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As always, this miniseries is dedicated to @stylesunchained. Please don’t push me into a wall or into traffic, B! Remember that I love you! Another big thank you to my expert on all-things London (and ladders), @cuddlemusclestyles.  

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 “A pink room, huh?” Nick swirls the ice in his glass, smiling with his eyebrows raised.

“She had the same reaction,” Harry smirks, taking the last sip of his tequila. “But after she thought about it, she liked the idea. Eyes got all bright ‘n shit,” he laughs. “A pink guest room.“

“Well, if it’s what ye’ want,” the radio host clinks the rim of his glass against Harry’s. “Then ‘m ‘appy for ye’. Might ‘ave to claim it as me own when I sleep over.”

“Who says you’re invited?”

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Visiting the boys by @ziegelzeig

The awesomely talented artist Zieg has created another beautiful yet heartbreaking piece of Art for Star of Ceartais, thank you so much dude for another wonderful piece of artwork, you’re the best.

So today’s upcoming chapter will be full of feels with the fallout of Luna’s confession and Nick & Judy visiting the grave of Robyn’s litter mates Ryan, Ronan and Reginald. It’s been fifteen years but the loss of their sons still brings Nick and Judy to tears.

If you want to catch up on the fic so far here’s a link

Queercoding & Troy Otto's Death

I wasn’t going to post about this, but tbh Madison killing him after all the Troy x Nick gay subtext / outright implications really left a bad taste in my mouth.

We can all agree Troy was racist and psychotic (sins of the father IMO). And we all know FTWD has done the POC cast members dirty.

I just want to talk about Troy Otto and Trick / Troik and the queercoded messages being sent.




– Madison killing Troy, to me, is reading like a homophobic mother doing whatever it takes to keep her kid from The Gay. “But wait!” folks cry. “Strand is her BFF and he’s gay! She can’t be homophobic!” But many parents are okay with people being gay, so long as it’s not their own children.

Madison already knew what Troy was capable of - am I REALLY supposed to believe she didn’t deduce that Troy led the walkers to camp? That she didn’t already know just what kind of person she’d been manipulating all along? Troy repeatedly demonstrated the horrible things he was capable of doing.

The ONLY thing that changed was Troy and Nick’s relationship, which she didn’t expect – and this is whether you agree Troy/Nick was intentionally queercoded or not. His death came AFTER Nick already demonstrated in the prior episode that he’d rather be with Troy than her. She took the first opportunity/reason that presented itself to kill Troy.

“He was more threat then friend,” she says. To Nick???? Nick taught TROY fear for fucks sake – AND Troy warned Nick about the horde. He was not a threat to Nick, unless we’re talking about a homophobic mother trying to keep her kid away from the gay. “You took everything from me,” she says to Troy. And it’s been repeatedly reinforced that Nick is essentially Madison’s world.

She killed Troy to keep him away from Nick.

Given the parallels drawn between Nick and Troy by characters IN the show, it makes this a literal representation of Madison killing Nick’s homosexuality – she was fine with EVERYTHING else Troy had done up to the point where he got too close to her son.

Troy’s admission to Madison regarding his relationship with Nick also reads like someone who knows they’re dealing with a homophobic parent or testing the waters. Nick’s his “only friend– like a brother.” He quickly tacks on “like a brother”, as though to reassure Madison of his intentions or in case she’s not okay with his admission of his feelings.

It’s a far cry from the proclamation of love that Troy made in the car when alone with Nick.


** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **


Nick’s history of addiction, his strained relationship with his mother, his damn near panic attack in Troy’s arms at the thought of having to go back with Madison can ALL read as someone who’s been unable to come to terms with their sexuality or faced repression during adolescence or in their home life. If he had a mother who clearly wouldn’t accept her children being gay, it would explain A LOT.

Being unaccepting doesn’t mean Madison was outright cruel. It can be even more painful to have someone in your life that’s subversive or manipulating (as Madison has shown herself to be) and always claiming they just want what’s best for you.

This would also explain Nick’s confusion over his feelings toward Troy, and why Alicia had to outright say, “You like him.” This scene could also be read as Nick subconsciously testing the waters with a family member. He knew how he felt already - he just needed someone else to say it out loud without rejection afterwards.

In the car, Troy claims that Nick stayed behind because he’s in love with Troy, which Nick doesn’t deny. And that they’re both the same though Nick wishes he wasn’t (another queercoded allusion to being ashamed of his sexuality or repressing it).

Troy was also the person who Nick repeatedly fought for, lied for, and put himself in serious harms way for. If Troy were female, these would all be items to check off on a list for a character’s love interest.

He even hallucinates that Troy rescues him and reaches out to take Troy’s hand – not Alicia, not his ex-girlfriend, and certainly not Madison. Compare it to Ofelia hallucinating her father in the desert – it was the person she cared about most.

