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Music Series: Jealous by Nick Jonas

**Warning! First Music Series story that contains smut, so don’t say you weren’t warned! (If you prefer the MS stories stay pure and sweet, let me know. This story just kind of wrote itself, so it happened. Blame Harry, not me. I was apparently channeling him. :)

I love stories about Harry being possessive of you, not liking when men flirt with you and such. I have a story I may work into blog form where Harry is absolutely adorable in his jealousy, but for now, enjoy this!

Written to the song, “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. Link to this song on my Spotify playlist called, Singing In The Shower.




I don’t like the way he’s looking at you

I’m starting to think you want him too

Am I crazy? Have I lost ya?

Even though I know you love me, can’t help it

Harry watched as you primped in the mirror. You were excited to be going out to a big party with him. Many times when Harry was invited to things such as these, you stayed home, not wanting to interfere constantly in his career this way. You knew that most times, these events were business and publicity, a ‘girlfriend’ being in the way, and you weren’t offended by it…much.

But tonight was different. You had specifically been invited by the host to come with Harry. It had felt like ages since you’d had an occasion to glam up like this, and you were going to look hot! You dressed in one of Harry’s favorite dresses, one he bought for you while traveling, just knowing you would look beautiful in it. You layered soft curls around your head, and applied your makeup perfectly for a night out on the town. As you spritzed on some of Harry’s favorite perfume, you looked at him as he stared holes through you.

“What?” you asked, worried. “What’s wrong? Is it too much? Should I change? I was afraid I was overdoing…” you rambled as you started to take off the dress, but Harry grabbed your hands and refused to let you do it.

“Nooo,” he said, holding your hands in his as he stood behind you, kissing your neck and shoulder. “Don’t you touch a thing. You look beautiful!”

You smiled and finished and soon found yourself sitting next to Harry in the back of the chauffeured car, his hand rubbing yours gently.

“You look amazing, babe,” he said, staring at you again. “Damn.”

“Not every night I get to dress up,” you smiled, happy your man was pleased. “You’re looking incredibly hot yourself, you know.”

He smirked and kissed your cheek.

As Harry made his rounds through the party, being sure to talk to those he should, and stopping to smile into camera lenses for some, he looked around and saw you talking to a small group of people, one man in particular hovering a bit too closely. Harry excused himself and began walking toward you as his jealousy bone itched.

I turn my chin music up and I’m puffing my chest

I’m getting red in the face, you can call me obsessed

It’s not your fault that they hover, I mean no disrespect

It’s my right to be hellish. I still get jealous

You felt Harry’s hand on your waist as he kissed your cheek and smiled at the group of people. Harry looked at the man who had been looking at you in a way that Harry did not like. He raised his eyebrows at the man, shooting him a cocky glare as he caressed your side with his hand.

“Having a good time, baby?” Harry asked you, loudly enough for the man to hear.

“A wonderful time!” you said with a giggle, your drink already affecting you slightly. You were such a light-weight with alcohol!

Harry saw how the guy was still looking at you, and unapologetically excused the two of you to leave the group. You looped your arm around his waist and squeezed closely to him as you walked.

“Gotta keep my eye on you, kitten,” he said into your ear over the sound of the music playing throughout the large room. “Everyone in the room wants you.”

You laughed and rolled your eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous,” you said as he shrugged his shoulders. “You’re the only one for me anyway.”

I wish you didn’t have to post it out

I wish you’d save a little bit just for me

Protective or possessive, yeah

Call it passive or aggressive

As the party continued, Harry was once again pulled from you as he spoke with some business contacts, and a friend in the business here and there. He watched as you talked with someone Harry recognized as a friend of yours, you gleeful at seeing she was at the party, too. He smiled as he saw you grab the hand of your girlfriend and walk to the dance floor in the center of the huge room, making her dance with you to the loud music. You held your phone out in front of the two of you, snapping photos to save as memories, and made kissy faces into the camera, then danced along, holding your friends hand, uncaring what anyone thought. Harry thought you were adorable.

Soon Harry couldn’t help himself, making his way to the dance floor, dancing with both you and your friend, as people around the area took photos of the three of you. As the upbeat song ended, you hugged your girlfriend, who wandered to find her date, as you started to walk off with Harry. Feeling Harry’s hand grab yours as a slow song began, he pulled you tightly to his body, smiling at you, kissing you lightly then resting his cheek against yours.

