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so someone asked us what are favorite aus are so heres some of mine which i sort of sketched here

newsies au, bunnyburrow au, grease au, high school musical au, regency au (if u havent read @weatheredlaw‘s fanfic please do its one of my favs, and zistopia au by @nicolaswildes which is literally the beST

Calling all ARTISTS!

We’re officially accepting submissions for the Nickelodeon Artist Program from now until April 1st, 2015.  NAP participants choose the General or Storyboard Track and get to spend up to 6 months at the studio fine-tuning their artistic skills under the mentorship of pros in the field, all while working with our animated productions to make sweet toons!

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So what if

-Imagine if when Nick was hanging out with the kids, they taught him a bunch of children’s games. So its kinda stuck with him, all the old kids games hes played with them and have kinda shoved into the back of his head. So anytime sole or anyone else mentioned they’re bored he pulls them along and teaches them the lemonade clapping game, hopscotch, and other games sorta lost to the war. Sole would be really happy as they start to remember watching some of the neighborhood kids playing them before the bombs fell, and remember playing some of them thereself.

-Imagine that nicks makes himself a cup of coffee every morning. Old habits. He always gives it to Ellie tho. She likes her coffee without milk too anyway.

-imagine nick being a pretty decent artist, like he sometimes draws some crime related evidence for his own remembrance purposes, but as soon as someone catches on they’re amazed and ask him to doodle stuff all the time when he has a free minute. He really doesn’t mind. He finds it actually kinda fun.

-imagine that nick keeps a journal. Small bits and pieces of paper modepodged into a hastily made bound book. It’s dedicated entirely to documenting and flashbacks he has. He likes to look through it sometimes, but rarely has it out before people head to bed.

-imagine that sort of like McCready, Nick had spent alot of time around children, and had adopted a sort of buffer for his swearing. Its dimmed down alot, not too many kids in diamond city, and in all retrospect he doesn’t swear too often. But you can still catch him whispering Frick Frack Tic Tac when he stubs his toe or something.

-Imagine Nick caring alot about Ellie. All the time. He always listens to her ramblings while she sifts through filling cabinets or what not and whenever she mentioned she’s headed to Vadim’s bar he slips her a few more caps. He always tries to find stuff for her when hes out and about.

-Imagine Nick being an immaculate person. Old habits again. But whenever he doesn’t have papers scattered about his desk mid-case, hes actually quite tidy. He folds his clothes, cleans off his desk, tries to straighten out the moose photo etc.

-imagine nick has a collection. He always has that chiding line “you starting a collection or something?” Right. Well imagine when sole isn’t looking he picks up cigar boxes and slips them into his pack and they stumble upon the cigar box drawer in his desk once. They hold him accountable.

-imagine that nick knows quite a few languages. I caught him talking to the noodle vendor robot in diamond city (forgot theyre name help) and he asked them how they were doing, and naturally he replied in Japanese. Nick respond back casually as if he totally understood what he said. Maybe it was just that he was able to translate things because he’s a robot. But in any rate, I bet he knows Latin and Spanish pretty well.

-Imagine the nick loves loves to read. Whenever he snags some free time he probably grabs any book he can, and just reads forever. Hes so happy when he finds an old mystery book, and he always tries to figure out who done it. Every once and a while while he’s with sole they’ll catch him pulling out his book and reading while walking.

-Imagine that Ellie isn’t very good with mechanics, so before sole came along he had to resort to doing all his internal repairs himself or paying a technician a ridiculous amount of caps to do it for him.

-Imagine Nick being quite self conscious underneath his air of confidence. Only when it comes to touchy matters does it ever expose itself, such as romance. Hes still iffy on anything because of his old memories of Jenny and sometimes he feels really awkward and unconfident when they arise again.

Fallout Characters Who Could Use A Nap
  • Raul. Let the poor man take a load off and get some shuteye his knees hurt.
  • Preston. He works very hard and everyone worries about him and it will make his skin softer; let him nap, he’s done enough.
  • I would say Boone needs to nap but honestly I think the stress and sleep deprivation are better for his emotional state.
  • Hancock has had six naps today, his life is one long series of naps, he is napping right now, he doesn’t need another fucking nap. 
  • Danse has never let one of his colleagues nap in his vicinity if he can help it; fuck Danse and his naps.
  • Cait needs a nap, Cait has needed a nap her entire life, let the burly wife sack out for an hour.
  • If Arcade ever actually got enough sleep his terrible personality would crumble like a soggy card pyramid and the universe would probably implode. Do not let him nap.
  • Nick doesn’t need to nap but I bet he would be supportive if you wanted one.
  • Let Edward Deegan Rest He Does His Best.

