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Random Banquet - May 22nd, 2016
  • Nick: Who's a handsome fox? Yeah. You are. Mmhm... *straightening tux jacket*
  • Judy: Nick? What are you doing?
  • Nick: *jumps, sighs dramatically* Ah! Geez Carrots...don't sneak up on me... I almost had a heart attack.
  • Judy: You've been in here for half an hour. The banquet will be over by the time you finish. *crosses arms*
  • Nick: Hey, I'm not like you. I can't suddenly go from sweaty, tired cop to... *blinks, looks her up and down* You look...
  • Judy: *blushing* Stupid? Yeah I know. I told mom this dress was too much...
  • Nick: No I... I wasn't going to say stupid... I was going to say gorgeous.
  • Judy: Really? You... You think I look good in this?
  • Nick: Carrots there are many things in this world I would lie about. This is not one of those things. You look amazing, honest.
  • Judy: Thanks... You look pretty good yourself.
  • Nick: Welllllll thank you very much Officer Hopps. After you...*opens door and bows dramatically*
  • Judy: Why thank you Officer Wilde. *walks out to the car*
  • Nick: *smirking, mutters* No, thank you.