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My dear lgbt+ children, 

Here’s a list with some gender neutral names: 

Alex, Ari, Ash 

Andy, Ashley, Angel 

Brett, Billy, Blaine

Charlie, Caden, Cary

Chris, Clay, Corey

Drew, Daren, Dylan 

Emery, Ellery, Erin

Eddie, Eli, Erriot 

Frances, Frankie, Fabian 

Glen, Gray, Gavi 

Hayden, Hayley, Hunter 

Ira, Izzy, Indigo  

Jaime, Jean, Jesse

Jordan, Jules, Jael 

Kaden, Kel, Kim 

Kerry, Kyle. Kai 

Lake, Logan, Lee 

Max, Morgan, Mel 

Michelle, Mischa, Mica 

Noel, Nico, Nick(y) 

Ode, Oakl(ey), Onxy 

Oli, October, Ohio

Pat, Pax, Pepper 

Perry,  Parker, Percy

Quinn, Quncie, Quarry 

Rain, Rory, Ray 

Sage, Shane, Sky 

Sam, Sydney, Sasha 

Tay, Tyler, Taylor 

 Tony, Taye, Terry 

Umber, Unique, Utah

Vivian, Vale, Valentine 

Win, West, Wynne 

Xen, Xe, Xay 

Yael, Yoshie, Yule

Zen, Zuri, Zane 

(Know that different countries sometimes assign a different gender to one and the same name. For example, Michelle is a strongly female name in germany while it’s not considered feminine in others countries. It’s possible that some of those names are gendered in your country.) 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mum 


this made me smile :)


Today’s mood is brought to you by Edgar Wright, Mint Royale, Noel Fielding, and some other British comedians you’ll recognize.

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Is Noel Kahn the next "A"?

So I’ve been researching the books and they are in fact very similar to the shows! 

 Books first A is Mona… Show’s first A is Mona Book’s second A is Ali’s sister with a twist… 

Show’s second A is Ali’s sister…

 Book’s third A is a guy called Nick Maxwell… Someone we all know is not on the show… But maybe in the form of Noel Kahn?

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