Here’s a live, acoustic performance of the song “Nashville Winter” from my solo album.  This clip was shot on an old traincar in June, 2012 for Yahoo! RAM Country “Music With A View”.  It’s been unavailable for awhile & is now on YouTube for the first time.

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At long last, the official video for “Nighttime Sky” (from my solo album Nick 13) is on YouTube and viewable internationally, enjoy!

Special thanks to director Aron Paul Orton, Miss Mosh, Chili John’s of California, Jaime Custom Tailor and Vince Ortiz for their invaluable help in its creation.

It’s having a terrific run so far at the CMT Pure 12-Pack Countdown, if you’d like to vote for it you can do so HERE, thank you!


My 2nd solo video “Carry My Body Down” is FINALLY back on @YouTube! Watch it here, or watch it on the FREE “Nick 13” iPhone App. The new video “Nighttime Sky” is coming to @YouTube very soon!


The wait is over- here’s the second official video from my debut solo album: “Carry My Body Down” (directed by Aron Paul Orton). Really happy with this one, special thanks to Aron and his crew for making it happen. ♠

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The new video for “Nighttime Sky” - the third video from my solo album and the second directed by Aron Paul Orton. Featuring the lovely Miss Mosh. Special thanks to Chili John’s of California and Jaime Custom Tailor & Western Wear. ♥, n13♠

ANOTHER WEEK! “Nighttime Sky” made #3 on the CMT Pure 12-Pack Countdown!

This ends its incredible six-week run at #1, which I’m incredibly grateful for. PLEASE KEEP VOTING to get it back to #1!



Thank you all so much for your help & support! 

(Thanks to Bo for Gif)

We’re back! “Nighttime Sky” regained the #1 spot this week on @CMT Pure 12-Pack Countdown!

It fell to #3 last week but is now back on top THANKS TO YOUR VOTES! This marks its 8th week on the countdown, 7 of which have been at #1!

Thank you SO much & let’s keep it going (you can vote as often as you want)!



(Thanks to Bo for Gif)

Hi everyone,

My latest video “Carry My Body Down” from the solo album is now up for online voting at & I’ve a favor to ask:

If you feel like it, please take a second to vote for it here ☞

It’s easy – just scroll about halfway down, click the box by my name and click “Vote” at the bottom, no registration required.

You can vote once a day to get me into the CMT Pure 12-Pack Countdown and it will help get my video get played!

Many thanks,

n13 ♠

One more time! 

After 11 weeks, “Nighttime Sky” fell off the CMT Pure 12-Pack Countdown.  I’d like to see if it’s possible to get back on - even placing at #12 guarantees 8 plays of the video!

It’s getting near the end of the trail, but your votes would be very much appreciated, many thanks!



#1: Thank you!

My video hit number ONE on this week’s CMT Pure 12-Pack Countdown. Achievements like this aren’t why I started playing music, nor why I continue to. But I have to admit I’m proud, and most of all grateful for all the support and love you’ve all shown both myself and the music throughout this process.  Thank you to EVERYONE who voted, especially those who went above and beyond to promote.

I’m going to chill out on the promotion now, but know that you can continue to vote daily HERE if you wish to- any day, any week. Any spot in future countdowns, even #12, guarantees at least eight spins for that week on CMT Pure, so it does matter!

Now it’s back to focusing on writing some new music!


n13 ♤


Here’s a live acoustic performance of my song “Nashville Winter”- one take, no overdubs. It was recorded by Yahoo! Music for their “Music With a View” series on RAM Country. Shot on a train in Los Angeles on a sweltering summer day, I’m accompanied by Storm Rhode IV on lead acoustic. 

My latest video “Nighttime Sky” was just added to the ballot for CMT Pure 12-Pack Countdown!

If you’d be so kind, please VOTE FOR IT HERE!

Your help was instrumental in securing a LOT of airplay for last year’s “Carry My Body Down” - hoping this one can place on the countdown as well…

Re-blogs appreciated.

                                                              Many thanks,