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#127 Nick Robinson – Morning Visit*


You are still in bed when you hear the door to your apartment open. It’s probably your mum or Nick, coming for a visit, so you just turn around and bury your face into your pillows. When you hear steps coming up to your bedroom, you know that it’s Nick. Your mum would never come up without telling you, she would just start cleaning around your apartment, as she likes to do.

“(Y/N)?” You hear Nick whispering as he approaches your bed.

“Not here.” You mumble and pull your bed sheet over your head.

“So who are you, laying in the bed of my gorgeous girlfriend?” Nick asks and sits down on the edge of your bed.

“Someone.” You mumble against your pillow and roll onto your stomach. You’re only wearing a shirt of his and smile at him with closed eyes.

“You’re cute.” He says and stands up again. “I brought breakfast, so come if you want some.” Nick says and is about to leave but you take his hand and pull him back.

“Don’t you want some?” You ask him and sit up. He chuckles and then bites his lip as he sits down on your bed. You kneel up and let him sit in the middle of your bed, leaned against the headboard. “How was your morning?” You casually ask as you start to undress him.

“Good, the thought of you brought me out of bed.” He smirks as you take his shirt off.

“And then?” You ask and unbuckle is pants.

“Than I thought, I shouldn’t visit you so early in the morning without food.” He says and you nod understanding. You pull his jeans and his boxers down to his ankles and take your panties off. When you lower yourself down on his already hard dick, he takes your shirt off. You start to move up and down on his dick as he holds onto your ass cheeks. You attach your lips to Nick and start to make out. You move your hips forwards and backwards, holding onto his shoulder with one hand and stabilising yourself with your other hand pressed against the wall. Nick leans his head back and shuts his eyes, taking deep breaths.

“Fuck I should visit you more in the morning.” He moans and you chuckle before you attach your lips to his neck. You take your hand away from him and put your hair behind you. Nick’s hands wander up your skin, over your hips, over your sides and stop at your waist. He holds you tightly as you  start to ride him faster. You moan with every move you make and feel yourself coming closer to your climax.

“Nick.” You gasp and start to bounce faster up and down while moving your hips back and forth. You press your palms against the wall and your boobs start to bounce up and down in front of Nick’s face. He slaps your ass before cupping your boobs.

“Ahh.” You moan and feel him cum in you. Seconds later you hit your orgasm as well and ride it out before you climb off him and pick up the shirt off the floor.

“So…” You gasp. “What’s for breakfast?” You ask and leave him alone in your rom.

“You walk funny!” Nick exclaims after you and you bite your lip as you shake your head at him. You go downstairs and see that he has prepared your favourite breakfast for you.

“Thank you!” You yell up and sit down on a chair.

“Everything for you, my love.” He yells back, making you laugh.


Dating Jerome Valeska would include . . .
  • tickle fights
  • joining the Maniax
  • prank wars in the Galavan mansion
  • random make out sessions
  • sexual innuendos 24/7
  • being best friends with Barbara and Tabitha
  • teasing him
  • in both ways you dirty minded freaks
  • him kissing you excitedly after each of his kills
  • rolling your eyes playfully at his enthusiasm
  • being the brains of the group
  • being fully aware about his dreadful past
  • and being sure to never bring it up
  • he gets violent when you do so in arguments
  • lovely talks in the middle of the night about different ways you could kill someone
  • running your finger tips down his arm as you walk past where he’s sitting
  • only for him to grab your arm and yank you into a rough kiss
  • Theo often having to break up a make out session when you have guests
  • him telling you that you’ll be the Queen of Gotham someday
  • “And you’ll rule by my side as King, Valeska.”
  • “Well, obviously.”
  • him having dozens of nick names for you
  • the most common though are “Gorgeous,” and “Doll,”
  • you calling him “Ginger,” “Handsome,” “J,” and “Valeska,”
  • lots of straddling
  • in both violent and sexual ways
  • sword fights in the halls
  • him randomly braiding your hair when he’s bored
  • Barbara and Tabitha join in sometimes
  • braid trains !!
  • sleeping very in late
  • movie marathons
  • even though you’re the only one watching the movies
  • he’s either kissing your neck or watching your reactions

Masterlist - Request Ideas - Ask!

