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That's his safe word.
That's his safe word.

Help Me Jeffrey!

Alice sits in for Scott as she and Chris adopt Harry Styles’ new catchphrase “Help me Jeffrey!” Does it work in real life to get you out of awkward situations?

“So, who’s Jeffrey?  Was there someone else called Jeffrey, or was this a cry to help with an imaginary friend or something?”

“Yeah, no, that’s his safe word. JEFFREY!” 

“Suddenly all the shutters go down, and the lights go off…”

“He’s catapulted home.”


Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw surprises Harry Styles with messages from some of his friends - Chris Martin, Ronnie Wood, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and his mum.

anonymous asked:

How many interviews has he already done? And are there many more today? I'm trying to find everything and it's a bit confusing aha

I was going to make a recap in a bit, but I might as well just do it here (thank you!):

We have a masterpost of all the interviews and events scheduled so far, that might help you too!