nick meet

  • Disney: So, how are we all doing today?
  • Fox: Well, we released Logan a few days ago, and that has gone perfectly.
  • Disney: Did people cry?
  • Fox: They were bawling.
  • Disney: Very good, very good. How about Netflix? I believe you have Iron Fist out in a few days.
  • Netflix: Uh, yeah, but the reviews haven't been great.
  • Disney: OK, I see. Don't worry, it's only one show, and we've got the Punisher on the way, we'll make it through. How about the comics division?
  • Marvel Comics: Um....
  • Disney: What have you done?
  • Marvel Comics: What?
  • Netflix: We know that sound. How bad is it?
  • Fox: Look, as long as it doesn't involve Nick Spencer, we'll be fine.
  • Marvel Comics: ...
  • Netflix: Oh god, what's he done now?
  • Marvel Comics: He..... he made Magneto a Nazi.
  • Fox: *flips the table*

Though it may seem to be completely random, almost as if the entire series was entirely improvised with no plan, the Car Boys series can actually be broken down into 4 distinct dramatic sagas:

  • Episode 1-6 is the Saga of Beginnings. Starting with “Nick and Griffin Play,” where Nick first introduces Griffin to the came, continuing as they meet long time friends like Busto 1.0 and the Large Crusher, and finally culminating in “Nick and Griffin meet Busto 2.0,″ where The Boys unwittingly unleash their first major antagonist, transitioning straight into…
  • Episode 7-16, the Busto 2.0 Saga. Starting with “Nick and Griffin Launch OPERATION CONTAIN BUSTO 2.0,″ it chronicles the epic struggle to defeat the seemingly all powerful reality warper Busto 2.0. The Boys gain new tools and new abilities, finally culminating with “Goodbye, Gridmap” where The Boys finally manage to trap Busto 2.0 in the Large Crusher with Iron Man, finally defeating him forever.
  • Episode 17-27 is the Power Saga. Starting with “Nick and Griffin Move to Garfield Heights,” it’s a meandering, seemingly filler saga meant primarily to offer viewers a breather after the very tense Busto 2.0 Saga, but it’s also a way to showcase just how powerful The Boys have become, as they stretch and test the limits of these powers. It eventually does reach a dramatic climax in “Nick and Griffin  in VR City,” where The Boys realize that they are finally powerful enough to achieve their long forgotten goal- to truly set Busto 1.0 free, and send him to heaven.
  • Episode 28-38 is the Saga of The Blob. It starts off with “Nick and Griffin in: The Nokia Incident” looking deceptively like an extension of the previous saga, with The Boys mostly just messing around and experimenting with their abilities (though there is some foreshadowing when they go underwater in the Nuclear Wasteland and see echoes of The Vortex within the Tesseract), but everything changes when Nick foolishly brings the unstoppable horror known only as The Blob into the world, and from there it’s a race against time as The Boys desperately try to find a way to defeat it. The saga, and the series, finally reach their conclusion in “Nick and Griffin Reach The End,” when they trap both The Blob and themselves in The Vortex beyond time and space, sacrificing themselves to keep the world safe from The Blob forever.

Nick Valentine first meeting you: 

*Stands in the darkness, lights a cigarette cooly*
“So, you need a little angel of vengeance huh? I don’t usually go after blood money, but here, I’ll make an exception”

Nick after travelling with you for a few days:

*laughs at his own jokes about trash heaps*

It’s the Handmaid. You’re sweet on her, aren’t you? It’s dangerous my friend.
—  Kitchen Martha saying what we’re all thinking

“I went to the Nick and Judy meet and greet at California Adventure and meeting Nick made me like him even more. When I was next in line to meet them, I was going in for a hug but Nick instead grabbed my hand and kissed it and gave me many more kisses after that. He honestly made my day. I ain’t no furry but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a giddy school girl.”