, yawning. “I’m too tired for coffee.”

“Good.” She pats his head and pulls him into a hug, sliding his head over her shoulder. “Then you’re coming back to my apartment with me.”

Nick says nothing, but signals his answer with a shuddering sigh that Judy feels pass from his chest to hers and the gentle rub of a nod against her cheek. She holds him out in front of her, running her paws along his wet face to rub away at the streaks on his cheeks so that they don’t look so dark. He watches her with emptied eyes, expression liquid, mouth curling up and down every second. His paws lie in her lap, looking like those of a string-less puppet. 

“Let’s go, Nick.” Giving him a soothing look, she breaks their embrace and slides off the bench, making sure to dodge the spreading coffee spill. When she sees him hesitate to follow her, she grins and reaches out to him.

“Come on. Take my paw.”

He does, and he holds it tightly, and will not let go until much later, when he is asleep beside her.

He does not look back into the dark as they leave.

(title drawn from this)

Send me a five-word prompt, and I’ll write a Zoop drabble: x

Nick: “Hey sweetheart why that face?”

Judy: “Nick i..i feel so bad..nobody of the ZPD appreciate my i                      wrong?”

Nick: “Oh no my darling…you are a good cop <3 “

Judy: “Sometimes i just want away from the world..”

Nick: “ *He took her and he kissed her lips* “

Judy: “ *She was surprised like the picture but then she closed her eyes                          blushing* “

Nick: “No matter what the world is thinking about you…you are awesome…and           i think you are doing a great work…i love you and i will always be here               for you Carrots *he smiled* “

Judy: “Oh Nick…you make my life better everyday..i love you <3 “

Nick: “ *He hugged her tight* I will do anything for you..remember this <3″

[Text by me,Nick x Judy by ss2sonic on DeviantArt]


Yesterday in Review-Third time’s the charm edition

I posted these pics (or similar ones) twice before. Let’s see if this takes.

Sophia wanted to see St. Mary’s College, so Nick took her on a tour yesterday morning, while Zack, Bella and I walked the trails in Walnut Creek near our hotel.

Later the whole family explored Fort Point at the Golden Gate Bridge and went to the park. To finish out the day we met up with Nick’s cousin, Jerry, one of our favorite people and possibly the smartest person I know. He knows so much about the history of San Francisco that he is the perfect tour guide. We went to our favorite Thai restaurant here, and then Jerry took us to a great local ice cream spot, where I had a scoop of saffron ginger deliciousness.

Vacation is the best. I want to have one every week.


This is for my fellow Oscar Isaac fans & those who saw Show Me A Hero.

I am a Yonkers resident who was only 10 when Nick Wasicsko took office & I lived in a very mixed neighborhood at the time. I remember years later in high school someone wrote on my high school football field “Thanks Judge Sand.” Which somehow I ended up being one of the students who ended up talking to a local reporter about how I thought segregation was wrong & telling the then mayor, Terry Zaleski, whom to this day I loathe.

Watching Show Me A Hero was great & sad. It was great to see all the familiar sights like the top pic of City Hall. Also the church in the 2nd pic, St. Casimir’s is not only my church but also where Nick & Nay got married but also where Nick had his funeral. It was sad to see the shit Nick took because of the housing issue & what ultimately happened.

It was wonderful walking in City Hall. I was able to take a sneak peak inside the room where all those council meetings took place years ago & those that were recently filmed. All I kept thinking was, Oscar was here!

After being inspired by watching SMAH, I decided to set up a meeting with my council woman. I want to be involved somehow. I don’t want to run for office but maybe one day, you never know!


Part 2 of that crazy headcanon where Lee/Vanessa/AJ all know each other.

“Stop fidgeting. You’d think you were meeting Mami.”


“My mom.”

“Yes, I got that, I’m not stupid, Rafael. I just…you think about me meeting your mom?”

