“These are our Ghost Adventures.”

 Overview by @markhamillz[thanks for bringing up the idea for this Ghost Adventures AU!! ;)]

Judy: Is absolutely sure of the existence of ghosts. Mostly because she can communicate with them, and feels a need to help bring them peace.
Nick: Initially only joining for the paycheck, Nick at first dismisses Judy’s claims, but then sees evidence she may be for real. Is slowly starting to be more aware of the supernatural. Also, the crush on the cute bunny helps too.
Finnick: They promised him a paycheck. He still doesn’t know why the hell he’s gotta put up with this bullshit, but the paychecks are good, so he guesses he’ll deal with this insanity.”


Me + Free App + Internet + Boredom = Dr. Freakingstein. Danse looks like a Metal T. Rex !

A commission drawn for Gators97, who asked me to draw Stormy, his Zoona, hanging out with Zieg (my own Zoona) and Nick Wilde ^^
I was really happy that he asked me to add my own little character to the scenery… And since it was a good pretext to train with my new graphic tablet, i decided to realize the art in full colors. I’m really happy with the result

I hope you will like this little surprise, Gators. This is also to thank you for you amazing support, your presence and your kindness

Have a nice day, all of you !


  • Fiona: You've been nominated for an award...You know how you've spent years working on your career...
  • Nick: What is it, worst DJ?
  • Fiona: You know how you love being single?
  • Nick: What is this? The most single worst DJ ever? Thanks for bringing it up on air.
  • Fiona: You've been nominated for...BACHELOR OF THE YEAR!
  • Nick: Great. It's like HEY! YOU'RE SINGLE.

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Cap Peggy, Winter soldier Steve, and agent Barnes?

Bucky finds her in the gym, working her way through her second punching bag and Bucky considers joining her.

“Is it true?”

She misses a punch and then, “yes.”

“We left him?”

“They wouldn’t give me the files, but I saw enough.”

Bucky stumbles back until he hits a wall. “They have him in custody?”

Peggy stops for a moment and adjusts her gloves before ripping them off. They thud to the floor, unnaturally loud in the quiet room. “Fury is personally leading the interrogation.”

He curls his knees closer to him and focuses on his breathing. “What did they do to him?”

“They found twenty-six boxes detailing what was done to him, James.” Peggy joins him on the floor and rests her head on his shoulder.

Bucky whimpers.

They’d left him. Oh, god, they’d left him. He left Steve. He hadn’t gone looking. It was his job to look after Steve. He’d promised Sarah he would. He left Steve and they picked him and pulled him apart.

“I…I-I wanna see him.”

“They won’t let me near him.”

“He tried to kill you. Oh, God, Peg, Steve tried to kill you.”

“Shhhh.” Peggy strokes his hair before yanking him closer to kiss his temple. “He didn’t mean it. We both know that. We just have to be patient.”

He scoffs and curls into Peggy. They’ve each other’s rocks for so long that the lines got blurred a long time ago. It’s not romantic, but they help each other out. Or maybe this is what romance is. Taking care of each other. Being with each other. What would he know? The one person he’d ever loved, he let fall from a speeding train and tried his best to forget for the past seventy years while he’d actually been tortured by Hydra the whole time.

Peggy rocks him gently when the tears start falling and he pulls her closer when he hears her sniffle.

“He’ll be okay,” she whispers to him, to the world, to herself. “He has us and we’ll never let go again.”