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Day 8 - Top 10 Favourite Foods

This is going to be a bit of a boring entry - simply because I’m not going to go out of my way to start describing flavours, mouth feels, or ingredients. It’s going to be a simple and straight up Top 10 with no explanations. All photos are my own credit except for number one, which is credit to the restaurant.

I’m fortunate enough that all my favourite foods are made by my Dad, who can cook anything under the sun. Remember, these are favourite foods, not necessarily favourite meals - so some items pictured are not necessarily “favourites” per say.

10 - Grilled lamb with Madeira sauce

9 - Korean food

8 - Chicken parmesan

7 - Fried Chicken (and homemade macaroni and cheese)

6 - Breakfast - any breakfast, preferably eggs over easy, white toast, bacon and home fries

5 - Chicken club sandwiches (I could eat forever)

4 - Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, green beans (with nutmeg) and mashed potatoes with gravy. This is one of those perfect meals

3 - Nasi (Indonesian fried rice dish with skewer and peanut sauce

2 - Steak - medium rare please.

1 - Sushi - any kind of sushi, ever. Picture is credit to Yuzu in Toronto - the best sushi I’ve ever had in my life. 


How To Correctly Serve a Watermelon.


Meg and I have been watching a lot of Syfy’s reality television show - Face Off. I generally hate reality television, but Face Off is a special effects fan dream. For anyone who likes special features as DVD extras, Face Off is your show.

The show centres around a group of special effects make up artists who are put through various tasks and compete with different styles. One week the task may be to “create a zombie character”, and the next week the task is to “re-imagine the characters in Alice in Wonderland”. The series does its best to feature interesting ideas and really keeps you coming back to see what will be introduced the following week. It also takes the viewer through the process from conception to application and finally to painting and display.

It’s a interesting show, and (all drama aside) some of the concepts and executions of the make up and prosthetics are impressive to say the least. Check it out!


This looks intriguing enough! From the director of “Rubber” (which, if you can’t remember, I loved), comes “Wrong” - which I have absolutely no information about other than this trailer. All I hope is that it’s even a tiny percentage as absurd and ridiculous as Rubber. I’m entirely interested.

A User's Guide to Blockbuster Video Closing

As I’m sure most of you have heard by now - Blockbuster Video Canada is closing up shop. As an employee who has worked for the company for almost seven and a half years, I thought I would generously outline a couple of key statements to know before entering your local Blockbuster within the next couple weeks:

1) Yes, we are closing. Every Blockbuster across Canada is closing down and has already begun liquidating their entire stocks. We’re forecasting that by October 1st every Blockbuster Video store in our district will be closed down.

2) No, you cannot rent. Every single item in the store has been converted to sale price - the rentals are now previously viewed DVDs for your purchase. No, we cannot make an exception, and no - no other Blockbusters are renting.

3) “What if I still have something checked out?” I would look into returning that as soon as possible or else the credit bureau will get involved and send you a horrible letter in the mail when we close up shop. Same thing goes for outstanding balances - pay now or you’ll be forced into paying later.

4) Just because the sign says “From $6.99-$16.99” doesn’t make it so. The fine print clearly states that the offer is subject to change and is on select titles only. Whatever the price is in the computer is the fixed price - so yes, that DVD that I just scanned is $24.99.

5) All transactions are final. No returns, exchanges, refunds, credits. Nothing along those lines - if it doesn’t work, I can’t help you. If this makes you at all concerned, ask to check the discs at the register (if you think it won’t play - don’t buy it).

6) No, we cannot hold anything for you. We also cannot guarantee that another store has something in stock. We cannot get another store to hold something for you either over the phone. It’s first come first served. 

7) “Where are we going to rent movies?!” Your guess is as good as mine, but where are we going to get jobs?

8) “Yeah, you’re going out of business because of Netflix” Oh, are we? I guess we couldn’t compete with their impeccable selection! “Iron Man 2” and “The Last Airbender” were only recently added to Netflix Canada. Netflix in the United States is a completely different story - different content and the inclusion of new releases. Netflix Canada has a wide array of much older and harder to find titles, but no new releases at all - and no plans or news on adding brand new films. 

9) TV shows are sold BY DISC. If a TV show has 7 discs, you’re paying for each disc. We bundled them together for your convenience. Please stop taking them out of their elastic bands.

10) MOST IMPORTANTLY - BE COURTEOUS. Treat everyone with respect. Thousands of people are out of a job at the end of the month, so excuse us if we seem less than sympathetic when you complain that we’re sold out of “Burlesque”.


I wish I could have a steady stream of Tim and Eric always.


I blogged a couple of weeks back about OXYANA - a documentary directed by Sean Dunne. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and was happy to support Sean in his Kickstarter campaign. I thought it would be worthwhile to showcase some of the goodies I got in my reward package!

In addition to a nice little postcard for the film, I also received a selection of photographs taken by the film’s DP. These photographs were taken while making the film and are increased well composed and a fascinating look into Oceana. I also received a digital download for unseen footage from American Juggalo (my favourite short documentary), a digital download of the film, and finally a Blu-ray disc of all of Sean’s shorts to date. The shorts are fascinating and great insights into the unique individuals that Sean seems to be fascinated with. The reward package also came with a poster for the film, but that unfortunately was damaged in the mail.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else Sean has up his sleeve, and excited to see some of the features of OXYANA when I eventually pick up the Blu-ray.


THE GREATEST EVENT IN TELEVISION HISTORY Featuring Adam Scott, Jon Hamm, Gus Van Sant, and Paul Rudd.

Late last week, Adult Swim aired The Greatest Event in Television History. The central conceit of the special was that Adam Scott and Jon Hamm were starring in a $25 million shot-for-shot remake of the opening credits for Simon & Simon, dubbed “The Greatest Event in Television History.” The special hilariously shows the “making of” the project, with Paul Rudd as the event’s cantankerous director and Hamm refusing to speak to Scott.

This is great - consume this.