Barba raised an eyebrow and smiled as the elevator doors opened. As A.J. stepped into the hallway, she spotted Vanessa about to knock on an apartment door.


Vanessa pulled her hand back and beamed.


The two women headed for each other, leaving Amaro and Barba standing there.

“Vanessa’s cop boyfriend,” Barba said with a smile, extending his hand.

“And you must be AJ’s big shot lawyer.”

Nick took Barba’s hand and the two gave each other a look.

“So, you have any idea who the NYPD bigwig is who lives here?”

Barba shook his head. “No, AJ didn’t mention that.”

AJ and Vanessa walked over to the door, all smiles and Vanessa gave it a loud knock. The door flew open and Lee let out a squeal, pulling the girls inside and hugging them.

“It’s been so long! You both look great. AJ, I love the haircut.”

“Thanks, Lee. Gorgeous place.”

“Yeah, fun thing about being Will’s assistant, I picked out half of this stuff for him years ago.”

They all laughed, when Lee’s eyes met Amaro’s.



“Vanessa, you never told me this was who you were dating.”

“Wait,” Nick interjected, “does that mean this is the Chief’s place?”

“Amaro. And…ADA Barba?”

Both Barba and Nick turned to see Chief Dodds walking over, wiping his hands on a dishtowel as he joine the group.

“As the hostess, I’d make introductions, but it seems the guys all already know each other.”

“How crazy is this?” Will said.

“Hardly believable,” Barba deadpanned.

AJ elbowed him and spoke up.

“Well, the guys don’t know all of us, so, guys, that over there is Lee and this is Vanessa, and I’m AJ. Vanessa is a brilliant ER doc, Lee secretly keeps everything running at the NYPD as far as I can tell, and I make stuff you put on your smartphone.”

“Don’t let her fool you, she’s brilliant,” Lee smiled. “Should we all sit?”

Everyone nodded and headed for the table, where the Chief filled wine glasses and finished bringing some dishes to the table.

Dinner began with the usual small talk - weather in the city, the latest in the news, nothing too political or polarizing, of course.

Then Nick spoke up.

“So you and the Chief, eh, Lee? I’d heard rumors…”

“Well, you’ll be hearing more than rumors since we’ve set a date.”


“Congratulations, Chief,” Barba said, raising his glass.

“Please. You’re a guest in my home. It’s William. How did you and AJ meet?”

“We’re neighbors. She’s come to my rescue more than a few times and I got attached.”

AJ hid a smile behind her wine glass. “A mutual admiration society are we.”

“And Nick and Vanessa?”

Nick looked over at Vanessa and she spoke up.

“Nick came in to interview a victim and he and I had a little disagreement. So, he brought me a pizza. And he also was kind enough to look after me when I was the patient.”

“She makes it sound like it was easy,” Nick laughed.

“You made Amaro work for it? I like you already,” Barba said. “Bien hecho.”

Vanessa rolled her eyes, but smiled. “Gracias.”

“Tu hablas?”


“All right, you two,” Nick interrupted, nodding toward the others at the table.

“Don’t stop on my account. I understand Spanish well enough. I’m better at Russian and Japanese, though.”

Barba turned to look at AJ, an eyebrow raised.

“You never told me you understood Spanish.”

“Hasn’t come up.”

“Look at that, everyone’s learning something new tonight,” the Chief said.

“Speaking of news,” Vanessa nodded toward Lee’s glass, “you wanna tell the rest of us why you’re the only one at the table drinking water tonight?”

Lee’s mouth dropped open as she looked over at the Chief who only stared back at her, not saying a word.

“You know, I think I need to check on dessert. Vanessa, AJ, can you help me in the kitchen?”

The women got up from the table, the Chief standing as they did, Barba and Nick following suit. Once they’d left the room, the men sat back down.

“So, this isn’t strange at all,” Nick said.

“Amaro, I know we’ve butt heads from time to time, but–”

“I’m a guest in your home, William. We can leave work at work.”