Word Count: 

Warnings: NSFW, 18+ 

You’re sitting on the couch trying to focus on the white pages in front of you while you hum the song on the radio. You feel your shine buxx against  the couch and you flip it over to see the lit up screen. You smile at the text. 

‘How’s finals going gorgeous?’ Nick Amor text. 

You and Nick had been seeing each other for months. You liked him a lot but you weren’t sure he felt the same. There hadn’t been any promises about being exclusive or any titles given. You had met when you spilled your coffee down his suit one day when you were running late to class. You had exchanged numbers to handle the dry cleaning, which he had instead wasn’t necessary. Since then you had went on half a dozen dates, when his schedule permitted. 

You pick up your phone and text back ‘Studying sucks’

You reread the chapter for the hundredth time tonight. The words begin to blur together and you wipe your eyes. You take a breathe and turn up the radio, hoping it would help you focus. Finals really do suck. 

A few minutes later there is a knock on the door and you jump at the noise. You stand, stretching your pajama covered legs. You walk to the door and open it to see Nick standing in front of you, holding two brown bags. 

“Nick, what are you doing here?” You ask smiling. 

“I figured you’d need help,” He says holding up the two bags “Pasta and cake help everything” he says glancing at your pajamas. 

You cover yourself as much as you can. “No warning detective? I’m not exactly dressed for a date.” You say face red. 

He smirks “I think your look gorgeous (Y/N). Can I come in?”

You smile and let him in, closing the door behind him. He walks into the living room and sets the bags down on the only clear spot on the table. You follow him and move some of your papers and books. 

“That’s a lot.” Nick says raising an eyebrow looking at the mess. 

“Hey! I have a lot of stuff to study!” You say clearing the couch and sitting. 

“Good thing I brought a lot of food.” He chuckles and sits next to you, pulling out the containers. “Cake or sphegetti first?” 

You let out a giggle. “Uh.. cake?” You say shyly. 

He smirks and puts down the pasta. He opens the to go container and puts some on the fork. he holds it to you and you give him a look. “Detective, I think I can feed myself.” You insist before leaning in and taking the cake off the fork with your lips. 

He grins as he watches you, his eyes fixated on your mouth. 

“Don’t look at me like that Nick.” you say looking away from his intense gaze. 

He lifts your chin with his finger to meet your eyes. 

“You’re gorgeous. You know that right?” He hums. You feel thereat rise in your face. 

“Thank you.” You whisper feeling you’re breathe catch. Nick leans forward and rest his forehead against yours. 

You raise your chin to barley touch your lips to his. Every one of your dates had ended in hot make out sessions but you had never went further. Neither of you were virgins by any means, you just hadn’t been together yet. You are both ready but life kept getting in the way. Like finals. 

You kiss for a minute longer before pulling back. “I have to study.” You moan against his lips. He smirks and lets you go. You sigh and pick up the textbook. You stare at the pages not able to focus with Nick so close. 

He pulls you against him and starts to rub your shoulders. You moan and roll your head to the side. 

I’m really busy right now. And what you’re doing is distracting.” You say low while his hands move. 

“Want me to stop?” he ask putting his lips against your neck. 

You sigh and shake your head no. He chuckles, his hot breathe your sensitive skin. “Lets forget about this for a minute.” He says wrapping his arms around you and tracking the book from your lap. 

You let him and turn to face him. Your lips lock and he groans. He pulls you to him placing his hands on your back while your hands curl in his hair. He kisses you hot and hungry as you move against him. 

You straddle your lap forgetting finals. 

He moans your name moving his lips to your neck. He kisses down your neck, landing on your collar bone as you feel your heart race. You grind against him at a fast pace wanting to feel more of him. His hands grab your hips and squeeze you gently. 

You make eye contact with him and nod, telling him your ready. “You sure baby?” he ask kissing the middle of the base of your neck.

 You sigh and and move your hips again. “So sure.” 

At the words he stands, taking you with him. You wrap your legs around him and his hands move to your butt to support you as he carries your weight. “Bedroom?”

You let out a giggle and point. “That way.”

he carries you before stopping at the edge of the bed. He kissed your lips softly before opening your mouth with his tongue. Your tongue meets his and soon you’re both breathless laying on the bed. His body covers yours and your legs wrap around each other. 

“You’re amazing.” He groans.

You slide your hands under his suit jacket and push it off. “No condom. I’m on the pill.” 

