Whispers hi beaus! <333 

   Activity is STILL going to be slow until I am actually back at home at the end of this week, and even then, I will still need to take time to settle back down and get ready for this internship I got.

   … Whew, packing is hard, especially when it’s all on your own, I just spent the last 6 hours trying to finish doing so once and for all, it’s time I sit down for just a little bit to type this up. Last weekend was pretty crazy if not exhausting (ROFL as always, I suppose), but it was so, SO wonderful (If not terrifying) getting to meet with so many big names who has worked on the IDW Transformers comics (Alex Milne, Nick Roche, Guido Guidi, etc.) as well as a few voice actors from G1 and Beast Wars (And they are just the most precious old dudes that I’m gonna cry… OTL). While things turned a bit sour near the end, it was still such an amazing experience and gah I really, REALLY hope that I can afford to go back next year (Even promised Alex that I would master singing Instruments of Destruction for him by that time).

   But, right, right, I still have lots that I need to get done aside from packing. I’m exhausted (What’s new?), especially after what happened on Monday when I was just running all over the place. Two of my trains were delayed and so when I reached Leeds, I was just rushing to donate a bunch of stuff before the BHF closed in about half an hour in town… I literally had to drop my luggage once I reached my accommodation and tried to push a whole bunch of boxes out on the shittiest dolly that just wouldn’t steer right… I was also in a state of panic since my friend (Who was helping out to drive me to the place) was parked somewhere far, far away once I finally DID get those damn boxes out the gate on that awful dolly. But long story short, I’ve only been catching about 3 hours of sleep since Sunday? But… at least I might finally be able to catch some Zs once I’m finally on that plane…

   But until then, it’s packing, cleaning, throwing and… mailing a bunch of stuff that I have barely even finished. OTL

   I will still be on IM and checking in every now and then, but si, thank you for your patience you guys!!! ;u; And again, sorry for posting and reblogging mainly OOC as of late.


Well folks, the time is finally here! Team Train-Wreck is ecstatic to announce the release of Episode #1 of our Transformers: More than Meets the Eye Motion-Comic! It’s been a long time coming…

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OK SO NINE MILLION YEARS AFTER AUTO ASSEMBLY, I finally upload my commissions. 

  1. Pharma- Alex Milne: This was one of my two Alex Milne commissions I paid for last year and waited a whole year to get but I have to say I’m glad I waited rather than asked for a refund because he is STUNNING, really, the scan in doesn’t do him or his colours justice, he’s gorgeous! I’m weak and this makes me want another Alex Milne colour piece.
  2. MTMTE Megatron- Alex Milne: AGAIN, BEAUTIFUL, I swore I wasn’t going to commission Milne again this year but I couldn’t help myself. I’m glad I did though because he’s beautiful. I’m tempted to scan him into photoshop and colour him myself!
  3. MTMTE Megatron graffitied by Rodimus in his sleep- Nick Roche: I LOVE MEGATRON’S EXPRESSION SO MUCH, I adore Nick’s expressive faces so this was amazing! (Those teeth!) I asked for MTMTE Megatron to wake up and realise he’d been graffitied by Rodimus in his sleep and said the graffiti could be anything Nick wanted and I love it! I was happy because he said it was one of his favourite commissions he’d done this AA, JRo also mentioned this commission in the MTMTE panel saying he loved it and thought it summed up Megatron and Roddy’s relationship.
  4. Rodimus in Shutter Shades on MTMTE #1 Cover- Alex Milne: THE OTHER Milne commission I waited a year to get, however, because it took a year Milne did make this cover a semi full body and not just the normal headshot I paid for, which helped. I’m actually glad I have this because Milne said this year he didn’t want to do more MTMTE #1 blank covers because he doesn’t like the surface to draw on so maybe I was lucky to order one last year! (Also got JRo to sign it and he added what we all know is Roddy’s coolest quote from the comics)
  5. Kup- Casey Coller: I was so glad Casey Coller was a guest this AA! I love his style so much so I hurried over as soon as the doors opened to bag a slot. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to ask for Ironhide and Kup being hot old mechs but he was only doing single character headshots, maybe another year! I love this commission tho, it’s so detailed and is the exact Kup that Casey draws that I love!
  6. Freebie Rodimus Doodle- Alex Milne:  Grabbed this freebie doodle at Alex Milne’s drawing workshop! I knew he was gonna ask who wanted it so I shot my hand up asap. (Because it’s Roddy and I need him) He’s kinda big so awkward to mount (like he’s A3, but then the signature sticks out so it’s have to be A2??) so I really don’t know what to do with him yet! 

I think my goals next year are simple; another Roche commission and hopefully able to get a full body Milne commissions (colour or B&W), if not full body then definitely a coloured headshot. (atm considering Rodimus or MTMTE Megatron but we’ll see) I’m weak.