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“Friends of mine,they said they were friends of mine..Said they were passing time,more like a waste of time.Close the door..I said close the door.I’ve told you twice before..what are you waiting for?
Georgie Davis is coming out,no more heroes we twist and shout.Oh no,not me,I’m not too late and I know that I’m not taking anymore..Rocky picture has lost his gun,leave him out now,he’s having fun.Oh no,not me I’m not too late and I know that I’m not waiting anymore..hey-hey!”


duran duran albums reimagined as postersrio


Alcohol + Fallout 4 Companions. There is only one person/ghoul who knows how to party. Rest are wimps.

Edit: And I would like to thank tumblr for not letting me upload more than 10 photos. If you want (slightly) better version, I uploaded on (imgur).