He nods and reaches for your shirt. You raise your arms so he can slide it off. 

“Shit babe, no bra?” he gasp as he throws it on the floor. 

You nod and bite your lips he cups your breast with his hand. You push your chest forward and reach for his tie. You pull him to you by the thin fabric and kiss him again. 

He runs his thumbs over both nipples and you throw your head back. “Nicky” You moan removing his tie and pulling at his buttons. He takes the rest off for you and rolls you on your back. 

You let out another giggle as he leaves a trial of kisses down your bare chest and his lips land on your breast. You’re back arches and you move under him.

He smirks and uses his most to tease you. He runs his palm against your aching bud before rubbing it with his thumb in small circles. 

You pull on his shoulders. “Nick, please.” You whine hungry to feel him. He pulls back and quickly gets rid of the rest of his clothes. You watch him with a longing feeling stronger than ever before. 

You bite your lip as he crawls back over you. He runs a finger over your wet slit. “Ready?” He ask. 

You nod and kiss him as he lines himself up. He slides in easily, takings time. 

“Dios mio!” He grunts throwing his head back in pleasure. You reach for him and hold to his arms as he steadies himself, his elbows on each side of your head. 

He leans down to kiss you slowly as he starts to move slow and easy. He holds you tight and kisses you repeatedly. 

You fall into a comfortable rhythm as you get closer. He moves to hit your spot and you cry out, “Perfect Nicky.” 

He moans and moves faster, getting closer himself. The room is filled with sighs and groans as you both move. You are both breathless when you feel your walls begin to tighten. 

“I’m close.” You moan as Nick mutters “Come for me baby.” 

You feel yourself tighten around him as the feeling washes over you. Nick follows you seconds later moaning your name. He falls on you, warm body completely covering yours as you both catch your breath.

“You’re perfect.” He whispers against your ear before kissing you slow. You smile into the kiss. When your sore lips part he roles to the side of you carefully.

You snuggle against him and he hums, “I could help you study now.” He says lazily against your hair. 

“I’d rather lay here with you.” 

He smiles ans agrees. You lay there, finals the last thing on your mind.  

The Walls Aren’t That Thick.

a/n: Sorry for the long wait! I had been super busy lately! I’m going to Mexico in a few days, so I’ve been running around getting my bags ready D: So, I hope you enjoy this request! This is my first smutty request, so, it probably sucks, so I do apologize if it’s a bit sloppy ): 

request:  can I ask for a Nick Clark imagine where him and the reader are having rough, loud sex on the boat? And Strand teases Nick about it afterwards because he heard and it causes Nick to get either completely flustered or confident and teasing (whichever one you prefer!) and ends in cute cuddly fluff between Nick and the reader???

WARNING: Un-protected, Rough-ish Sex. (Sorry for any errors, btw!)

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Leisure kisses ran across the blade of your shoulder up onto the sweet spot underneath your ear. A beautiful sound tumbled carelessly from your panting lips. The hand gripping your ass gave a tight squeeze. Your hips were grinding harshly against the hand rubbing at your swollen bud, “Nick.” Your voice was desperate and pleading.

Nick didn’t respond as he continued to ran his mouth over your hot skin before latching onto your harden nipple. His teeth sharply nipped at your nipple causing another breathless melody to come from your pink lips. His nimble fingers that were rubbing your swollen clit ceased the moment you felt the knot in your stomach form. You whined with annoyance, “Stop teasing me, damn it.”

Nick’s eyes flickered up to look into your lustful, pretty eyes as he scraped his teeth against his sensitive nipple. He still hadn’t said a word as his hand that was in between your thighs brushed against your wet entrance. Your back arched in response, and a gasp escaped your mouth. Nick chuckled roughly pulling away from your nipple with a wet, satisfying pop!

His hand teasingly stroked your wet core, “Tell me what you want me to do.” His voice was rough but smooth and it sent shivers to run down your spine.

You knew you wouldn’t get another chance at privacy like this. Everyone was up on the main deck preparing for dinner. For once, no one was down in the sleeping quarters. Nick had seen the opportunity and knew better then to let it go to waste. You shifted your hips trying to subtly get some friction but Nick smirked and pulled his hand away.