companions and their pets (modern au type thing)

preston: the gentlest rescue dog, very spoiled, basically never leaves preston’s side and is his bestest buddy ever

piper: male and female hamsters with very expensive, elaborate homes. they are married, and have babies sometimes. sometimes.

nick valentine: an extremely old schnauzer that loves to nap and nick constantly feeds him people food even though he definitely should not

hancock: a very spoiled cat who appears in every room of the house and actually owns the universe. it loves no one but hancock. he thinks this is hilarious.

cait: an iguana but she treats it like a dog, it gets a lot of good belly pats, and she says it could kick everyone else’s pet’s asses (and it could)

deacon: a ton of beepy birds that fly around his house and get all over him. commonly referred to as “the roommates”

curie: very soft, cute rats. she puts little outfits on them.

maccready: a very cute beagle that he could not resist, technically duncan’s dog please stop looking at him like that

danse: he keeps a very impressive fishtank. they are the optimal pets. (he thinks the baby fish are adorable but he would never say so)

x6-88: says he hates animals and will not keep a pet no matter what. one day you catch him petting a stray cat and he glances up, seeing you. you break into a sprint and you’ve never stopped running since.

Books for Wolfkin

A Wolf Called Romeo is the true story of the exceptional black wolf who spent seven years interacting with the people and dogs of Juneau, Alaska, living on the edges of their community, engaging in an improbable, awe-inspiring interspecies dance, and bringing the wild into sharp focus.

When Romeo first appeared, author Nick Jans and the other citizens of Juneau were wary, but as Romeo began to tag along with cross-country skiers on their daily jaunts, play fetch alongside local dogs, or simply lie near Nick and nap under the sun on a quiet afternoon, Nick and the rest of Juneau came to accept Romeo, and he them. Part memoir, part moving animal narrative, part foray into the mystique, lore, science, and history of the wolf, A Wolf Called Romeo is a book no animal lover should miss.

The man Arun loves is kin to the wolf; but Arun is kin to darkness itself.

Arun is in training to be a priest of the Fire God when he is abruptly plucked from his peaceful studies, bespelled and staked out as bait to capture a monster—a wolfkin. But the wolfkin isn’t quite what Arun expected. He has a name, Trae, and he’s more man than beast. And from their first touch, they are far more than predator and prey to each other.

Instead of killing Arun, Trae spirits him away to the distant city of Shireen. There, on a family plot of land, they should have a good life together. But the spell that a witch cast on Arun is growing stronger, taking over—and it still wants to destroy the wolfkin.

Torn between the power of the spell and his love for Trae, Arun must face the darkness within him—or it will kill them both.

Six thousand years ago. Evil stalks the land. According to legend, only twelve-year-old Torak and his wolf-cub companion can defeat it. Their journey together takes them through deep forests, across giant glaciers, and into dangers they never imagined. Torak and Wolf are terrified of their mission. But if they do not battle to save their world, who will?

Requested by a few anons 

Dress - August 26th, 2016
  • Nick: I'm not gonna laugh. *sighs*
  • Judy: *inside the dressing room* Yes you are. You always laugh.
  • Nick: Well, I won't laugh this time. The worst I can do is call you cute... Again.
  • Judy: I'm not showing you so you might as well just... Leave. I can't believe I agreed to go to this stupid dance anyway.
  • Nick: You agreed to go because it's for charity. C'mon Carrots just let me see.
  • Judy: ....Fine... *comes out in a figure-hugging dress that falls just above her knees*
  • Nick: ... *jaw drops*
  • Judy: Don't you dare laugh! *growls* And don't call me cute either!
  • Nick: I... Carrots, cute is the last word on my mind... I can't say the word that's on my mind because we're in public...Geez do you think you should wear that?
  • Judy: Well, why not? *smooths down the dress* I happen to like it.
  • Nick: Well, I like it too but... *coughs awkwardly* Some people might like it a bit too much... Just, pick something else Carrots.
  • Judy: Like what?
  • Nick: Like a nice potato sack.
  • Judy: *rolls her eyes* Oh, Nick. Relax. I'm getting this one. Your potential jealously isn't enough for me to spend a whole extra hour trying to find a dress you approve of. *goes back and changes into her uniform again*
  • Nick: Fine, but if you end up kidnapped by some deranged animal looking for an adorable bunny rabbit... I'm not gonna say anything.
  • Judy: Whatever, Nick. C'mon, we have to get back to work. Bogo only gave us this couple hours off to find a dress. You have your tux already right?
  • Nick: Of course I do. Listen, Judy, as your partner and best friend...
  • Judy: I don't wanna hear another word about the dress, Nick.
  • Nick: Fine...*mumbles* but you'll hear plenty of words about it at that dance...