This Friday I am releasing new music with one of my best friends in the world, Alexander McClain​. He is the driver of Bears and Company​, the band I’m playing with on June 3rd at the Pyramid Scheme.

The split will feature a total of 4 acoustic songs from both us, doing our best to make vulnerability a writing tool. It’s been mixed and mastered by the one and only Jake Kalmink​, and a gorgeous design from Nick Ferran​. Thank you so much for everyone that helped me put this together. I’m extremely proud of these songs, and I’ve never written something that means so much to me.

In March I dropped my job and left town to help better understand my intentions for my future. At the end of what ended up being a 2 week road trip, I found myself spending a lot of time in Kansas City with Alexander McClain from Bears and Company. He is my friend, my mentor, my role model, and someone who changed my life that week. We decided to record songs together in his garage, 2 from me, 2 from him, and we just let ourself be as vulnerable and unperfected as we could be.

You can listen to Looking Out, Looking In at

Thank you Nick Ferran for the beautiful album artwork.
Thank you Jake Kalmink for mixing and mastering this album to sound just like we heard in our heads when we were pouring our hearts out in a smokey garage.
Thank you Alexander McClain for giving me your time, guidance, and your friendship.
Thank you Luke Nowland (yes myself), for finally understanding the purpose of self confidence, and choosing to embrace it fully.