You sighed knowing he wouldn’t do anything to you unless you told him what he wanted to hear, “I want you to fuck me, Nick.” A rosy blush was spreading across your cheeks in slight embarrassment. You hardly ever cursed but for some reason, Nick loved when you cursed even if it was small, harmless curse words.

A sly grin stretched across Nick’s lips and his eyes darkened in lust before shifting his body to fit in between your thighs. A needy groan emitted from your pretty mouth when you felt Nick’s stiff manhood brush teasingly against your aching core.

Nick greedily drank in your reactions and sounds with a dark smirk. He loved watching your come undone because of his touch. You were one of the few things in his world that was still remained pure. Knowing how to make you curse to the heavens, Nick didn’t wait or even warn you before lining his stiff cock against your damp opening and shoving himself balls-deep into you.

The sudden intrusion had you crying out loud. Your hands gripped the bed-sheets tightly and your eyes squeezed shut. A numb but sharp pain throbbing throughout your core as Nick began to move against you without waiting. Nick grunted and leaned over to latch onto your nipple while his hand stimulated your clit roughly.

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The pain and pleasure had you dying. You were torn between whimpering and moaning. Nick filled you up perfectly. You could feel him throbbing inside of you as he pushed in and out of you quickly, not missing a beat.

Soon, the pain was subsiding and you were wrapping your legs tightly around his narrow waist bringing him deeper inside of you. Moans came from the both of you as you moved. Your hips began meeting his fast pace. Your body felt very hot and the room did as well. Your hair was beginning to cling to your skin as did the bed-sheets. Your heart was pounding and you were sure Nick could feel it too.

Nick moved against you roughly doing his best to reach as deep as he could. God, he loved the way you felt clenched around him. No one could ever make him feel as good as you did. His lips moved from your breast and harshly met your lips in a sloppy but passionate kiss. You were struggling to meet his pace and he could tell.

He nipped at your lips sharply as his hand moved away from your clit. The knot in your stomach had faltered the tiniest bit. He re-positioned himself by untangling your legs from his waist and lifting them upwards so that they rested against his shoulders. He shifted onto his knees and began pushing inside of you in a hard and fast pace that had your head spinning. The moans and cries that left your lips grew in volume, your hands gripping the sheets were almost ripping the thin fabric apart, and your back was arched to the point you thought you would break your own spine.

Nick definitely knew how to fuck you. No one on this green planet could ever give you the rough love making that Nick gave you. The room resonated with your cries, his grunts, and the sound of skin hitting skin quickly.

The knot in your stomach was reaching its peak.

Nick didn’t even need to ask because he could feel you against his cock. He could tell from the tightening of your muscles, the desperate cries, the sloppy hip thrusts, and by God, it got him nearly falling apart.

With a clenched jaw, Nick began slamming inside of you, pulling all the way out and slamming back in. “Fuck!” You moaned carelessly not giving a damn if anyone heard, “Fuck, baby, just like that!” You cried as your heart began picking up in speed and your body began to grow unbearably hot.

Nick growled holding onto your thighs so tightly, you were positive there would be bruises. Nick moved up on his knees slightly and nearly came from the expression on your gorgeous face. “Right there, Nick! Right there!” You panted loudly feeling like you were losing your damn mind. Nick grinned savagely as he began hitting your G-Spot. His cock was tightening inside of you and he could feel his high coming on.

His hand left your bruised and slightly bloody thigh to rub your clit in a fast and rough manner, knowing it got you off the easiest. It wasn’t long until you nearly shouted his name out, your stomach exploding, and seeing stars behind your eyelids. Nick snarled continuing to slam into you in a sloppy manner as you purred at him, “Come inside of me, baby, let me feel you inside my cunt.”

Nick unraveled against your dirty words and groaned in ecstasy as he unloaded his milk into your still throbbing sex. He fell over you as the both of you basked in the after sex glow. Both still breathing harshly, bodies still buzzing, and intimate body parts still throbbing.

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Almost an hour later, there was a knock on your room. Sleepily, you raised your head from Nick’s chest to gaze at the shut door, “Who is it?” You asked sleepily.

“Dinner’s ready.” Madison called casually.

“Be there in a few.” You responded with a yawn.

You heard Madison’s footsteps vanish down the hall. You nuzzle your face into Nick’s chest before looking at his sleeping face, “Hey, loser.” You mumbled poking at his cheek.

