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Male companions react to a fem!sole who's chubby and self conscious about it?

(just so ppl know they sent a separate ask for Kent and Edward) Every time Kent Connolly is mentioned, I think about the time my sister called him Kenneth and it makes me laaaauuugghhh.

Codsworth: He knew that they were self conscious before, and he always told her that she look perfectly fine and that he thoroughly enjoyed her. 

Danse: Sole confessed to Danse that she were more than a little self conscious about her weight. Danse just looked at her without saying anything, after a little while he sighed and put his hand on her shoulder, “soldier, I can assure you, your size couldn’t change my feelings toward you what so ever.” He made sure to give her strong eye contact so that she knew he was sincere. “You’re excellent the way you are, and if anyone’s superficial enough to not want to associate with you because of the way you look, then they simply don’t deserve your company anyway.” 

Deacon: “Jeez boss, tell me how ya REALLY feel why dontcha..” Sole gave Deacon a confused look, she had just told him how she really felt about herself, she didn’t mention anything about him. He looked at her and slapped his own tummy, “if you think you look bad, I can’t even imagine what you must think of me!” He continued on being dramatic, and the entire time Sole was just, “????” After awhile he finally said, “so you realize how ridiculous that sounds right?” He crossed his arms and looked at her with a smile on his face, “no really, you look f i n e. I know it’ll take some time, but I’ll do whatever it takes to help you to look at yourself with confidence.”  Afterward he just wrapped one arm around her shoulder and told her it was time for them to head out. 

Dogmeat: He loves her no matter what size or shape she is!!!!!

Edward: He looked at her with confusion, did Sole really think about her weight like that? He didn’t say anything, he was thinking to himself. After a little while, he looked at her right in the eye and said, “I just want you to know, when we first met, I really thought you looked damn pristine compared to everyone else I’ve met, and I work for the Cabots,” he paused, “how you think of yourself isn’t really my business, but I just want you to know that I personally think you look good.” His voice kind of trailed off, he wasn’t entirely sure if what he was saying sounded weird or out of place. “Anyway, don’t worry about it too much, really.” 

Gage: “What, are you forreal?” For a moment, Gage doubted that she was telling the truth when she said she was self conscious about her weight. Once he realized that she meant it, he gave her a heavy sigh. “Boss, I really can’t stress this enough, no one really cares about whatcha look like.” He gestured to some nearby raiders, “have you seen some of these guys? They’ve got nothing on you.” He told her not to worry about it, and that he thinks she looks good no matter what. 

Hancock: Hancock was no stranger to being self conscious about one’s looks, but he was always confident in his personality. Once Sole had told him how she felt about her own appearance, he gave her the most genuine smile. “D’ya think I’d really care about that? You’re perfect the way you are,” he embraced her in a hug, “and I wouldn’t change a single thing about you.” He fell silent and just held her for a little while. After he let her go, he looked her up and down and looked like he was in deep thought. “I don’t know, I don’t think I could even dream of someone more ideal than you.” He smirked at her and told her that the next time she doubted her looks, she should tell him and he’ll make her feel brighter than the sun. (in my mind Hancock likes a particularly soft girl anyway sooo)

Kent: “No kidding?” Kent didn’t really know why she was telling him this now, his initial thought was maybe she didn’t think she was fit enough to be the silver shroud. Because of this thought he went off on a big spiel on how the Silver Shroud can look like what ever, and how anyone who wants to be him can be if they want to and that no one should tell them otherwise. After his big ol’ speech, he just sat there smiling at her. He didn’t really get what she meant, but she appreciated his enthusiasm. 

MacCready: Sole had told him that she was self conscious about her weight, and it took some time for it to register what she meant in MacCready’s mind. Never in his life did he really care about his or other people’s looks. Yeah sure some particular people would catch his eye but that was about it. He put his hands on her face and looked her in the eye, “listen to me. No matter what, and no matter what anyone says or thinks.. You. Look. Great.” His voice was serious, and she could feel how hard he was trying to get his words to her. “Just because some douche bag doesn’t think you’re attractive, won’t stop you from being attractive. And if someone actually says anything to you regarding your weight, just you watch, I’ll teach them a lesson. Count on it.” He let her go and turned his back to her and shrugged, “at least, I like the way you look anyway…. *awkward cough*” 

Nick: Once Sole had told him how she felt about herself, Nick gave her a compassionate look. He rubbed what was left of his face and looked at her. “You should know, that never once, in all the time that we’ve known each other, did I think you looked bad or, big.” He paused for a moment, to let what he said sink in. “You shouldn’t care about what people think you look like, besides, most people these days only care about your personality or how well you can survive.” 

Preston: Ever since Sole told him about how she felt about her weight, Preston made a conscious effort to compliment her often. He knew he couldn’t change how she felt about herself, but he wanted to make sure she knew how he felt about her. It wasn’t often enough to be annoying, but Sole always appreciated any compliments he gave her. When she first told him how she felt, he didn’t even say anything, he just embraced her immediately. He didn’t say anything afterward either, he just hugged her and that was that. She understood what he was doing once he started the compliments, but she didn’t mind it. Preston likes to care for people in subtle ways, which this was just another one of those things. 

