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Ethan realizes his affection for Benji when he felt so jealous of Benji and his buddy (who could be hot as Ethan or very funny as Nick Frost :P) in technical department. Thank you. Both of you are wonderful writers but can I ask for a longer ficlet?

Jesus, anon, I’m so sorry this took so long. My only excuses are that, like Day said, I have a demanding workload for my classes, and that I haven’t really gotten better since Sunday. Still sick, still going to class, still trying not to die when I wake up in the morning. And I’ve kind of broken my personal record on words written in a month, and so I got a little burned out.

That, I hope this is up to expectation. It may not be the longest ficlet I’ve written but I made sure to make it longer for you. And if you want, you can totally request I write more for this in a sequel sort of thing. I’d be fine with it.

I’ll try my best to not be so tardy again. Hopefully I’ll kick this sickness’s ass quickly and be back to writing daily. Especially since my next MI5 longfic is still in the works.


The post-mission brief was likely Ethan’s least favorite part of being an IMF agent. The meeting itself was boring and superficial, and most of the time, whatever data they had collected would be too sensitive for them to know about, so there were black holes among black holes, and anything remotely useful was delegated to a blocked file and the title “classified”. The IMF was nothing if not thorough, after all. Even someone as highly sought after and regarded as him knew next to nothing about what info they gathered.

It had nothing to do with Benji’s “agent” Hartland. No, nothing at all.

That’s what Ethan told himself as he watched Heartland practically drape his body over the blond man. It wasn’t like it was a necessary move, either. Hartland had his torso nearly against Benji’s back, showing him some new gadget or another that he could show him perfectly well from a few feet away. Benji didn’t even realize how close Hartland was, the oblivious idiot. He was too focused on whatever the gadget was and how it could help them to really pay attention to his surroundings, particularly the flirty agent trying to cop a feel without Benji noticing.

“You’re glaring, Hunt,” Brandt’s voice came from beside him. Ethan snapped his head around to turn his glare to the other man  The analyst was altogether too amused by the blatant display of affection and Ethan’s subsequent reaction, likely analyzing it too deeply and coming up with a hundred reasons as to why Ethan Hunt was glaring at Hartland like he was about to commit treason.

“I’m not glaring,” he retorted, turning back to the other two men, “I’m observing.”

Brandt snorted. “If that’s what you’d call observing, I now understand why every stealth mission ends in chaos.”

Choosing to ignore him, Ethan went back to scrutinizing Hartland’s every move. A twitch of his hand towards Benji’s, a soft smile as the blond man prattled on about the many uses he could get out of such a device, all without even a twitch from Benji. He really was oblivious.

There was a certain danger to that type of cluelessness. For one, if Benji couldn’t tell someone’s intentions by their body language, the tone of their voice, he could end up at the wrong end of a gun very quickly. It would be a simple thing to take advantage of him. Especially for a guy like Hartland.

Tall, dark, and handsome was the stereotype that could be associated with Hartland. Nearly the same height as Ethan, dark hair, dark eyes, movie star looks. He’d be a better fit for a spy movie than a legitimate agency. It didn’t help that he was also British, a link to Benji’s roots. Hell, that seemed to be one of the biggest things that drew them together, other than their shared time in the technical department. Hartland was something familiar to Benji. Someone he could relate to, someone he felt he could trust.

Okay, Ethan thought, so maybe I’m glaring.

He didn’t even really know why he was glaring. It wasn’t like Benji was his, or anything. They were partners, teammates, nothing more. The thought of it being like that may hurt, but–


Oh no.


“Figure something out there, did you, genius?” Ethan wanted to punch the smug look off of Brandt’s face. It wasn’t like he was the one who just figured out why Tall Dark and Handsome Hartland bothered him so much. He shouldn’t be smug. Hell, he should be taking Ethan into a conference room and reciting the unspoken rules they all knew. Number one, never betray your team. Number two, don’t fucking fall in love with a teammate.

Yet there he was, breaking the second rule, and Brandt was just laughing about it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Ethan mumbled, trying to rein in his emotions. It was harder than usual. It didn’t help that Benji had stopped rambling on about the gadget and was now asking Hartland about his life. It was like a cheesy romance movie with half the main completely oblivious and the other a lecherous maniac.

Which, okay, was maybe a little harsh. Hartland wasn’t a bad guy. Not really. He was just a little too close for comfort. And was looking at Benji with literal stars in his eyes. And, okay, maybe he was more of Benji’s type, tech smarts and looks to match.

“Don’t put yourself down so much, Hunt,” Brandt advised, the self-satisfied grin on his face practically begging to be punched in. “Our blond Brit only has eyes for you.”

“You’re both ridiculous and out of your mind, Brandt. And I don’t know what you mean by that.”

“Don’t play dumb,” the analyst nudged Erhan with his shoulder. “Luther has quite a bit of money riding on you being the one to make the first move. Jane and I have ours on Benji, but you could prove Luther right, you know.”

Ethan actually turned then, staring at Brandt in disbelief. “You guys,” he paused, trying to wrap his head around the idea, “bet on us getting together?”

“Oh, no,” Brandt’s smirk was seriously beginning to get on his nerves, but the haughty laugh was worse. “We bet on how you were going to get together.”

He almost couldn’t believe it. Almost, because he’d known Luther for a long time. Luther would probably do something like that. He might even waste his money just to make Jane and Brandt think there was something between him and Benji. He’d get a kick out of it.

Then again, Luther hadn’t told him about it. It could have been an unconscious disregard, but Ethan doubted it. Luther wasn’t the forgetful type, and however much he loved torturing Ethan, he would probably mention some plan so that Ethan could play it up. He hadn’t. So, did that mean–

“Ethan!” The agent snapped his head around, looking directly at Benji. He had a bright smile on his face that rivaled the intensity of a high noon sun. When he noticed he caught Ethan’s attention, he waved a hand, becoming him closer. “Come over here, you big lug. I’ve got something to show you.”

Brandt’s laughter echoed in his ears as he turned right around at the command. He ignored it. God, I’m in too deep.

It was a good thing he didn’t mind one bit.

so I’m watching the Audio Commentary to Hot Fuzz and in the scene at the beginning with Nicholas’ ex-girlfriend (who’s played by an uncredited Cate Blanchett) Simon goes “It’s the biggest joke in the film, that Cate Blanchett would ever go out with me.”

and immediately

immediately Nick goes “Shut uuup.”, like, dismisses it straight away, not even really willing to take it as the joke it was meant to be

and i just think it’s so sweet how naturally it came to him to do that like Simon selling himself short just sets off an alarm and he just shuts it down right away and i’m sure it goes both ways as well they’re just so supportive of each other

i just love how much they love each other

New book: Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg

I have to suppress my giggles so my roommate doesn’t wake up. But, that always fails. So, I end up sounding like a snickering twat in the middle of the night. Or a snickering dolphin. One or the other. Maybe even both.

Basically, make me genuinely laugh, and I’m all yours. And that’s exactly what Pegg does

Although I just started, this book is such a joy to read. So far (100 pages in), I would recommend this book to you, lovely bunches of nerds - especially to those who enjoy Simon Pegg and his works.