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These players were born in the same year

Mike Green, Ryan Suter, Patrice Bergeron, Dion Phaneuf  (all born in 1985)

Nick Foligno, Carey Price, Patric Hörnqvist, Niklas Hjalmarsson (all born in 1987)

Derek Stepan, Roman Josi, John Carlson, Darcy Kuemper (all born in 1990)

Tyson Barrie, Zack Kassian, Calle Järnkrok, Andrew Shaw (all born in 1991)

Petr Mrázek , Jaden Schwartz, Jeff Skinner, Mark Stone (all born in 1992)

Zemgus Girgensons , Elias Lindholm, Tom Wilson, Olli Määttä (all born in 1994)

Nikolaj Ehlers , William Nylander, Aaron Ekblad, Jake Virtanen (all born in 1996)


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Companions finding a sketchbook belonging to Sole full of detailed sketches of them? - Part I - the boys

First; thank you so much! *hug* Really genuinely mean it when I say that that means a lot . ^^ Also, here’s the first part of your request. Took my time on it, even though I’m super busy lately. So the second part will probably be up tomorrow or the day after depening on how exhausted I’ll be with uni work included. Quite hectic days tbh… Anyway; enjoy! :) (btw if anyone wants me to add maxson or sturges feel free to ask)

Deacon was highly amused by Sole deciding to draw him from all people. He decided to keep the sketchbook for a while, until Sole asked if he’d seen it. He handed it back to Sole with a wink and left Sole to turn bright red. Sole instantly tried to explain but got interrupted.
“ Deacon, I…”
“I understand. It’s my dazzling good looks.”
Deacon winked at Sole and left. Sole knew this wasn’t the last they’d hear of this though. From that moment on Deacon reminded Sole of the fact that he knew about these drawings by prancing around shirtless and striking a pose in front of them on a regular basis. Sometimes when waking them up in the morning, sometimes at random when having dinner, making sure Sole got even more flustered the first time but just tried to ignore it after. Every other settler didn’t manage to ignore it though. Nick walked by and shook his head as he told Sole ‘You just had to go and pat his ego, huh?”   


He held up the book and placed a drawing of his face against his own. “ Who’s that? Is that me?” Sole tried to come up with a sensemaking explanation but couldn’t actually lie to Codsworth. Not only would he see right through it, there was also the puppy eyes. Even as a synth he seemed an expert at that. “Yeah, it is.” He smiled. “Excellent work, Mum/Sir! I’m glad you decided keep practicing. You always were very talented. Marvellous lines, you really did capture this new look.” Sole smiled.“May I ask you, why precisely did you opt to choose me as a model?” Sole shrugged. “Because you’re good-looking?” Codsworth felt his cheeks get warmer. “Why thank you Sir/ma’am. You are truly too kind. “


Nick Valentine:
Nick just picked up the sketchbook when Sole was talking to someone else and had put it down, curious how good of an artist they really were. Suffices to say that he was surprised by what he found. Sole was a fantastic artist all right, they even captured the look of light on metal. He looked positively heroic and shook his head in amusement at that before he went on to the next drawing. Only to realise every single drawing was of him. Sole reached for the book to find an empty space and noticed Nick was holding it. “Striking resemblance kid. You’re really talented. Mind tellin’ me why there are only sketches of me though?” He outstretched his hand with the book and Sole took it 
“Nobody ever told you it’s not nice to snoop around, Nick?”
He laughed ‘I’m a detective! It’s my job.Tryin’ to figure out your motive here.”
“I just like the way you look. You look suave and collected at all times. Grounded.” 
“Robotic you mean?.” Sole shook their head. “It’s about the charisma I guess.” Nick leafed through the book. “Please darling, you’re gonna make me blush. Although I don’t smoke. The man I stole the memories from did though.” Sole smiled. “Felt like it matched.”

Preston :
Preston found something on the ground. By the lack of dirt and sand on it, he figured it had to have been dropped recently. He opened it to figure out who it belonged to. “Hey general, is this you…rs.” his voice trailed off as he noticed the drawings of him when leafing through the sketchbook. Sole turned around right in time to see the surprise on his face. “Preston, that’s mine.” He started smiling. “Guessed as much general.” He handed it back to Sole. “Well done.” Preston quite liked the idea of Sole using him as a model to practice their drawing skills. Quite the compliment, too. He was in a very good mood for the rest of the day. Sole decided to bring it up again. “ So about those drawings…” “Don’t worry about it general. I consider it a compliment. Although I must dissapoint you abuot the true size of my bisceps.” 

