Cuando era niña había una serie en el canal once que se llamaba “La bruja desastrosa” en su segunda parte, cuando Mildred ya es más grande y va a la universidad conoce a un tipo llamado Nick Hobbes, recuerdo que a mi me encantaba…

Pues resulta que Nick Hobbes o mejor dicho Bobby Barry es un cantante, así como creador y guitarrista de “The pipettes” pero ahora es mejor conocido como Monster Bobby


Nick Hobbes and Mildred Hubble- Lovely tonight

by aimeefran

This a tribute to Hubble and Hobbes played by Georgina Sherrington and Bobby Barry! I always wanted them to get together as they were so perfect in the weirdest ways! and they were always my favourite characters :) hope you enjoy!!
I don’t own ay of this except the editing!

Because I spent most of last weekend re-watch TWW and WSC with three truely awesome friends.

scottishdreamergirl  asked:

Nick Hobbes.

  • Why I like them
    He’s another very Slytherin type, which I can relate to, and his motives are generally plausible. I do say generally, but still. He’s also a real charmer when he bothers and also he has a really nice voice when he’s being evil shh you don’t judge me. Plus he’s a great example of a terrible truther (but a great liar).
  • Why I don’t
    He’s frequently an idiot and sometimes just… a bit… rubbish… at everything.
  • Favorite episode/scene
    His conversation with Millie in the last episode. Just… yes.
  • Favorite line
    His really long speech to Ethel about how they shouldn’t be together cos they needed freedom. Way to spin, Hobbes.
  • Favorite outfit
    He only has one outfit. Or if he has two, they’re barely distinguishable from each other.
  • OTP
    HIM AND MILLIE ARE IT FOR ME. Ben is merely an obstacle to be overcome.
  • Non-romantic OTP
    He and Ethel make a BAMF pair of frenemies.
  • Headcanon
    He’s actually not as well-off/snobby as people think and the reason he’s so keen on research is that he’s only at WSC through a scholarship.
  • Unpopular opinion
    …I think I’m pretty mainstream actually. Except that I sometimes think he’s a bit rubbish at everything :P
  • A wish for them
    That he’d realise there was more to life than power - which he may have done at the end of the series to be honest - and get together with Millie, of course.
  • An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen for them
    Actually taking over the world. Sounds mad but I think it would break him.
  • 5 words to best describe them
    Sneaky, manipulative, bitter, selfish, power-crazed. (But I love him for all that)
  • My nickname for them
Today's Road Is So Long - ohladygrey - Weirdsister College [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Today’s Road Is So Long
Author: ohladygrey
Summary: Several years after they last saw each other, Millie needs Hobbes’ help with a dangerous curse.
Relationship: Nick Hobbes/Mildred Hubble
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Minor Character Death.