nick x carrie


Go is truly the one person in the entire world I am totally myself with. I don’t feel the need to explain my actions to her. I don’t clarify, I don’t doubt, I don’t worry. I don’t tell her everything, not anymore, but I tell her more than anyone else, by far. I tell her as much as I can. We spent nine month back to back, covering each other. It became a lifelong habit.


I really do think the “Q&A” episode is great because it’s such unusual television. It was so brave of the creators to have one scene play out for as long as it did. It was like a one-act play. It was just really unconventional and interesting. … [Damian and I] tackled it like we do every other episode. You don’t have time to do too much prep work; you got to just lay it down, which I appreciate actually. It makes it fun. - Claire Danes


And what you wanted which was for everyone to see him what you see. That happened. Everyone sees him through your eyes now.
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