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i need the girls who were fangirling hardcore over the pepperwood chronicles to find out that jess and nick are back together and i need them to freak out about it too and use their relationship as fuel for their pepperwood chronicles book ideas and i need nick to meet up with them again and for those girls to start talking about if pepperwood and jessica night get married or whatever and i need there to be that look of realization on his face as jess walks in to scold him for stealing her students again

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Relationship Status: currently single because real relationships don’t seem to live up to my tv style dreams

Favourite Colour: green and blue

Lipstick or Chapstick?: chapstick!

Last song you listened to: “susan miller rag” by bright eyes on repeat (because i am stressed/anxious).

Last movie you watched: hidden figures! it was so good!

Top 3 Characters: nick miller (obviously), rosa diaz, robin scherbatsky (but only because i can only pick 3 and i didn’t want to pick all from one show!!) but bonus fav: dr. spencer reid

Top 3 Ships: nick and jess (duh), peraltiago (duh), jd and elliot

Books and manga you are currently reading: i’ve never read a manga, but i’m currently reading romeo and juliet (for the millionth time) with my students and i just started the graveyard shift by neil gaiman

Top 5 Musicals: i haven’t seen many, but i like their music. hamilton for sure (and i would love to see it!), high school musical (lol can i count that? because i really do love it… sorry not sorry), guys and dolls, mary poppins, bye bye birdie

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Relationship Status: perpetually single but okay with it because I prefer dogs to most people

Favourite Colour: purple and green

Lipstick or Chapstick?: chapstick

Last song you listened to: “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne (I’m on a ‘90s kick inspired by that conspiracy theory that’s been floating around. Nostalgia City.)

Last movie you watched: La La Land

Top 3 Characters: Nick Miller, Julius Pepperwood (he’s a totally different character in my head so he counts), Alexander from the novel The Bronze Horseman. Bonus: Wolf from the mini-series 10th Kingdom. I love a good romantic hero.

Top 3 Ships: Only 3? Nick and Jess (of course, who else?), Pepperwood and Night (I’m Pepperwood’s #1 fangirl. They even have their own tag! #noirgirl), Alexander and Tatiana from the novel The Bronze Horseman. Bonus ship: Fry and Leela from Futurama.

Books and manga you are currently reading: I miss reading physical books. I don’t read nearly enough and I have a stack of books I still want to get through. When I have some downtime, I’m slowly trying to make my way through George Orwell’s 1984.

Top 5 Musicals: I’m not a big musical person, but I loved Raul Esparza in Company and also Chicago.

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A Malcolm 8:30 in less than 38 seconds.  And Robyn thought she had a tough time.  Although I imagine as Julius’s press secretary, this is probably the easiest part of poor mister no-name dude’s day. 

(Julius + the press = nightmare is what I’m saying, hence Malcolm being tasked with polishing him up, burnishing him up.)

Malcolm just cannot help fucking with Darling Julius, even if it’s only by proxy.  You will notice though that – very unusually for him – Malcolm never at any point actually deploys (as Julius will one day refer to it) the f word.    


Oh, Darling Julius, what an introduction!

I would really love to know if Department to Count the Moon was in the original script or if it was an improv because the laugh it gets seems unprompted and there’s not reaction shot from the audience that I would expect if it was really planned. 

Also, and admittedly this is pretty esoteric, as well as being proof that I let the strangest things bother me for the longest time, but I finally have an satisfying answer to how Nick Hanway can be seen here in 105/202 as a random civil servant bod at Malcolm’s 8:30 – a position that is supposed to be completely apolitical –  and then later be seen in the 100% political role of Tom’s Glenn in Spinners and Losers .

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