Nick scrunched his face up and moved his face away from your prodding finger, “G-Go back to sleep, baby.” He mumbled tiredly.

You hummed thoughtfully and kissed him gently, “I wish I could but dinner is ready and I’m starving.”

Nick nipped at your lips and sucked your bottom lip into his mouth. You shifted your body against his and he responded with a throaty groan, “Fuck, fine.” You giggled victoriously before quickly putting on some clean clothes. Nick was shamelessly watching you as he continued to sit on the bed with the thin bed sheets covering his lower half. In that moment, with the fading light shining through the window, Nick looked carelessly handsome to the point you thought he was an angel.

You smiled in a loving way.

“I love you.”

Nick’s head shot up while he was wiggling into his boxers; he had been surprised. You rarely said the words but mostly in fear of what the world had become, but you had said it, and damn it, it made him want to take you on the bed again and show you exactly how much he loved you. He pulled on his pants and shirt and brought you into a rough but passionate kiss, “I love you too.” He whispered tenderly.

Your eyes lit up at his words and his heart stuttered foolishly.

You both peacefully made your way upstairs to the main deck to where the others were having dinner. Strand was surprisingly there. Nick held your chair out for you making Alicia and Chris gag playfully.

“God, you two make me sick.” Alicia teasingly smirked.

“That’s how I felt when you were born.” Nick replied smugly causing Madison to throw him an amused glare.

When the prayers were said, Strand was the one to speak up, “You sure are hungry, Y/N.” A hint of amusement was in his voice and smirk was on his dark face.

You blushed and mumbled, “I didn’t eat breakfast.” A white lie.

A lie he saw through, “Really? I could’ve swore I saw you eating out on the deck.” He mused.

You blushed down at your plate, “Well, I got hungry again, big deal.” You shrugged ignoring the snicker that came from Alicia, Chris, and Madison.

“I wonder what you were doing down there that made you hungry again.” Strand wondered almost making poor Travis choke on his food.

“Strand!” You cried out in horror.

The whole table erupted into fits of laughter and snickers at your horrified expression while Nick tried his best not to smile or laugh, “What? This might be an expensive ass boat but the walls are not that thick.” Strand chuckled in amusement at your reaction. He liked your reactions, they were so refreshing.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You replied hotly.

Strand grinned and gestured to your exposed neck, “Those love-bites prove otherwise because I distinctly remember you not having those marks two hours ago.” He kept teasing as your cheeks grew hotter and hotter.

“Fine! We had sex, okay!? Geez!” You threw your hands up in frustration.

Everyone was apparently extremely amused by your innocent reaction because the table was shaking in laughter. Nick, not being able to hold his laughter in, was red in the face from laughter. You pouted in your seat and glared at everyone; mostly at Strand who looked really proud of himself.

“Nick, my boy, you had more game then I thought you did.” Strand patted Nick’s shoulder.

Nick smirked but ducked his head when you swatted at his head, “Don’t you dare say anything to that!”

After an embarrassing dinner, Nick and you moved towards the deck to watch the sunset. Strand passed by with another cocky smirk, “Try not to screw up my deck.”

In which you threw a pillow in his direction that he swiftly caught with that stupid smirk. Nick chuckled and brought you into his side, “You’re so beautiful.” Nick whispered in your ear. He was leaning against the arm rest of the bench with you in between his legs. One had was running through your hair and the other was draped possessively around your mid-section.

“I love you.”

Nick’s heart stammered once more as he kissed your bare shoulder before nuzzling his face into your neck, “You were the best thing that ever happened to me, Y/N.” Nick whispered in a soft voice. You didn’t know how much you meant to him…hell, even he didn’t know how much you meant to him, but what he did know was that he’d do anything to keep you safe from this new, fucked up world.

He wouldn’t lose you.

He would make sure of it.

“I love you too.” Nick responded in a fragile tone.

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I hope you this was to your liking, whoever had asked for the imagine! I apologize if it wasn’t. I will start on the next imagine tomorrow!

Nick Clark x Reader: Sea Of Faces (A continuation of Destitute - find it under my bio.)

1. “You can stay a little longer, you know.”

4. “You look gorgeous.”

9. “I brought you something.”

Requested by Anon


It had been a little over two weeks since you’d found Nick on the road, and together the two of you had been trying to make your way to Tijuana. Your supplies were dwindling, and your ammo was next to none. Luckily for you, there were two knives attached to your hips that you always used.

