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USA. California. Twentynine Palms. March 11, 1991. Six-year-old Raymond Robles, of Yucca Valley Calif., wears a gas mask and carries a gun and a flag as he waits to greet Marines returning from the Persian Gulf. Robles, whose father is a retired Marine, says he wants to enlist when he grows up. Nearly 1,000 people turned out to greet the 800 Marines who returned home to Twentynine Palms.

Photograph: Nick Ut/AP

Youmacon Photo Selection!

Today I went to Youmacon (the detroit anime and gaming convention) and I got a few photos of cosplayers! I literally didn’t get any names so if any of these people are you, please say so. 

Anyway, here’s a few selected photos of cosplayers.

Rin Tohsaka:


Edward and Alphonse Elric:

Mercy, Tracer, Zarya, Solider: 76, and D.Va:

Nick and Judy:

Four Killua, Two Kurapika, and Hisoka:




Morel, more Kurapikas and Killua, Palm Siberia:

Kurapika, Killua, Leorio (and Chrollo Lucilfer in the background)

Saber and Caster:

“So when I do this now, I get to share my philosophies on the world and love and how we get through life and what is making us happy, what’s not, how to move on—that’s what I try to do. The fact I have made a connection with the world in the way I have is really amazing and I feel blessed for that.”

-Stevie Nicks

anonymous asked:

Omg I loved your fma fic!!!! My absolute favorite is Roy taking care of Ed. Maybe Ed gets a small cut on a mission, but it was poisoned and he gets sick super fast!

Thanks for the prompt! Here’s a fic!  Sorry it’s short and not good. I’m really tired.

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Shrieks of Love

Big thanks to Noneatnonedotcom and Sprucepinecest for screaming G.I. Joe in the chat as I wrote. Dorks.

“You-” Nick presses the palm of his hand to his chest and tries to keep his breathing at the right speed, but Judy meets his gaze and those purple eyes just make him melt, “You like me?”

She almost looks like she may faint or even cry, so he digs his hand into the mattress to stop himself from running to her and pulling her into his arms, “I wouldn’t say like,” she laughs, the kind of laugh that gives away how nervous she is, “I’m… I’m fond of you. I’m… I’m used to you. I mean, we’ve been friends, good friends, for over three months now. It’s comforting to know you’re there for me whenever I need you. You remember that time I called you up at 3 in the morning? I couldn’t do that with anyone else.”

“Yeah,” something suddenly hit him and every detail of that night came flooding back as if it had just happened. He was already asleep when the ringtone on his phone set for her went off. Momentarily, he thought of just ignoring it, but it was Judy and he wouldn’t hear the end of it if he did. So, he answered. Before he even had the chance to say hello, she cried out his name followed by several sobbing noises. When she finally calmed down, he told her what he always told her when this sad.

‘You know I’m always here for you, Carrots. From here on out.’

And somehow he knew that she was smiling. He loved her smile. Bright and shining and it made his own smile seem better.


“I don’t know how Chef Bogo is going to react. Oh, and the news will have a field day,” she begins pacing from one side of the apartment to the next.


“What am I thinking? I don’t feel this way and you haven’t even said anything about it.”

“Judy!” This catches her attention. Her hands cover her ears, pushing them down, and as she watches his shaky eyes, she tenses up.

“I like you,” just saying it made her feel as if the world had been lifted off of her. Yet the uneasiness still remained, “That’s how I feel. How do you feel?”

Instead of giving her an answer, he hopped off her bed and strolled over until he was face-to-face with her. Then, suddenly, “AHHHH!”

Judy winces at the sound, “What was tha-”

“AHHHHHHH!” He continues to screech, but the look of fear on his face lets her know it’s not on purpose.

“This is weird.”

“I lik- AHHHHH! You, too.”


She rests her head against his shoulder, and he steals glances down at her. He smiles and she tries to smile back, but it comes off as lopsided, so she pulls up and just closes her eyes, “What was that?”

“I guess,” he shrugs, “Foxes screech when they get a mate,” suddenly her eyes are wide open, “Weird, right?”

“N-No. Mate?”

His bottom lip trembles, he turns away before she could notice.

“Sorry. I just assumed that because you like me a-,” he pauses while her hand brings his face back around to hers, “And I like you. So…”

“So,” she inches closer and when he realizes it, her nose presses against his, “mates. Just no more screeching.”

“We’ll see how the night goes.”


Comedy Theme Song: Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly

[“‘It’s the freakin weekend baby/I’m about to have me some fun.’ When did R. Kelly start worrying about the five-day work week? ”- Nick Palm]

louis is a man. nick is an android. 

1.6k words, very brief sexual content

Louis slides his hand up Nick’s bare arm, his touch light and filled with curiosity. It feels so normal, warm like there’s blood running underneath it, but there isn’t. There’s no blood, no heart, and Louis glances up to Nick’s face, trying to wrap his mind around it.

Trying not to fall in love with a machine.

