“Don’t worry Carrots. I’ll let you erase it... in 48 hours.”


Y’know, I’ve been thinking of the symbolism of this particular scene.

Nick recorded Judy’s confession, not just to play pranks with her…

… but to indicate two things: (1) His ACCEPTANCE of her apology, and (2) How he TREASURE her honesty, so much so he thought it’s worth it to be recorded.

I mean, compared to his own confession of tax evasion, and Bellwether’s confession of her devious plan, Judy’s confession is just so… trivial.

But he really appreciated her honesty, her straight-from-the-gut admission of how much she cared for him.

The “48 hours” part was a friendly reminder of the original circumstances in which they reluctantly work together: Judy’s “gamble” that she could solve the Missing Otterton case in that many hours.

Carrying the hidden meaning “let’s go back to where we were, together, not divided by speciesism.”

(And in fact he did hand her the carrot pen back much earlier than 48 hours.)

“I went to the Nick and Judy meet and greet at California Adventure and meeting Nick made me like him even more. When I was next in line to meet them, I was going in for a hug but Nick instead grabbed my hand and kissed it and gave me many more kisses after that. He honestly made my day. I ain’t no furry but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a giddy school girl.”


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Imagine Nick Amaro confessing his love for you

Genres: Anger, fluff-ish

Summary: Nick and Maria has been constantly fighting but you mind your own business despite your feelings for him. One night, it’s too much and Nick comes to you and confesses.

Word Count: 1043

I’ve been taking the time to write these because honestly… quality over quantity. I’d rather have a really nice long stories rather than shit short imagines. Enjoy!

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