Nick had a really bad aim.

Halfway to Tijuana, you managed to find a small cottage that would be a safe house for several days, and it would give you the opportunity to help clean Nick up. “I brought you something.” You mused, reaching into your satchel and pulling out a chocolate bar. That was a rare commodity to come about now a days. “This is bound to make you feel better while I patch up that leg. Those dogs were gross.”

Your heartbeat increased when Nicks eyes scanned your body language; soft but always tense due to your guard that you almost never let down. After finding him in the middle of the highway, you wanted nothing more then to get him to Tijuana. It was where your mother and sister had gone and you wanted to take Nick to a safe haven. Where you could really get to know him.

As the days increased and your exhaustion grew, Nick only found himself falling asleep in your arms more and more. Spending hours into the night telling you stories of the father he hated, how he finally accepted his mother enough to let her past his walls, about his memories with his baby sister Alicia.

With a new town came new clothes and a shower. The doctor had allowed you to stay with Nick, and after how much time you’d spent together, you thought it was time to tell him how you felt. “Y/n… You look gorgeous.” Nick murmured, causing you to chuckle underneath your breath. He was so.. shy. It was rare to see a shy man anymore and it made your heart ache. “I didn’t know what was under all that blood.”

  “For the record, I didn’t know you were hot underneath all that walker blood either.” He grinned at you despite the pain in his leg and as you turned to leave, his voice spoke out of the silence.

  “You can stay a little bit longer, you know. I promise I don’t bite, y/n. Besides, I’m always up for cuddling with the worlds hottest sniper assassin.” And as you laid in his arms for the last time, you felt safer then you had since the beginning of the Turn.

Nick Clark x Reader- Haircuts


Set during 2 x 06- Cicut Servus


  “Nick, you look like a sheep dog. PLEASE let me cut your hair!” You cried, grinning at your boyfriend from the hill inside Thomas Abigails Ranch. You were thrilled to be here, it got you away from walkers and gave you more private time with Nick.

  “You know, you may be gorgeous but you can’t always convince me.” He chided, rolling up his sleeves as he collapsed beside you in the tall grass. “After everything we’ve been through, Y/n, this place is heaven for me. I don’t want to leave it.” 

You had been on edge since arriving, your hair on the back of your neck refuses to calm down because you could feel pairs of dead eyes on you. The night before, Daniel had confessed to seeing a young kid toss a puppy down a trash chute, which lead to the wine cellar that was full of walkers. 

  “Even heaven can be deadly, Clark.” 

Nine months ago, you had been searching for your cousin Gloria when you’d come across Nick, rummaging through the food for Los Angeles Food Bank at eleven at night. You’d cleaned him up, trimmed his hair (just an inch), and bought him a 5.00 meal at McDonald’s. Needless to say, he’d become your new best friend.

  “It’ll take me five minutes, Nick!” 

  “For Gods sake, y/n! Let it go!” 

You rolled on top of him, smirking as his body tensed beneath you. Silence ensued as you unbuttoned the first three buttons of his shirt and began kneading the tones muscles of his chest. “W-What are you doing?” 

  “In another word, convincing.” 

Nick was silent as you bent closer to his face, gripping the end of his hair with your free hand as you began to kiss his jawline. He shuddered beneath your touch, his hands gripping your hips until you found his weak spot- the spot right beneath his ear. “Y/n- Okay, fine! I’ll let you cut my hair. But before you do, you want me to tell you why I don’t want it cut?” 

Your y/h/c waves spilled over your shoulder as you tilted your head, crossing your arms over your chest. “Why?” 

He took a deep breath and sat up against the tree behind you, playing with the ends of your hair in his fingers. “Because the first time I met you, this was the haircut I had. I don’t want to forget what I looked like, what you looked like, when I first fell in love with you.” 

Your heart palpitated roughly in your chest as you leaned forward and kissed him softly before pulling scissors from the pocket of your flannel. “I love you too, you big idiot. Now brace yourself. This might be painful to witness.” 

