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FREE album download: Bandcamp

Nick Thorburn, the mastermind behind Islands and current member of Mister Heavenly, released a solo album under the moniker Nick Diamonds. The album, called I am an Attic, is available for FREE at bandcamp, and if you opt to pay at least $10, you will also get a 6 song bonus EP entitled I am an E.P.

El-P - Stay Down (ft. Nick Diamonds)

This is off of El-P’s new album Cancer For Cure. It’s not his best album, but it’s still really damn good. If you like abstract hip-hop you’ll enjoy this, trust me. Stay Down is my favorite song off of the album. Here are the lyrics, which you will definitely want to look at, since EVERY song El-P has ever made is laced with lyrics that represent some of the most complex and profound bars in all of hip-hop. Aesop Rock is definitely the epitome of this abstract poetic lyrical style, but El-P without a doubt comes in second. You’ll appreciate this song more if you smoke and then turn the volume up and max out the bass.

As a side comment, I really love Killer Mike’s feature on the album and that El-P and him are doing a fair amount of collab work. Both are outstanding artists, and complement each other extremely well even though their overall hip-hop styles are incredibly different.


My Song Rating: 9.5 out of 10

You guys. You. Guys. THE UNICORNS announced their reunion today. While the form of the reunion is still unclear, Alden confirmed IT IS HAPPENING. Pigs are flying and birds are made out of bacon or whatever. If you don’t understand the depth of this announcement, do yourself a favor and purchase “Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?”

Here’s Nick Thorburn performing with Islands at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on Feb 1, 2014 // also the face I made for five solid minutes after hearing the incredible news.

El-P - Stay Down (feat Nick Diamonds from Islands)

One of the strongest cuts from EL-P’s latest “Cancer 4 Cure” album. Not many artists can take five years to follow up an album, especially not in today’s music climate, but EL Producto somehow always manages to make it worth it wait. EL’s song writing continues to evolve while maintaining his gritty, dense, boom-bap on steroids sound that his fans love him for. You can grab “Cancer 4 Cure” on iTunes HERE