nick kahler

Libero Andreotti on My Work

“You are a permanent source of exciting ideas, a bubbling fountain of energy and bold new thinking, but you lack the methodical action and the critical distance necessary to discriminate between the good and the excellent and to bring a project to perfection.”

New Agenda:

  1. Delve deeper into ideas systematically and meticulously, rather than simply scraping the surface
  2. Step back often and judge critically at all scales the conceptual logic and depth of the proposal
  3. Mine for and polish “excellent” ideas, culling the otherwise just “good” ones


At this point, however, egotism and curiosity began to eclipse casual or humorous observation. Hurtling deeper down into the depths of TUMBLRCEPTION, a further labyrinth evolved, one with seemingly no end or destination, save the annals of Web 2.0 expressionism. How many levels is too many? When with this eclectic diversion from my facade articulations at work cease? Is there worthiness in sheer esoteric investigation, purpose to this antinarrative?