I can be. I do not normally try to be. In fact, there have been some reviews—which I’ve loved—that said I didn’t try to sell my show on sex, that I sang my show. On the other hand, I know I’m cute. I can dance. I don’t have a bad figure. I know exactly what I am. I’m certainly no great beauty. I know exactly how far I can go.
—  Stevie Nicks, when asked if she thinks she’s sexy, 1982

Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1757

Warnings: kind of angsty

A/N: This is kind of based on my own prom (and how I wish it turned out). Long story short: I’ve liked a guy for four and a half years. He ended up taking another girl to prom. I had to sit next to this girl in AP Stat class for half a semester the year before and listen to her talk about how much she liked him every day. 

PS Thank you to @chibiakuma for suggesting I write about a masquerade prom (which is what my prom was)

You looked in the mirror as you sighed in awe. Your hair was absolutely perfect, and your makeup made you look like a movie star. The most amazing part of your ensemble was the long, gorgeous, white formal gown. It had a slightly poofy skirt, gold accents on the top, and four small slits along the waist.

“Oh my goodness! You look like an angel,” Wanda smiled from behind, pulling you out of your trance.

Giggling, you replied, “Yeah, for once I look like a proper, pretty girl.”

“No,” the woman shook her head. “You are always gorgeous, but right now you have confidence.”

“If that were true, then Nick would have noticed me by now…”

“[Y/N], you have had feelings for him for—what?—four years now? If he has not asked you out, he is an idiot. And you always say that he does not notice anything that is not some sort of weapon—the guy is freakily obsessed with those. You deserve someone who appreciates you and actually treats you like a lady.”

“He’s not an idiot…he’s actually really smart. He uses all of his brains to focus just on killing machines…” you pleaded.

“[Y/N], he is taking another girl to this promenade. Read my lips. He. Is. An. Idiot.” She rolled her eyes in response.

“You know what?” you said to your reflection. “I’m going to walk in there like a freaking goddess and make him regret not having asked me.”

As you stepped out of the limo that Tony had insisted you ride, you looked around you in amazement. The entire tower was lit up with colorful lights and flowers, and various heroes and agents milled about outside the doors in their formal ware.

Several weeks ago, while the Avengers were lounging around the TV, the topic of prom came up when Tony was recalling one of his many “exploits” with the cheer captain. Out of nowhere, everyone had begun to discuss their own experiences, or, for most of them, lack of experiences.

Natasha and Wanda grew up in foreign countries while Thor had been born on a completely separate planet, so they never had the opportunity. Steve admitted that his high school had one, but due to the Great Depression, it was not extravagant (or enjoyable since he did not have a date). Clint and Bruce never felt the need to attend.

You had the worst encounter of all, though: When you were a junior, one of the cute seniors in your Lit class had asked you. After your initial surprised reaction, you had readily agreed. On the day of the event, everything began as normal. He gave you a corsage, you took pictures together, and the two of you had a wonderful dinner. The problems began when you arrived at the prom itself which was located in the ballroom of a fancy hotel. Not ten minutes after you got there, your date had excused himself, saying that he was going to get a drink, but he never came back. When you looked around for him after thirty minutes of waiting, you found him running down the hall with another girl towards the hotel rooms.

You refused to attend your own senior prom after that.

Once you had finished your story, Tony had jumped up from his seat and declared that they were going to have a “Do-Over-Prom with a theme and everything” and that everyone had to attend or else not be allowed to watch movies in the common room for a month.

So there you were on that fateful night, shaking slightly from the nerves that raked your body. You were certainly excited that you could finally move past the embarrassment from your high school prom with this, but it was still slightly terrifying—especially when you thought about what tactics you would use to make Nick finally notice you.

Before you stepped foot through the doors, you tied your gorgeous golden metal mask around your head (Tony thought that a masquerade would be much more exciting than a simple ball setting).

“Do not be nervous. Just take a deep breath,” Wanda whispered from behind you.

With a nod, you entered the tower.

Even though you knew it was absolutely cheesy, you honestly felt like you were having your princess moment as you descended the grand staircase. You felt as if everyone’s eyes were on you in admiration, although they probably were not. You felt like this was the one moment that was the highlight of your life thus far.

Without meaning to, your eyes wander across the crowd, hoping to spot Nick. He was standing with his beautiful date who was being completely unfair and not wearing a mask. They were speaking to Tony, and you suddenly had a brilliant idea. You slowly sauntered over to the group, exaggeratedly swishing your hips.

“Tony!” you called out in a sing-song voice. “This party is absolutely amazing!”

