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i was busy thinking ‘bout boys

featuring (most of) the main boys of my novels/comics: Solitaire, Radio Silence, my untitled third book, and @heartstoppercomic. click on the image to see the caption if you’re not sure who’s who!

this idea was completely inspired by KnightJJ’s (much, much better) version of this, with characters from the amazing Les Normaux webcomic!

zoe is king cobra?!?!?! bitch im…………shook. 

im mad i didn’t even see the signs, her getting closer to ash was all just a distraction to eliminate her as a suspect. and plus, everyone thought it would be a guy too bye. i really thought she was just getting closer to ash to sabotage his and elisia’s relationship.

and the last few mins……..the tv at the jail getting disrupted displaying king cobra shit to brandon to let him know he’s fucked. that reminded me of mtv scream, with kieran in jail……….brandon’s a pawn and a scapegoat. 

and don’t even get me started on the cult scene sjisnskjanjs my chest i knew shit was going down 


Got some more of those outfit ask things for my characters! This time it was only pokekids characters so I’m posting it here. Sorry things have slowed down a lil bit, I’ve been pretty busy with school and working on other art stuff, but I hope in the next week I can start being a little more productive.

Anyways, these were really fun to do. Kinda want to say sorry about Luana, cuz I don’t really know how to do “sexy” outfits so??? just have here in a cute dress thing. Also that was about the best I could think of for Ubon’s shirt, I don’t know what it means but I just rolled with it.

Alright then, hope you guys enjoy!

 possibly  adding  elisia  from  t@gged  but  she’s  gonna  be  super  lowkey  and  exclusive.   so  if  you  want  to  interact  with  her,  jump  in  my  ims  or  like  this.  because  rowan’s  my  main  child  .   @depthshidden ‘s  hailey  is  my  child’s  bff  atm  and  @leftmourning  ‘s  nick  is  rowan’s  other  bff  rn.  so  if  you  get  t@gged  spam  tonight  or  tomorrow,  sorry  not  sorry.   <3