Finding clips for a Nickelodeon Top 10. Anyone remember Brit Crust’s voice, Moira Quirk, was also the referee on Nick Guts


I just get this vibe when i compare Nick’s present state in the trailer to the one with his childhood self that he went through something that hurt him or shattered his dreams as a kid; or both.Even though he’s clearly quite the con artist who’s confident in his skills, that facade is probably still hiding that painful memory and the anxiety that he could go through it again.(Good thing he’s got Judy. ^ w ^ )

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That video of the little boy is freaking me the fuck out. I can’t stop thinking about it. There’s just something so… particular about the way he looks right at the camera. It’s almost as if he’s looking through it. As if he was looking at whoever was watching the video. Then, the way he lifts his eyebrows during one of his answers.

There was something seriously wrong going through his mind. There was something seriously not right. He knew something. I don’t know what.. but he did.