And after Troy’s death, Nick wanted to die. To make a point, according to some articles I’ve read. It doesn’t make sense until you consider the queercoding that had been going on with his character and Troy’s. His mother, who he wanted to escape in the last episode, just killed Troy in front of him, the boy that it’s already been established he had feelings for and who returned them.

It’s the end of the world and he still isn’t free.


** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **


– Troy’s person was so largely shaped by his father’s influence. There are references made to him being a “crybaby” (replace it with sissy) and his father’s abuse… his father wanting to make a man out of him, excusing Troy’s progressively more violent behavior – all indications are that Jeremiah, who’s an established racist and abuser, would accept a monster rather than accept a gay son. And so his son becomes a monster.

I don’t believe that Troy and the horde is just about him wanting to destroy the land for racist ideology or a psychotic episode. When he and Nick are in the house during the shoot out, he says “it’s beautiful” (hannigram reference much). He repeats this line while warning Nick and staring at him through the panel in the door, and when he, Nick, and Jake are standing before the horde. In the house shoot-out, it seemed more like Troy was fighting as a fuck you to the his abuser who dared to die a hero’s/martyr’s death rather than fighting a race war. After Nick confesses that he actually killed Jeremiah, the fight goes out of him. When he brings the horde down on the ranch, it’s more plausible that he’s destroying his father’s legacy rather than doing it for race reasons.

Troy again demonstrates this tactic of defaulting to his father’s racist programming when his final confrontation occurs with Madison. He doesn’t seem emotionally invested when he starts spewing racism – it’s again, like a default script. He gets emotional when he tries to explain that she should understand, she would do the same thing (and we know Madison is also a child of abuse).

My point with the above is to support my stance that Troy shows signs of changing once Nick and he develop a relationship and once Jeremiah, Troy’s enabler and abuser, is dead.

He warns Nick about the horde, knowing Nick would warn other people. He attempts to stop the horde with Nick. He takes Nick and tries to warn/save everyone at the dam. He’s speaking SPANISH to Lola after a few days spent with Nick.

He tries to make right with Madison when they are alone, but she seems repulsed by him – given everything she’d seen him do already, what made her suddenly recoil when he got too close physically? She supposedly didn’t know about his involvement with the horde… he came to the dam to SAVE her and her friends…

But, this scene was after Nick and Troy stayed behind together at the bazaar, after the MULTIPLE scenes centered around the two of them and their developing relationship.

And within the show, parallels between Madison and Jeremiah were plenty. Just like him, she could accept a monster but apparently drew the line at homosexuality.

All the different ways Nick confessed his love to Harry

  • Hello Harry Styles!
  • *sings Harry’s songs to his face. badly. sometimes for hours*
  • Let’s welcome our next guest, Harry Styles from The Want… One Direction!!!
  • He’s here all the time.
  • You have this song tattooed on your body, am I correct?
  • Shut up…
  • You’re playing mind games with me, Styles.
  • I was sat by the phone for months.
  • Don’t say that…
  • It’s alright, your face, innit?
  • He wouldn’t type “sabbatical”. He can’t spell it.
  • It’s like Anne’s here!
  • When I got this job you were one of only four people I told that I got it.
  • Cat woman, I see you as. Look good in black.
  • I do worry for you cause I think, why would anyone want to go out with you, he’s down to his lat 50 million, rock hard abs, eyes you could drown in…
  • Did you make it out of tea towels?
  • It’s not mean, I promise you, it’d never be mean.
  • I liked that.
  • No. No. Nope!
  • *does a terrible impersonation of Harry to his face*

All the different ways Harry confessed his love to Nick

  • Hello Nick Grimshaw!
  • Incredible. You’re an inspiration.
  • You did a very good job. I was happy to be in your presence.
  • Heeeeyyyyyyy
  • Tell her you’ve fallen in love with me.
  • How many young stupid models has Grimmy hooked up with?
  • I’m always here. I’m here like every day. I’d say i’ve been the most supportive friend.
  • I usually throw things, present things and make your mic move away from your face.
  • We love Radio 1. We love ‘em so much.
  • I’m on radio, aren’t I…?
  • This is a great show. I cannot believe you’re getting paid for this.
  • I think you did very well.
  • I feel very happy with what happened last night.
  • You sound awful.
  • It’s the worst.
  • This is called trust.
  • I feel very lucky to be playing my first song with one of my best friends.
  • Sounds more real when you say it.
  • You’re an idiot.
  • My favourite part of putting an album out is hearing the little bits of you singing them that you send back to me.
  • Pay it together, please.
  • Thank you so much for doing it with me.
  • *does a terrible impersonation of Nick doing a terrible impersonation of Harry*

“Robin Hood was my hero when I was growing up. I must have watched his movie a thousand times, and I drew countless pictures of him and even wrote a few stories about him. Today, while my zealotry has cooled down, the fox in the feathered cap still holds a special place in my heart. I like to think of Nick Wilde as Robin Hood’s modern descendant.”