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1D squeezed into the instagrim booth with nick, nick thinking it must be a mistake when he feels louis’ hand pressed to his crotch as they get ready for pictures, which is awkward, but then louis is rubbing and palming and nick is like ‘shit louis tomlinson is feeling me up’ and tries to stay focused and not acknowledge the fact that he is getting hard and then louis is like ‘i dont like this position lets move around’ and he cheekily has the others move so that louis is in front of nick now arse pressed against his crotch where nick is now sporting a full hard on in his too tight jeans and he can see how smug louis looks in the reflection of the camera and nick thinks 'what a little shit’ as they snap a few pictures. and then they get out and nick tries to adjust himself while louis acts like nothing and nick wants to strangle him (with his tongue. or dick. and by strangle he means make out and fuck) but louis leaves with the others which leaves nick hot and bothered and very disappointed (for the first time ever since he started on the breakfast show he needs to have a bathroom wank break) and he wonders if he will even see louis again. but then as he comes home and pig isn’t coming to meet him he walks in to find louis in the livingroom, playing with the dog and grinning as he sees him 'got your key. that fake rock isn’t very believable.’ and nick wants to strangle him again but in the end louis pushes him up against the wall and drops to his knees and nick thinks 'what a little shit’ as he breathlessly watches louis get his cock out and swallow him down

Olicity Drabble Alphabet - A

A - Arrow

This wasn’t the first time Felicity fiddled with one of Oliver’s arrows (and by arrows, she meant like actual, literal arrows, as in the ones he used when he was all leathered up in green and not any other insinuation of the word), but, much to her chagrin, it was the first time she’d nicked her palm on it’s tip. And, well, it hurt. Does he really have to keep these things so sharp? Really? You’d think the man would have hobbies other than sharpening his weapons and training… Then again, it’s Oliver… he doesn’t really have much of a life outside of the Arrow Cave.

She hissed in through her teeth as she pressed the towel back down on her gushing palm. Ow, ow, ow. I hate this, I hate this. She cursed her always busy mind, blaming it for this accident. If I wasn’t always thinking of five things at once at all times maybe I would have been paying more attention and this wouldn’t have happened.

Speaking of, I really need to finish configuring that algorithm; this was only supposed be a five minute break, I mean, if I don’t finish it and get the names Oliver asked for, he’s probably going to get all growly at me-

Which is not the issue now. Focus Felicity! I need to bandage this hand first. Don’t want to damage the computers; my babies deserve better.

Sighing and staunchly not looking at her bleeding hand (it’s gross, ok?), she rifled through some of the metal drawers to look for the right supplies. Which is, of course, when Oliver decided to come in, intending to get ready for a night of vigilantism. And, of course, he had to be his stupid ninja self and sneak up behind her… So when his hand suddenly fell on her shoulder, turning her towards him, her first reaction was to let out an undignified squeak of surprise.

Luckily Oliver didn’t seem to notice that embarrassing lapse, instead completely focusing on her injured hand. “What happened?” He demanded immediately, wrapping his fingers around her wrist and pulling her closer to him. Yep, I was right. He got growly.

“Um, well, you see-” Felicity tried to stammer out an excuse, doing her best to ignore how he lifted the towel carefully, his finger trailing gently over her palm as he examined it. “I just, I-”

“You were playing with my arrows again.” Oliver inserted for her, not unkindly, though he did raise an exasperated brow her way. The worry that had lined his face not moments before disappeared some. 

“How did you know?”

“Felicity. I shoot arrows into people on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure I know what kind of damage they can cause, even when they aren’t shot from a bow.” Taking over, he was quick to reach for the medical supplies, bandaging her hand with a deftness that spoke of experience. “You’re lucky you don’t need stitches.”

“Yeah, this was completely my bad. I just couldn’t figure that stupid algorithm, which you know almost never happens, and I needed to take a minute to think… and you always seem to get some scary type of focus when you’re just sitting with your arrows and I thought that maybe I could get the same type of perspective… But then, I think I forgot how sharp they are; the way you use them just seems so easy, you know? You must have some talented hands to be able to handle them as delicately as you do, especially considering you’re a big guy.” Oh my god, did I seriously just say that? She felt her cheeks go red. “I mean… what I meant is that you handle them like a pro – I guess there’s a reason you’re called the Arrow, right?” 

“Felicity.” Oliver cut in, eyes shining down at her with amusement.

She winced. “Sometimes I really wish I had better control of my mouth… And the words that come out of it.” 

She felt his chest rumble with a huff of helpless laughter until they lapsed into silence as he finished up with the bandage. When he was done, he slowly put away all the supplies, before taking the culprit arrow into his hand, turning it in his hand expertly. Show-off.

He turned to her with a small smile. “Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to use these; you should learn, just in case.” Well, I won’t argue with that, a little training may actually help my chances surviving all the sharp things in this basement, she thought as she watched him put it to the side to be cleaned. Just as she was about to voice her consent to his idea he leaned down closer. “And it’ll give me a chance to show you just how talented my hands really are.”

She felt herself freeze, words dying in her throat as she computed just what exactly he said. Oh my god, of all the things to pick up on in my ramble, he had to choose that? Oliver, noticing her distress, only gave her a knowing wink and walked to the other side of the foundry to change.  Felicity shook her head, trying to get rid of the heated feeling rising up her cheeks.

Oh boy, I’m in trouble.

New drabble series! All drabbles will be tagged under olicityalphabet! Next one will be posted tomorrow - stay tuned!