nick kristoff

“I’m so tired of the male main character that’s a jerk, but secretly has a heart of gold. Example : Nick from Zootopia, Eugene from Tangled and Kristoff. I have had some terribly experiences, but I let guys emotionally abuse me, and treat me terribly, believing that inside, deep down, he really does care. There’s no Flynn Riders, there’s just jerks who are fully, deep down a massive jerk. You can create a flawed main male, who doesn’t to be that damaging trope.”

There’s something so deeply creepy about men who are obsessed with child sexual exploitation and trafficking and talk about it luridly ad nauseum, over the voices of sex workers and survivors alike, but who aren’t involved in any other anti-DV/SA work or even any other sort of harm reduction/social services work.

It’s skin crawling.
We Are All Egyptians

“…The lion-hearted Egyptians I met on Tahrir Square are risking their lives to stand up for democracy and liberty, and they deserve our strongest support — and, frankly, they should inspire us as well. A quick lesson in colloquial Egyptian Arabic: Innaharda, ehna kullina Misryeen! Today, we are all Egyptians”

This is a MUST READ article by Nick Kristoff, reporting from Cairo, Egypt when internet access is available.