Evening Plans: Pt. 11

Context of the night before: 

On Judy’s 2nd date (w/ Jake) Nick shows up all macho after getting a long pep talk from Finnick who told Nick to “show her how you feel”(literally). So he gets Judy to come out and convinces her to leave the date so they can talk. Why would she leave her date just for a conversation?…. Overconfident Nick is annoying AF but deep down it does thingsss to Judy. That and she had enough red wine to boost her ego as well. Once at Nick’s, Judy begins to list off all the things that made her act so coldly to Nick, a speech to which he interrupts by “making his move.” (<Finnick’s words) Judy sneaks away a few hours later and avoids Nick at work since she feels like a her best friend is a cheater and she is a homewrecker. Though… now she knows that wasn’t the case.

This part takes place the same day as Pt. 10 which is the morning after the 2nd date. 

Yes, this is still chronological. And, yes, that means Nick never confessed. If you don’t know why he’s being such a p**** then feel free to analyze it or ask… 


                  Yes. Yes it is.

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Imagine the squad catching you and Nick flirting at work

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Sorry for the long wait and that this is going up so late. Hope this is what you envisioned. I tried to make this a bit more suggestive than usual because I felt like that was in- character for Nick. Hope you don’t mind, always evolving! Also, I made Nick a Sergeant in this which I don’t think he was in the show but I remember him mentioning something about it in the last episode he was in)

Imagine the squad catching you and Nick flirting at work

“What are you doing?” You demanded as Nick drove passed the park.

“What do you think I’m doing Y/N? I’m driving us to work.” He countered, keeping his eyes on the road.

You narrowed your eyes and accused, “Why do you always do that?”

“Do what? Answer your questions?” He inquired.

“Question everything I say!” You replied, “If you had let me finish before being a smartass…”

“Then what you would have had time finished your stupid question?” He interrupted.

“Why are you being such a dick?” You demanded.

“Why are you asking me stupid questions at 6 in the morning?” He responded.

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Colleagues Pt. 5/?-- Jason Todd x fem. Reader

Y/N slowly recalls the events of the night before.

Warnings: slight cursing

Word Count: 992

Tags: @sarcasmismyfirstlove @tsctd

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I have been quite busy. Also, sometimes when I past over it makes weird symbols like #%$ or something like that and I try to fix it but sometimes I miss it. Also, my tags have been hella wack so hopefully they work this time. Fingers crossed. Thanks for being so great and love you all! Enjoy! 😊

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Dancing. There was definitely some dancing. Or at least the semblance of dancing. Lots of stepping on toes. Whose toes? Oh yeah Jason. But he annoyed you? Oh right he’s super charming and got you a sweet deal with a big time reporter

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“I get emotional when ever I come across the scene in Zootopia where Judy Hoops starts to break down crying while talking to Nick. When I seen tears start streaming down her cheeks. It was probably as close as I could get to crying at a movie theater. Ginnifer Goodwin did a good performance in that scene. Besides Ounce Upon A Time, I hope she does more voice acting like that.”

aeonferal  asked:

Well to be fair on the April fools comic. Nick had the worst timing imaginable. And he most likely did not know April fools was that day, time flies when you are a fox in love with your best friend/partner after all <3 also unrelated whom would you think would confess? Nick or Judy?

Judy, 100%. She is more outgoing and I believe that she would have no trouble telling Nick what she feels. Nick is a little more reserved in this regard. In fact, if you notice, in the page I drew, he does his speech giving back to Judy. Because he would be unable to say something like that looking in her eyes (but if he did it she probably would forget too it was april fools’ day, dumb fox :3)

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Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartias Ch.11- Love and Pain

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge with another chapter of star of ceartais, a big thank you to @alexboehm55144 and @nick-and-judy-daily who both wrote parts of this chapter, also big shout out to the SOC development team who always help me out…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 11- Love and Pain.

Alana Clearwater had been through an odd twenty four hours to say the least, yesterday morning she had been held at gunpoint and had all the relief centre’s meds robbed, then that evening the prescription drugs were returned my an urban legend; Spitfire. Alana honestly believed that the mech was the work of some crazy conspiracy theorist’s imagination but she saw the robotic vigilante with her own eyes. As she sat down in her office at the Sherwood community centre she wished that today would be relatively normal, she was about to start checking the order forms for more bottled water when a soft knocking at the door halted her “Come in.” she replied.

The door opened to reveal someone she definitely did not expect, there stood Nick Wilde dressed in a gaudy red Hawaiian shirt with black pants and his aviator sunglasses on “You must be Alana.” He greeted, walking in casually.

Alana immediately stood up and babbled “C-captain Wilde?” hardly believing the mammal that had inspired her so much was standing in front of her desk.

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