Lonnie Franklin Jr. was arrested in July 2010 after a 25-year-long killing spree in which it is thought he could have killed more than 100 victims, potentially making him the most prolific serial killer in history. Significantly his arrest was not the product of painstaking detective work but completely accidental, the result of a computer DNA match that linked him to a possible 20 victims. Franklin now awaits trial. Tales of the Grim Sleeper looks into how it was possible for all this to happen.


“The difficult stuff for a trendy liberal is contained in ‘Behind the Rent Strike,’ which crudely centres around the anger of tenants on a housing estate outside Liverpool: Tower Hill, Kirkby, 1972-73. A magnificent Liverpudlian lady as good as spits at the interrogating director in the opening instants: 'I’m very sceptical … the working-class position may change, but it won’t change through the media’ (or words to that effect: her nostrils flare stormily as she utters. People were being asked to pay what they thought to be too much for their council flats, someone organised them, they revolted. Mr. Broomfield set out to make a screenable account of their group-action. The 'behind’ of his title is a saver, because he has filmed an extraordinary, irascible series of visits: somehow he and his crew got backstage, Kirkby-side. You can forget the matter of rents and restlessness in favour of a hard look at the local comprehensive school – a headmaster at assembly helping a Bible-seller to dish out his stock to his flock, a senior teacher (enjoying the camera, hands false-nonchalantly in pockets) telling off kids for a playground fight, an articulate cop addressing a class of tinies and ensuring they will despise policemen from here to eternity. There is a sustained circling shot round a factory-floor of women picking chickens to bits. Mr. Broomfield – to put it as moderately as possible – knows that some pictures speak louder than any words. Truth, however selected, may be stranger than fiction, and stronger.”

- John Coleman, New Statesman

Excellent early documentary by Nick Broomfield. This gets me fuckin’ angry every time I watch it. That fuckin bible salesman in the school needs his bibles rammed down his pig throat… . just watched it and I’m fuckin ragin!


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beautiful film.