Strong: He could not care less about it, all he cares about is how strong she is lol

X6-88: X6 literally never in his existence considered paying attention to someone’s weight. Sole has time and time again showed him just how strong her and her personality is, and that’s all that mattered to him, and he made sure she knew that. He, almost angrily, told her just how highly he really sees her, which was really confusing to Sole, considering how he said it. After all that he just, dropped the subject, quickly. He told her not to worry about it too much.

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 3

Niall’s head was tipped against the back of the chair as he stared at the ceiling.  He’d been listening to Maisie and Nolan and some representative from the record company discuss him like he wasn’t in the room for the past 30 minutes.  He’d have interrupted if he thought it would’ve done any good.  But as it was, no one seemed to pay much attention to or care what it was he wanted.  Which was probably better considering Niall had no idea what he wanted anyway.

He let out a deep sigh, barely even realizing that the room had gone silent,

“Mr. Horan?”  He heard a female voice say.  

He lifted his head, his eyes meeting Maisie’s for the first time since he’d walked into the room.  All three of them were looking at him as though he’d been asked a question although he had no idea what it was.  

Maisie raised her eyebrows,

“Yes or no?”

Niall pushed himself back up in the chair and stared between them for a moment before he shrugged,

“What was the question?”

Maisie thrust her hand out,

“Exactly.  See?  He can’t even answer a simple question right now.”

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26 Problems Barack Obama Should Actually Fix

Hey Barack,

It’s Matt again. I know you said only to write you if I had “actual problems to discuss” because you’re “the president of the United States” and “this relationship is hovering dangerously close to harassment." So consider this correspondence strictly professional and also consider my feelings personally devastated.

It’s come to my attention that, in discussing your plans during yesterday’s State of the Union, you neglected to mention some of our nation’s most pressing concerns. Fortunately, you have a friend/lover like me to remind you of our priorities.

Below, a list of problems you might consider addressing in the immediate future:

1. The phenomenon of donut frosting sticking to the top of a closed donut box.

2. Cupcakes with a horrifically unequal frosting-to-cake ratio. (Cake should always outweigh frosting by at least 3 to 1, Barack, this is just fact.)

3. Coffee that’s neither cold nor hot, but the disgusting temperature of nothing.

4. Empty yogurt cups too delicate to handle the weight of a single spoon.

5. The absence of a third Adele album, which our nation desperately needs.

6. Websites that still have pop-up ads. Also, websites that force you to watch a video before getting to look at anything. Also, just, most websites.

7. People who still think objectifying men is the same as objectifying women. (It’s not, Barack. It’s not. But more on that later, I suppose.)

8. Why I still have to wait so long for AT&T to let me upgrade my iPhone.

9. Seatbelt buckles that get too hot in the summer.

10. Croutons in salad. (Bread is fine, and a perfectly acceptable and often necessary accompaniment to salad, but why must we make it so hard to put it atop salad? What’s the point of enjoying bread if you’ve toasted it into a dense, crunchy carb rock? STOP RUINING BREAD, BARACK. CROUTONS RUIN LIVES.)

11. Butts that only look good when they’re squeezed into tight pants. (Those aren’t good butts, Barack. You know what’s a good butt? A good fucking butt. Not a butt that’s been squeezed into a tiny pair of pants just to look bigger. You’re not fooling anybody, MEDIOCRE BUTTS.)

12. Nick Jonas’s nipples.

13. Muffins with a bad muffin top to muffin bottom ratio.

14. Ice cream cones that are too small for the amount of desired ice cream.

15. Hot douches like Adam Levine.

16. Sprouts.

17. Tofu cream cheese.

18. Attractive British men who don’t love me. (You know who I’m talking about, Barack.)

19. Why my radiator still whistles even though I replaced the valve three times. (And no, Barack, I’m not calling my landlord. I already told you he judged me last time he came into my bedroom and saw the tasteful male nude portrait I have hanging above my dresser. I’m not going through that again.)

20. The shape of Channing Tatum’s face.

21. Why Meryl Streep doesn’t have more Oscars.

22. Why Taylor Hicks beat Katherine McPhee on the fifth season of American Idol.

23. Everything that happens at Whole Foods.

24. Bottomless brunch that only lasts for two hours.

25. The fact that Desperate Housewives ended.

26. Hot guys with thin eyebrows. Get out. Just get out.

Thank you and please return my texts,


People hating on Zak Bagans???


Ok so, I have seen and read a few things about Zak. The main thing is that Zak is getting hate of people (even some fans of GA). Now I don’t know the full story but here is what I think.

I think Zak is a loving human being just like Aaron, Billy, Nick and Jay. I haven’t met any of them in person but what I see and hear, I think Zak is a good person. Honestly I don’t give a flying f*ck if I get hate after this. But if YOU are the person who is hating on Zak because he ‘is not nice’ or he is a 'douche bag’ maybe YOU should look in the mirror and rethink that because YOU are just as worse.

You don’t know the guy. Have you met him in person? Talked to him in person? Even if you did or did not, doesn’t give you the RIGHT to say nasty things about him. Who are YOU to JUDGE. Don’t judge it’s books by it’s cover, have you ever heard of that saying?

HATERS like YOU don’t deserve my attention let alone anyone elses. I know this really has no meaning for anything but this might help with the situation. All I am basically saying is that:


Because if you do, you are the WORSE human being on this entire f*cking EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!