Fancomic Search Request:

Okay, so there’s this comic, in which Judy was testing a new weapon: A gun that fires electric tranq darts. She tested the weapon on Nick (shirtless, btw)… and the darts suddenly energized bringing Nick down –

– and somehow transferred Nick’s conciousness into an alternate universe, where predators were “collared”, and Nick’s paws were full of someone’s blood, and Judy was dying in his arms –

– and his consciousness returned to present-time Zootopia. Judy was doting over him, apologizing… but Nick, sobbing, hugged Judy and said with broken voice, “I saw… I saw what could have happened…”

Anyone remember that comic? Can haz link to?

EDIT: @aeonferal found it! Thank you!!

Zootopia study. I tried to take a picture of zootopia and insert Nick and judy in it, matching the colours/values to those of the scene without reference. Harder to do than it sounds! Colours can change drastically depending on the overall mood of the scene and you need to consider how the light behaves. I had to take into account that its all in shadow and that the sky would cause some indirect lighting on the parts facing a particular direction. I am quite pleased with the colours I ended up with in the end!