The three people turned around to look at you. On the inside, you wanted to curl up into a little ball, but on the outside, you continued to show your confident face—or what could be seen of it behind the mask.

“Thanks, beautiful,” he smirked.

You threw a glance and small smirk towards Nick, who appeared to be trying to figure out who you were, before spinning around and sashaying away. You were hoping that he had noticed you and started to realize his mistake for not having asked you out before. It was a little seductive scheme you had seen in a movie once, so you hoped it would work.

Throughout the rest of the night, you could have sworn that the man kept looking over at you, which made you feel really great for some reason. At the same time, though, it was aggravating that you were spending your special night worrying over a stupid guy. Needing to talk it out with a sane person, you walked over to the bar next to Natasha, who you are only able to recognize by her gorgeous red hair.

“Hey, Nat,” you sighed as you sat up on the barstool next to her.

“[Y/N]. How are you?” she replied nonchalantly.

“Hold on,” you said in shock. “You recognize me?”

“Super spy,” she pointed at herself. “Plus, you showed me a picture of what you’d be wearing beforehand.”

You giggled when you remembered that you had.

“Anyways, what’s wrong with you?” she asked.

Resting your head on your hands you grumbled, “Boys are stupid.”

“That they are,” she smirked in understanding. “Is it Nick again?”

You only nodded, and she continued, “[Y/N], I totally get that sometimes you have feelings for someone that you wish you didn’t. It happens. Love sucks. But you deserve a man, not a boy like Nick.”

“Oh, and who would you suggest is a man?” you asked while raising an eyebrow.

“Well,” Natasha slowly replied, “I’ve always kind of shipped you and Steve.”

“No way! He does not like me like that!” you said in shock.

There was an unreadable flicker in your friend’s eyes before she got up, and she told you that she was going to the restroom.

As you watched your friend walk away, your eyes fell on the most heart-breaking scene: Nick’s gorgeous date was pulling him by the arm towards a secluded broom closet while they both giggled.

It’s junior year all over again, you thought in dismay.

Not wanting anyone to see you cry, you immediately got up and looked for a place to hide. The balcony appeared to be unoccupied, so you decided that it was probably the best place to clear your head. Unfortunately, before long, you heard the door to the building open and shut, signaling an unwanted guest.

“[Y/N]?” a soft voice called.

In response, you turned to face the person while your form began to shiver. You were surprised by what you saw: it was Steve (you could clearly tell by his broad shoulders and beautiful blue eyes).

“How did you know it was me?” you shakily asked.

As he approached you, he sheepishly replied, “How could I not? You’re always the light of any room you enter. Anyways, why are you shivering? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I’m just cold out here,” you lied.

He immediately took off his jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders. Because of his close proximity to you, he immediately saw the tears that were welling up in your eyes. Without saying a word, his hands reached behind your head and untied the ribbons of the mask on your face. When the metal piece was off, the super soldier’s eyes widened slightly at seeing your face.

You timidly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Um, nothing. Anyway, how has your prom been?” he quickly changed the subject.

“Not really the best,” you mumbled.

“Same here,” he replied. “Hey, if you want, we can go inside, and…uh…. dance….I mean, if you don’t want to, I understand. I just thought we could maybe make this a little more bearable…”

“You know what? That actually sounds great.”

Steve quickly walked ahead of you and held the door open as you went inside.

“Thank you. You’re such a gentleman,” you giggled.

On your way to the dance floor, though, you heard a familiar voice call out to you.

“[Y/N]! Hey! You look really great tonight. I did not recognize you with that mask on earlier,” Nick said.

You did not see his date anywhere nearby.

“Anyway,” he continued, “I was wondering if you wanted to go get a drink or something from the bar. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

You looked over at Steve who gave you a small, encouraging smile, though you could see the clouds behind his eyes.

In a split second, you said something you never thought you would:

And with that, you grabbed the captain’s hand and continued to walk to the dance floor.

After dancing the rest of the night with Steve, you finally realized that the two of you were the only ones left.

“So,” he whispered, “was this prom better than the one from junior year?”

Before you could stop yourself, you reached up and pressed your lips to his. The kiss was soft and slow, and it felt like your lips were made for each other. When you finally pulled apart, you noticed Wanda and Natasha smirking at you out of the corner of your eye.

“This was so much better,” you finally answered him.