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'Dora the Explorer' Movie in the Works With Nick Stoller (Exclusive)
Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller are producing.

Michael Bay to Produce Dora the Explorer Movie

In what reads more like an Animation Farce​ headline, Michael Bay really is in talks to produce a live-action adaptation of the beloved Nick Jr. series for Paramount’s Paramount Players division. 

Nick Stoller (The Muppets, Storks, Neighbors) is working on the script, which is said to follow a teenage Dora who moves to “the city” to live with her cousin Diego. No news on the whereabouts of Swiper or Boots, but I am sure Backpack will come in handy for Dora’s move. The film is currently looking for a 2019 release date.

While this film has no plans for animation, Paramount has many animated features in the works already: Amusement Park (2018), Spongebob Squarepants 3 (2019), The Loud House (2020), Nicktoons (2020)Luck (2020)Split (2021) and a live-action/animation hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog film with set release date. 

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Editorial: Why Does Nickelodeon Give Up On New Animated Shows So Quickly?

(The following post is long. Very long. And I did my best to word it properly even though I’m not the best with words. Still, I’d very much appreciate it if you took the time to read it because it’s about something that really matters to me. I know stuff about Nickelodeon isn’t very popular unless it’s 100% negative, but please, if you have the time, give this a look)

Nickelodeon. Once beloved by everyone, now infamous for two things: Either ending animated shows too early (El Tigre, Harvey Beaks) or treating them terribly (The Legend of Korra). They’ve been like this since 2006 and have only slightly improved since then. Even now, Bunsen is a Beast and Welcome to the Wayne, which only just premiered this year, seem to already be on their way out, either cancelled or ready to be moved off the main network for their next season.

Why has this happened? Why has Nickelodeon lost faith in its own animated output? I believe there are two groups of people to blame:

  1. Nickelodeon’s current management
  2. The general viewing public on the internet

That’s right, WE are just as much to blame for Nick’s downfall as they are. Yes, really. There are several factors that led to the state the network is in now and we had a hand in quite a few of them…

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Two decades ago, Spike Lee produced an unflinching look at the one-sided warfare between shady police officers and unarmed black teens. In 2015, it’s more relevant than ever. Discover.


Live Action Spider-Man costumes throughout the decades.

The Nickelodeon Writing Program is now accepting applications for the 2015/2016 cycle ya’ll!  If you’re a writer and love writing and want to write for us or any other studio one day, this is a great first step.

And get this- there’s a Domestic AND International program.

Check out the website for instructions on how to apply and answers to any questions you might have:

Writers, do the thing.


I got really inspired while watching Hercules tonight…..

(side note: If you WANT a huge Parks & Rec Reunion movie, cast Nick Offerman as Phil (but ONLY IF Danny DeVito declines) and Aziz Ansari as Hades.)

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Something I've noticed: there was an old nick live action show I watched growing up called Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, and its main relationship had very odd parallels to Starco. Ned and Mose are best friends often mistaken for a couple, but claim they are just friends, meanwhile Ned has a crush on a girl named Suzy he's liked for a long time but never talked to before. Midway through season 2, he and Suzy get together (1/2)

Holy cow.
So Adam was telling the truth!