OKAY. So I’ve been a fan of men who make up the TinCan Brothers (Joey, Corey, and Brian) for years, since I first discovered them from Team Starkid. They have produced so much great content from sketches, small films, to full length musicals. For all this they do not get the credit they deserve. They are currently working to fund for their next project The WayWard Guide. I’ve been a youtube watcher for close to a decade and I have yet to see a project come close to what they plan to accomplish. A 10 episode web series AND a podcast that gives further detail into character perspectives and deepens the story. Currently they are about $28,000  into a $100,000 campaign.  

It’s a lot, I know. However, I would hate to see their project end because they raise the money. SO I am calling on the internet and the Fandoms to help them produce this show. Now if you don’t know of Joey, Brian, and Corey (I feel bad for you, so please check them out!) perhaps you know some of the faces of their cast SO FAR!

I am calling out my fellow Starkids! There so many of us and I know you want to see our favorite nerds acting together again and this is where you can see them.

Besides Team Starkid Collaborators/Actors and the TinCan Bros

The other Team Star Kid actors are!!!

Dylan Saunders, Nick Lang, and Corey Dorris!!

For fans of the Lizzie Bennet Dairies and Emma Approved you got Mary Kate Wiles, Ashley Clements, and Joanna Sotomura 

With so any other great Youtubers and Actors: Jon Cozart, Steve Zaragoza, Sinead Persaud, Clayton Synder, and Sean Persaud!

There are so many great other people apart of this project. I’m sharing the link below to their Kickstarter page which contains all the answers to your questions about the project. Please please please donate or share! People always complain about new and Huge youtube personalities so why not help a smaller channel who produces quality content and deserve recognition. 

Awesome project

The wayward guide for the untrained eye, by the Tin Can Brothers

Artemis, a tenacious podcast host, has grown tired of the fluff pieces she’s been assigned by APN, the American Podcasting Network. When she finds herself in the small mining town of Connor Creek with Paul (her producer and twin brother), the corporate corruption story they’re investigating is sure to be a bust. To the twins’ surprise, the oddballs and eccentrics of this small town are harboring a secret even darker and furrier than any political scandal: werewolves. With the future of Connor Creek at stake, the Schue-Horyn twins need to decide who to trust in order to unearth the truth and stay alive.

The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye is a 10 episode webseries inspired by the podcasts Serial and S-Town, crossed with the game One Night Ultimate Werewolf, peppered with the surreal comedy of Pushing Daisies and Twin Peaks. Wayward Guide will feature the absurd and larger-than-life comedy that you’ve come to love from the Tin Can Brothers, but won’t be shy when tugging at your heartstrings.

Additionally, as a companion piece to the show, we will be bringing on a specialized sound design team to help us produce the complete 10 episode in-world podcast that Artemis & Paul are making in Wayward Guide. This supplemental material will be released in conjunction with the series and exist parallel to the story, offering new insight into the mystery of Connor Creek and its quirky residents.

Back this awesome project on kickstarter

Steve Zaragoza needs to watch Firebringer


Explains the intricacies of the Duck Curve


How can a graph about ducks be the shape of a duck?



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It’s a sign from the Duck. Go ask Joe Walker to interpret it for you.

Facts about AVPM (& other Starkid facts)

-Joey is eating Fettuccine Alfredo in the beginning of the musical as well as right before he eats the funyuns; this was his dinner he never got to eat so he just took it on stage

-Joe put out a trash can fire in full Voldemort make up/costume

-The “am I bleeding” thing that Draco does is inspired by a guy named Eric that went to high school with Nick Lang. Some kid who hated Eric came into the bathroom while he was peeing and got in an argument resulting in a headbutt; Eric’s nose started bleeding and he brought his hands up to his nose and then showed the kid who headbutted him the blood and said “look at this/look what you did/I’m bleeding”

-Brian apologized for slamming Joe’s head into the makeshift bed in the scene where Quirrel goes to bed. Joe forgave him because it was funny.

-The first week of rehearsal, the only two that actually rehearsed were Joe and Brian Rosenthal because they had to work on being one person; they barely knew each other at the beginning of rehearsals but quickly became friends.

-Joe was so excited on the first day of rehearsal that he accidentally threw a fork into the ceiling and broke on of the lights, it took an hour to clean up all the broken glass.

-All the cast members drew what they think Voldemort would look like in the first week of rehearsals.

-It took Joe the first 3 days or so to find Voldemort’s voice; we even went through a Marge Simpson sounding voice in the process.

-Nick Lang edited a bit out where Harry talks about wanting to have sex with Cho Chang after singing the Ginny song.

-The invisibility cloak is a piece of fabric left over from the Smaug puppet they made for their Hobbit play 3 years prior to AVPM

-After someone did the Voldemort make up once for Joe, he was able to recreate it by himself for the proceeding shows.

-Nick Lang took a girl out on a date  then brought her back to his place to show her AVPM because he was so proud of it, after the first scene she said it was good but Nick told her it kept going so the two sat there and watched the entire thing. The girl was beyond bored the whole time and they never went on a second date. Brian Holden answered with “ya, youre a real casanova Nick.”

-Joe Walker was more nervous for his dancing scene thank any other scene in the entire show.

-Joe says he would like to have gone back and downplayed his drunkenness a bit in the scene after Quirrel and him go out to party.

-Matt and Nick do all of the drawings in the show.

-The show was so full, audience members were seated on the floor right below the stage. “It was all about breaking the fire code back in the day”   -Brian Holden

-Joe got to keep the Umbridge dress but he gave it to Jim Povolo’s sister; Jim got angry and gave it back to Joe.

-In Joe’s mind, without thinking, he rewrote the scene where Harry pins the dragon down and wins the match; in Joe’s version he thought Harry put his wand into the dragons mouth and blew its brains out. 

-Starkid has 3 storage units for props from shows; they have never been inside the Starship unit since they closed it.

-Joe Walker said that he doesn’t get a lot of time on stage so when he does, he takes things slower, for example when he and Quirrel go back and forth about “no pun intended” he said it slower than scripted.

-Joey Richter’s nickname is Blowey Dickter.

-Seamus Finnigan had 3 monologues in AVPS but they were all cut from the video.

-Nick Lang wanted Joey Richter to direct Batman when they were writing it during Me & My Dick.

-Jim Povolo is known as the problem child of theater because if he wasn’t crucial to a scene he would just not go onstage, for example he is supposed to be present at the ball scene, but he is absent.

-All the other nights of he show, Joe would step over the cauldron instead of jump over it as seen in the video; he was worried every time that he would hurt his balls. One night he even knocked over the cauldron.

-Joe decided last minute that he wanted a ridiculously long wand.

-Joe Walker thought AVPM would be the last musical he ever did and that this would be the last time he would sing and dance onstage.

-Britney Coleman (who plays Bellatrix) was nervous about her very conservative parents coming to see the show since she gets motorboated by Voldemort.

-Joe Walker admitted to eating a lot of the giant chocolate bar behind stage.

-Starkid had a taco party and watched AVPM together before they graduated.

-At one point someone tried to kick the side stage door open and left a hole in it.

-Joe Walker draws a Voldemort nose on every Zefron poster he signs.

-Joe Walker has the Zefron poster in his kitchen.

-Draco’s line to Dumbledore was supposed to feature the game Risk but Lauren found that too hard to remember so she changed it to Connect Four.

-Joe Walkers biceps are 15 inches around.

-Joe decided that the best way for Voldemort to die in AVPM was to make the most ridiculous face possible, but the lights went off right as he begins to fall to the ground, so it is very difficult to see the face he is making.