‘Please would you be able to clip up the Harry talk from yesterday’s podcast with Nick and Miquita, the full clip including the Alan and Adele friendship but not a duo chat for context.’

No problem! I hope this includes all the chat you wanted :)

The one where Nick and Harry are not a duo. Enjoy my ironic photo choice.


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Nick Grimshaw and Years & Years on Chatty Man, 30 October 2015

  • Nick: Every interview Alan Carr does he's asked about Adele, and it's embarassing.
  • Miquita: Do you have that with someone?
  • Nick: Yeah. Who do you think mine is?
  • Miquita: Harry.
  • Nick: Yeah. It's like 'How's Harry Styles?!?! Book Harry Styles!!!! How's Harry getting on with films?' 'Well, why don't you phone Harry and get an interview with him?!?!? Oh, you can't get one so you're interviewing me.'

Nick Grimshaw talks about taking the X Factor job, and why he doesn’t mind if millions of people hate him!