28 August 2015

Nick and I took both of the dogs to Hagg Lake. Ivan got to play Frisbee and Ribby got to wander around. It was a little overcast today but muggy and warm. Lots of yellow jackets out right now. Nick also spotted a coyote.


Adalind did not rape Nick, i will defend her until the end of the times, she just said a lie, like the rest of character for stole her daughter Diana, included Nick and Renard. 

And YEAH, AFTER 4 YEARS finally the shippers of the beautiful Claire Coffee  WE are gonna to have her with Nick at last like friends or partners, and being parents together. That´s almost a miracle for us, we always have been loving her with Nick since 1X01. They have one thing called CHEMISTRY and for us, she did not rape Nick , SHE TOOK  HIS POWERS off like he took, her daughter . we love Nick&Adalind forever ♥ Claire Coffee has magic with David Giuntoli and yes WE LOVE THEM. Claire Coffee is right now the actress most beautiful in every show, one of the most greatest villains and her character will have a real Redemption Arc.

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Part 2 for Don't Tell Em?? Tauren wedding

“Tauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont rell em is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!”

“Don’t tell em is awesome i love the idea of lori”

“I FUCKING LOVE HANDWRITTEN. everything about it is perfect! I especialy love the mischief norminah gets into oh my god”

“Don’t tell em is the best tauren fic I’ve read not that there’s many. I love it write more tauren plzzzz”

“Dear the author of Bonfire Hearts, I miss you. Please return. Thank you, a dedicated fan <3”

“Would anyone be interested in a Justin/Lauren au?”

“Can the author of Cinnamon Buns do like Lauren was in the bar tired and upset that her boys are not yet coming home till Sunday so she got drunk, but at the same time Nick was there. So Nick took the chance to do anything to Lauren while she is drunk. Nick took Lauren to this Motel and had sex with her. But the sad news is that Lauren got pregnant again, and never knew who did it to her.”

“Is anybody interested in reading a Dinah/you fic? I have a plot in mind but I don’t wanna write it for an empty audience ya know?”

“’‘What one shots or a series include Lauren cheating on Camila? Or the other way around? I’d like to read one since I just read 'Cat got your tongue?’ – I suggest From Outer Space! It’s really well written and very underrated, but so good!!”

Six Awesome Covers From Saturday's Hot 100 Festival: Who Took on Nick Jonas and Beyonce?

Just because Beyoncé couldn’t make it to Billboard’s inaugural Hot 100 Fest didn’t mean concertgoers didn’t get to hear a little bit of Bey echoing…

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