The Chief raised his glass and nodded in agreement.

Barba shook his head. “How exactly did we three end up dating the Schuyler Sisters?”

“What?” Nick asked.

He pointed to Nick, then the Chief, and finally himself as he rattled off the names. “Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy.”

The Chief laughed, leaving Barba with a surprised look on his face. “What? I go to the theater, Barba. And I get the feeling AJ won’t like that comparison.”

“Well, that one might be a bit off. She’s probably a combination.” Barba took a sip of his wine and squeals could be heard from the kitchen. “Oh, and are we going to talk about what their discussing in their, Chief?”

Dodds looked around and leaned in, his voice low. “Look, you two have to swear on your graves you won’t tell a soul. We weren’t planning on telling anyone yet. Mike doesn’t even know.”

“Know what?”

Barba gave Nick a look. “For a detective, Amaro, you aren’t great at picking up clues.”

“We’re expecting.”

“Wait, what?”

The Chief beamed, while Barba and Amaro exchanged wide-eyed looks.

“Congratulations, William.”

“Yeah, wow, Chief. That’s…that’s amazing.”

“It was extremely unexpected, and I don’t think Lee is ready to make it public knowledge yet, so I’m serious about keeping this to yourselves. Not a soul.”

“Of course. Speaking of Mike, how is he? I heard about him coming back. Craziness.”

“Yes. It’s been pretty emotional around here for a while, and he was taking some time, but he’s talking about rejoining SVU possibly.”

“Good for him.”

The women returned to the room and Lee looked across the table at Will. He shrugged and gave her a sheepish grin.

“I guess everyone knows, then?”

Barba and Amaro nodded, giving their congratulations.

“Good. Now, we need you boys to get out your calendars, because us girls picked a date for the wedding.”

Amaro and Barba pulled out their phones and Amaro grinned. “I guess we better get used to seeing more of each other, Barba.”

“Oh, joy.”

Lee walked over to the Chief, leaning on his shoulder and smiling down on him.

“I’m sorry you’re secret isn’t so secret anymore.”

“It’s okay. Thanks for doing this.”

Open Starter || Open to Anyone || Muse: Nick

Nicholas took a deep breath, picking through his keys to find the right one. He flipped the sign on the bakery window to ‘closed’ and turned out the lights before stepping into the night air. A tired sigh left him as he locked up at last, exhausted from the busy day. Weekends were always busy days.

His eyes closed for just a moment. The wrong moment, upon turning to head home, and he nearly ran into someone.

“O-oh, um, sorry about that.”

Jack's House

Judy and Nick took cautious steps as they stepped into an expansive room with shining marble floors. The mansion’s foyer stood tall and wide with its high ceilings holding a large, twinkling chandelier. Judy saw that the whole space held a golden glow as the steps of Mr. Savage striding towards them echoed throughout the magnificent room.

She exhaled in an audible expression of amazement. Nick leaned sideways and spoke to Judy through the side of his mouth. “What a shithole, amirite?” Judy elbowed him in the arm before the owner of the mansion was within earshot.

Traditional Greeting (Ravio and Ventus)


Ravio heard the news and was excited, albeit nervous. 

There was a tradition in this dorm, started by a red-headed joker and now being carried on to Ravio. This sly fox had greeted the 18-year-old with a completely nude body, welcoming him into the dorm with a wonderful show. 

Ravio wanted to honor him in a way, so he decided to ambush his new roommate with a similar introduction. 

Not having the courage to go nude Ravio instead wore nude underwear, lounging on the bed and waiting for his older roommate to walk in. 

He hoped this wouldn’t end with a solid punch in the face.


Top 100 favorite female film characters.

#83.Amy Dunne in Gone girl.

Why:I loved this film for her. I loved her mind games and how smart she was. I don’t care if some people think she was crazy,to me she was awesome.

Quote: “ Nick dunne took my pride and my dignity and my hope and my money. He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That’s murder.”

