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SENREN, OLD SPORT! YOUR BLOG IS STILL AS SPARKLY AND GAY AS ALWAYS! I remember the anmitsu days, and the thirst is still strong. bUT I DIDNT KNOW YOU LOVE BINAN KOUKOU, and found out about BSD a few hours before. ANYWAYS, YOU ARE STILL AS AWESOME AND SWEET AS ALWAYS, SINFUL BAB! Weak for the word Senpai, eh? (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ SO YEAH, WANTED TO START YOUR DAY WITH A SMILE (time zones am I right?) HAVE A GOOD DAY MY FRIEND

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Bitch I Already Impress Myself, What do I Need You For?

A little over a week ago I was making my way into my building when I was stopped by two dudes asking if I was catching Pokemon with my drone.

I decided to stop and talk with these two guys as they were trying to start a conversation with me as I was punching in my code. I pull up a seat and they proceed to ask me questions about my drone and what I’m using it for, etc.
Their names are “Nick” and “Jessie” (changed respectively), two dudes that appeared in their early 30′s and curious as to who I was. Nick, who had actually lived in Oklahoma for like 8 years was the head of some “think-tank” operation and likes to be connected with a bunch of smart people/artists/whatever.

Nick starts asking me questions like I am interviewing for a position in his squad:

“Tell me what you do for a living” “Tell me where do you see yourself in five years” “What’s important to you?” “What’s your current goals?”

At this point I realize that he has the impression that I really want to be a part of what he has going on, so I decide to play with him. I tell him that I cannot be labeled for his benefit, that mental health is my primary goal for the moment and that I see myself being happy being myself in 5 years. All answers that he was not prepared for, nor did it give him a better idea of who I was.
They asked me for a business card, which I did not give them, and so they both handed me theirs. I decided to drop them an e-mail from my business account and sent them a link to my instagram. They asked for my name and all I told them was “MORGY”.

A few days later I am leaving my building when I run into the same guys!

“So how did you come up with the idea to send cameras to artists?” said Nick. It showed me that he did some snooping and was curious to learn more about me. Yet, my explanation left them even more confused.

I didn’t focus on my professional endeavors but rather my personal accomplishments with mental health and how that has made me such a happier person.

They proceeded to tell me that they have a network of people that meet and have dinner to discuss issues related to problem-solving. So Nick’s thinking is that if you have a bunch of people from all ends of the spectrum, then whatever problem you have can be solved more creatively if you have a bunch of “think different” dudes in your pocket.

I’m going to take a moment to say that in the past I would have handled this situation much differently. When I was younger up to a few months ago, I would feel a desire to impress others so that I may be accepted by them instead of feeling rejection. But as the years went on, I began to realize that all of these “dinners” and “mixers” are nothing but a huge circle-jerk for people to get laid and hopefully drum up some business.

These gatherings are not for me. I wanted so badly to believe they were cool and benefiting me, but in reality it didn’t benefit me and I felt even more like an outsider. Going to a place to impress other people you don’t know is so lame in my opinion. I know I am awesome and no longer need validation from anybody.
I zig-zagged around their questions that tried to give them a better idea on how to “label” me. They were laughing and smiling but I could feel their determination grow in trying to figure me out. Thank god Samantha interrupted us and gave me an exit to go skating. But even for the moment she was there, they were asking her questions trying to pinpoint if she was “worth” inviting to their shindig or not. Luckily we ride the same wavelength and we knew it was time to bail and go skate.

Flash forward to today when I get a text from Jessie asking what my full name is, so that I can be added to their Facebook group and be invited to all their upcoming events.

“Let’s stick with Morgy” I said.

“Oh we can’t invite you based on that. Do you boo boo and maybe we’ll see you around.” Boo-hoo (DONT EVER CALL ME BOOBOO), I can’t join your circle jerk without knowing my Facebook handle…awesome.

If people want to work/fuck with you, they will go out of their way to make it happen. In every situation I have been in that is similar to this, it always ends up benefiting the other party and I’m left with wasted time. I felt like I was put in a position to want to impress these guys for no other reason than for them to label me and decide whether or not I’m useful to them. Do not waste your time on people that don’t see you shine the second they look at you. Do not try and impress people that have no idea where you came from and what your story is.

Be yourself and people will fuck with you.

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The stupid nick names are like so: Jimin- Park Gym Hoseok- Hoesucc (because I don't like j-horse) Yoongi- Mint Yogurt Tae- Taetor Tot Jin- Succ Gin Jungkook- Jungle book Namjoon- Namjunie B. Jones


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Just so we never make a mistake, would you please post a list of your approved nick names? Thanks "hot mama." That's a good one, right?

Lmaoo this is probably sarcastic but im doing it anyways you played yourself
Yeah thats fine also shuv, shevron, shevy, reecie, reecie cup, reecie pieces, and wife (some of yall) are fine. Never pronounce my first name with a B sound in any of my nicknames thats really my only pet peeve

Pink Lemonade

Name: Perseus Pasmore
 Nick names: Pinky, Percy, Flower, Pink Lemonaid
Gender: Male
 Age; 17
 Height: 5'2"
Personality: Spoiled, quiet, attention seeking, easily annoyed, mean.
Likes: Attention, cake, classical music, having his hair played with, being carried, spiting people. 

Dislikes: Toilets, loud noises, getting told what to do

Bio: Percy is the only child of very rich family, his father is a leading surgeon and his mother a CEO. With such busy jobs his parents were not home very often and from the time he was 2 he being passed off to a new nanny every few months, spoiled rotten and starved for attention Percy began to act up; though he was properly toilet trained at the right age the child found a new way to get attention he craved; having accidents. No matter where he was or what he was wearing he would just let go and that would get him a go few hours of coddling for the house staff, not after too long it became sort of like a game to him. Even to this day he still plays it, leaving puddles on floor, in his bed, outside to spite his servants. At this point he’s actually grown to dislikes the toilet, it’s easier to squat down, open your legs and just let it flow. 

//Like any of my muses he is always free to RP.

(A Cats Don’t Dance and Zootopia AU in which the movie stars also dabble in theater productions in Zootopia.)

Afterwards, Nick discovers just how much and how strongly Danny advocates for Species Equality and Animal Rights, gets super inspired, becomes a lifelong fan, and spends maybe half his life savings for tickets so he and Judy see them perform in Camelton. 

Just something I sketched out while waiting for thesis to render. Cats Don’t Dance was so important to me growing up and how it shaped me in recognizing prejudices, my gosh. I’m so glad we have animated movies with these discussions, and I hope more and more kids grow up to be more aware, and kind, individuals through them.

“Aw, c’mon Nick, look! They have your eyes!”

“Ellie, please.”

I borrowed some of @bigwinged‘s gentoo designs for this one !

@ghoulkisser95 @solesurvivorsophie @mothtrap

p.s. yes those two are discussing who would win in a fight and yes that one is sipping wd-40.