nick x luke

Nuke conversation 2

Luke: -shopping in Walmart for groceries with Nick and walks down the Halloween aisle- oh man. Oh man.
Nick: what
Luke: -grabs a pumpkin scented candle- do you see this?
Nick: no stop Luke please you pull this shit every year
Luke: -throws the candles in the cart- you know what this means
Nick: I swear to god Luke don’t
Luke: you know you love it
Nick: I hate you so much
Luke: -buys pumkin everything- you know what’s next
Nick: Luke
Luke: sweater shopping
Nick: NO
Luke: yes -drags nick to various stores finding the ugliest Halloween themed sweaters. Nicks has a black cat and Witch on it, Lukes has pumpkins all over his-
Nick: oh my god Luke oh my god
Luke: you know what else is coming up

They watch the movie for the rest of the night and Luke falls asleep on nick. Their house smells like pumpkin. He looks down at Luke. He is convinced that Luke is a pumpkin. The end.


Both gifs are mine

Imagine Nick Torres and Luke Alvez both trying to woo you 

Requested by Anon~

Luke had to bite his tongue to keep from grinning as you got even closer to him. He didn’t re-position his phone screen to give you a better view. Especially since Torres was glaring at him from across the room.

“She’s adorable!” You exclaimed. “What’s her name again?”

“Roxy.” Luke answered with a smile. “Maybe you can meet her sometime? I’m sure she’d love you.”

Just as your eyes lit up at the prospect, Nick had cut into the conversation. “Y/N, we gotta go.” He said, voice tighter than usual. “Gibbs called us in.” When you looked up to your partner with a disappointed expression, Nick shuffled his feet. Especially since Alvez was watching, as well. “I’ll let you drive back, okay? And we’ll listen to whatever music you want.”

You blinked in surprise before a smile came over your face. “Thanks.” You chirped before standing and turning to Luke. “See you later, Alvez.”

“Please, it’s Luke.” He pressed, standing and smiling at you.

When the two of you left, Nick looked back at the FBI agent and glared at him. And as an added bonus, your partner came up and draped his arm around your shoulders. In a totally platonic way, of course.

i’m such a slut for ships based on great friendship