Having grown up with fond memories of playing in a treehouse, Atlanta-based environmentalist Peter Bahouth partnered with local builder Nick Hobbs to design and construct his own adult version. Bahouth selected a trio of trees to build the structures in, resulting in three enchanting spaces linked together by a suspension bridge.

(photos by Lindsay Appel)


Cuando era niña había una serie en el canal once que se llamaba “La bruja desastrosa” en su segunda parte, cuando Mildred ya es más grande y va a la universidad conoce a un tipo llamado Nick Hobbes, recuerdo que a mi me encantaba…

Pues resulta que Nick Hobbes o mejor dicho Bobby Barry es un cantante, así como creador y guitarrista de “The pipettes” pero ahora es mejor conocido como Monster Bobby


Nick Hobbes and Mildred Hubble- Lovely tonight

by aimeefran

This a tribute to Hubble and Hobbes played by Georgina Sherrington and Bobby Barry! I always wanted them to get together as they were so perfect in the weirdest ways! and they were always my favourite characters :) hope you enjoy!!
I don’t own ay of this except the editing!

Because I spent most of last weekend re-watch TWW and WSC with three truely awesome friends.