nick x stephen

OTP Challenge Meme

Without looking at the questions first, pick 5 OTPs and then answer the questions.

I’ve done this meme before, but I wanted to do it again, so I chose five different OTPs. The criteria for this list was the fic I’m currently writing, or for which I have signed up to write/finish for a big bang. No. 5 slides in because it’s one of the fic I typed in and want to finish up. So hopefully this list represents five of the fandoms I’ll be posting fic in this year. *fingers crossed*

Pick 5 OTPs:

1. Jude/Zero (Hit The Floor)
2. Steve/Bucky (Captain America)
3. Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf)
4. Clint/Coulson (AOS/The Avengers)
5. Nick/Stephen (Primeval)


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