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reasons you should start watching the L.A. Complex

because i don’t know why tumblr isn’t all up on this 

  • Raquel Westbrook: in soap operas there’s always a “bitch” character: a woman who serves to antagonize the good girl so the audience has someone to hate. And boy, do I not hate Raquel. She is my favorite. TLAC turns this trope on its head by making you love that bitch. That bitch is driven. She goes after what she wants. She doesn’t take shit from anyone. She speaks the truth when no one else will. She is an emotional mess and makes so many wrong decisions and lights up the screen with her radiance and is (imo) the obvious star of this series, and only 50% of that is my eternal love for Jewel Staite talking.
  • Realness about Hollywood: so much! from the vapidness to the blatant sexism and racism to the neverending struggle of making it, this show does not glamorize show business. and yet! when the characters do make it, there is magic. you see why they do what they do, and why it’s worth fighting for.
  • soap opera with a conscience: everyone makes terrible decisions! but the show goes out of its way (as far as tv goes) to actually introduce realistic solutions, and not just have everyone operating in an insane alternate reality. A character has unprotected sex, and instead of being treated to a ridiculous 3-ep arc of pregnancy scares, she goes and buys the Plan B pill. Like a reasonable human! one of the other characters gets involved in making porn, and actually finds it is a pretty good job! and not a bad way to make money! and when shit goes down with a character who is obviously in need of some help, everyone is all, you should probably see a therapist and talk about your problems, not all “you just need the love of a good woman and everything will be fixed”! it is like the show is actually set in our own mortal world, where things make sense and actions have consequences
  • Nick Wagner: so this is just my interpretation, but I am 90% sure that the epic story of Nick Wagner is the show’s way of taking on the “nice guy” trope, by giving us this sad sack character who is an awful comedian, a terrible boyfriend, a generally selfish human being, and just unashamed of all his terrible behavior. And laughing at his failures in career, love, and life in general is one of my favorite joys.
  • Kaldrick King: one of the more novel storylines in the show is about a famous black rap star and his struggles with the homophobic culture of the music biz, and it’s pretty great that the someone is actually writing these storylines in a thoughtful way, in a way that i actually find compelling even though i don’t even ship the character with his main love interest (because he’s boring, but shhh, that’s for a different post)
  • drama: it is not all about romantic relationships! there are a lot of actual plots about actual life things, and people’s own personal emotional journeys outside of their love interests. all soap opera type shows have their BIG DRAMA MOMENTS, but TLAC’s actually are awesome? maybe it’s just me, but I find the twists and turns in the storyline actually surprising and interesting, whereas most soap operas come off as predictable and tiring. is it all kind of ridiculous? yes. but in the best way. 
  • there is still all the fun stuff you love. incest! surprise threesomes! deception and betrayal! scientology! ridiculous outfits as can only be worn by Cassie Steele!
  • the writing is witty: and there are a lot of funny moments, some of which even happen to come out of Nick Wagner’s mouth

and if i knew how i would make all the gifsets and artsy graphics and whatnot to document the awesomeness but i’m too lazy for that so you all will have to start watching the show and make your own