He had noticed them zoning out with that book on a regular basis, seemingly as a way to get their mind off of whatever else was going on. Danse had reminded Sole time and time again that situational awareness at all times was more than just a luxury in the commonwealth. On one of their travels together, after barely getting out with all their limbs still attached, hey found a safe place to spend the night. Or at least as safe as possible given the situation. Sole got out their sketchbook and started to draw as Danse focussed on fixing his power armour . When he was done, he found Sole asleep on a couch which looked like it was about to fall apart, their sketchbook still open on their lap and a pencil on the floor. He wanted to put them in the bed, seeing that a decent night’s sleep was always a good idea, and picked up the sketchbook. That’s when he noticed highly detailed images of himself on every page. He was convinced that Sole hadn’t seen him shirtless that often. Sole woke up gently at first but their eyes shot open as soon as they noticed the book in his hands.
“Oh! Ehm… did you?” 
“Yes. I did.”
“I’d like to apologize for looking into your personal belongings.” 
“No problem… Okay are we really not going to talk about what you saw?”  Danse shook his head. “You saved my life. Both the myth and the man. You can draw me as much as you like, no questions asked. I owe you that much.” He cleared his throat and started talking about how he fixed his power armour, desperate to change the topic.

”Whoever drew these must be very talented.” Sole turned around, wide-eyed . How did he even find that? They figured it’d be impossible to subtly take the book from X6. He looked at the drawings appreciatively, one by one. “I never did enjoy abstract art but this shows a great level of skill. They captured the anatomy very well.” Sole was very busy trying to come up with a reason why they’d want to keep the book, when X6 handed it over to them again. “ This explains why you have such a steady hand, Sir/Ma’am. Although I must press you to focus on more pressing matters than honing those skills in drawing.” 
”You knew?”
” I am very perceptive Ma’am/Sir. Keeps both of us alive.” 
”And you’re ok with it?”
“ Go for it.”
He just walked out without as much as another word on the subject and rarely brought it up again. He sometimes noticed Sole drawing him but never minded as long as he didn’t need to stop what has was doing.

“Are ya ever gonna show me what you’re drawing?” he inquired when hanging out with Sole on a calmer day. “No.” “Ah, c’mon. We’re partners boss. We really shouldn’t have secrets for each other.” “Sure Mac.” He sighed and walked past Sole only to grab the sketchbook and run off with it. “MACCREADY!’. “Hey you said ‘sure’.” As he looked through the sketchbook and his smile faded into surprise. “ Woah, talk about a bombshell.” 
“Are you complimenting yourself?”
“ No , expressing how much of a surprise this is. It makes sense you’d love my natural charm but this is too much honor.” 
“ Stop mocking me.” 
“ What was it that you said again? Right, ‘No.’ “ 
“ Like you haven’t dreamt of being a comic book hero since you were a kid.”
“No. Maybe. Shut up.” Sole got up and took the book back. MacCready wanted to read more into this but didn’t want to jump to conclusions. If anyone could get anyone they wanted it was Sole. He still spent the rest of the night thinking it over though. Hoping that Sole wouldn’t stop draxing him because he also didn’t want to know what that would mean.

“Well well, what do we have here?” He leafed through the pages as his lips formed into a grin. He wasted no time on philosphising as to why Sole would have made such sketches and went to them straight away. “Hey Michelangelo! Care to tell me why you’ve got such fantastic sketches of me?” Sole tried to yank the sketchbook away, frantically looking around and hoping nobody heard that. All attempts to take it from him failed desperately but Sole kept lunging forward as he held the book back. “Damnit Hancock, have you been sniffing *lunge* around in my things *lunge*?” Hancock shook his head “No such thing, ya left it on my table, darlin’.” “Can’t you just let it go?” “No,no,no. Watching you freak out is way more fun.” He raised an eyebrow. “So, mind tellin’ me why you’d bother drawing a half-dessicated man? Sure you can find prettier models?”  Sole stopped their attempts looked at him with pity in their eyes, not something Hancock was used to or appreciated for that matter. “You don’t seriously think you’re unnatractive do you?” Hancock shrugged “Immortality comes with a cost. In my case? Looking like beef jerky would be the cost.”  Sole shook their head. “ I draw you because you’re strong, you’re inspiring. You may look like some sort of pirate zombie but you’re righteous and respectful.” Hancock lowered the sketchbook and handed it back, looking Sole straight in the eye. “Appreciate it.” and turned around, not sure what to do with this information. 


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