Further & Forward Sneak Peak...

“And you know what else?” Nick all but shouted, turning swiftly to face his mother, his voice cracking just a bit as he exclaimed loudly, “I bet he would have been one of those god damn kids at the Ranger Scouts who put a muzzle on me!”


Ella Wilde stared, a rare look of shock on her features.

“Someone… put a muzzle on you?” she asked, and Nick took a step back, clenching his eyes for a long moment as he looked away, curling up his shoulders in unease, knowing he was an idiot for a lot of reasons, but at that moment, mostly for never telling Ella what had happened that night.

And now in a fit of anger, he had hurt her again, over something that had happened twenty-five years ago.

As soon as he looked to his mother’s crumbling expression, he realized he couldn’t stand it a moment longer. For the first time since he’d come to her that day at the hospital several years ago, sorry and miserable as he was, he left without kissing her good-bye.

Instead, he grabbed his phone and wallet and marched out of the door without another word.


Tales of the Sexfight Championship, Part 201

Nick took the early advantage. An assault on Emily’s vulnerable breasts. His cock hard inside her. In just the right position… just the right inches against her. 

Emily felt her back arching, felt her body wanting to give in to him… 

… but she wasn’t going to make it that easy. 

A moment of weakness was all he was going to win from Emily. Her hips rocked in his lap, pulling and stretching out his cock. 

Nick felt Emily’s expert hips working him… and knew he needed a different tactic. Emily was still too strong to be taken this way. He needed to weaken her down…


Citizen’s Electrifying DC Performance

The Toledo, OH quintet Citizen started their short East Coast run in Washington, D.C. on July 19. The younger crowd was more relaxed compared to Citizen’s other shows, most likely because the Rock n Roll Hotel venue, did not allow crowdsurfing or stagediving. Guitarist Nick Hamm took time between songs to comment on the present events on police brutality and how music has served as an escape for him. 

It was great to see the audience sing along to the slower, stripped down songs. It has been a year since the release of their latest effort, Everybody Is Going To Heaven, and the band show no signs of slowing down. 

Check out our full gallery from the show on Flickr. 

      ::Lost in The Rainforest::
           @the-littlest-inkblot || continuing

  Without turning his head, Nick took a glimpse down at her paw in his with the corner of his eye, a slight smile replacing his frown. That small smile quickly faded once the sky rumbled, lowering his head down towards the hybrid toon. 

       “ I - I won’t l - let go, promise..the Scout inside of him had shown itself when he promised her about not letting go, fully allowing her to hold his paw. A brave expression wiped away the frown upon his face, not letting his young friend see that he too was afraid of the thunder.

  The young fox removed his cap from the top of his head, shielding it over Lily’s little head to avoid her from getting soaked. He looked back up at the pathway, continuing to walk onwards to look for safety while keeping his friend close to him, revealing more of the Scout inside of him. 

       Ma - Maybe.. Mr. Manchas.. wi - will let u - us in until..
             Th - the storm dies down a - a little..

  Mr. Manchas’ treehouse was close by. Nick hoped he’d be okay with letting the two in for now, and until they get found by their field trip teacher. He atleast hoped that the jaguar would be home, considering how busy he always seemed.


hey zootopia fans here’s judy’s press conference scene ive talked about it before but only the breakup scene now after watching it again i noticed something very interesting the sheep that was in the crowd is the same one that works for bellweather thats when i put the pieces together she set judy up from the start putting her on the case making manchez go savage nearly killing her and nick giving her access to the cams using her speech to rise to the top it all fits the plan seems so simple and perfect however when judy and nick reunited they took her down now do i feel bad for bellweather?  no i don’t because she used shortcuts to get where she is she never tried like judy and nick which is why i relate to them so much being looked down is not easy especially cuz of how different you are but they didn’t quit no matter how much negativity they got it only made them stronger by the end of the film they rise up together as partners as friends nothing can break them because their bond is unbreakable