‘Cause you’re too sexy, beautiful

And everybody wants a taste

That’s why (that’s why)

I still get jealous

The feeling of being wrapped in Harry’s arms. The softness of his lips stealing kisses against your face and neck. The loving words whispered into your ear that only you could hear him say. In that moment, you are happy beyond words to be the person Harry had chosen to be with in his life. Your love for him ran deeply, and you had no hesitations in knowing he felt the same for you.

You’re the only one invited

I said there’s no one else for you

'Cause you know I get excited, yeah

When you get jealous too

As the two of you swayed gently to the flowing music, you heard someone speaking next to you.

“Harry, may I get a photo with you, please?” the woman asked.

You turned and looked at her, a bit unbelieving that she had ruined your beautiful moment together with Harry, then chuckling slightly at her balls, being unafraid to look at your man the way that she was.

Harry, being the kind, appreciative person that he always was, obliged the woman, giving you an apologetic look. You stepped away slightly, allowing her to get her photo with him, then waited for her to leave, but her balls were showing again as she continued talking to Harry and attempted a video with him. Harry saw the look on your face that she had such gall, and smirked slightly, teasing you by looking into the woman’s phone again and saying hi as she had requested.

As he giggled and turned again to see your reaction, his face fell slightly as he saw the man from before walk up behind you and speak into your ear, asking you to dance. You looked at Harry with the same smirk he had just given you, but quickly removed it as you saw his look change to one more serious.

I turn my chin music up and I’m puffing my chest

I’m getting red in the face, you can call me obsessed

It’s not your fault that they hover. I mean no disrespect

It’s my right to be hellish. I still get jealous

Harry stepped away from the woman with the phone without so much as another word and walked straight to you, putting his arm around your shoulder and leading you away from the man quickly. You felt Harry grab your hand tightly in his and weave quickly through the crowd of people, pulling you behind him. Harry dragged you into a hallway and knocked on a bathroom door, then opened it swiftly, bringing you inside with him and locking the door from the other side.

Before you could say a word, Harry had you pressed up against the bathroom door, his mouth on yours, kissing you fiercely. You returned his passion, biting his lip slightly, making him moan.

“You’re mine!” he said, breathing heavily through his nose, nostrils flared, teeth gnashed together. “Fuckin’ only mine!”

“Fuckin’ right I am!” you smarted. “I was about to rip that woman’s head off if she touched you one more time.”

You saw his lip quiver up on the corner into a smirk, then kiss you forcefully again. You felt his hands quickly reach up under your skirt, pulling your panties down, as your hands unfastened his trousers, dropping them to the floor. Harry lower his underpants as you wrapped your legs around him, back pressed firmly against the back of the door, groaning loudly into his mouth as he plowed into you. Harry felt how wet you were for him.

“That for me?” he said. “Soaked for me, are you?” You nodded and moaned in confirmation as Harry hammered his cock into you. You heard the door rattle loudly with every thrust inside you…but Harry didn’t seem to care that you could both be easily discovered, so neither do you. Kind of exciting, if you had to admit.

“My baby,” he growled against your ear, pumping his hips as his strong arms and hands kept you in perfect position. “Mine!” he said firmly, his throat clinched tightly.

“Only yours, Harry,” you assured him as you nibbled his jawline.

He moaned loudly as you felt him swell inside of you, causing your walls to grasp tightly around his dick. You heard his breathing become loud and raspy against your ear, feeling a slight perspiration at his temple against yours. You felt your body begin to quake against his as his cock shot his bullet-like seed deeply, rhythmically into you. You felt the mixture of his cum and yours dripping out of you and down the insides of your thighs, as he slowed his thrusts, kissing you breathlessly, the door no longer thumping under his attack.

He smiled at you, feeling proud of taking his girlfriend in the bathroom at a huge party. He kissed you again, pulling paper towels from the wall dispenser, cleaning between your legs for you, then wiping his own mess away. After a quick wash and redress, his lips found yours one more time, as he unlocked the door to open it.

“No eye contact with anyone. Straight to the car,” he said, lacing his fingers into yours as he held tightly to your hand. “Not done with you yet.”

'Cause you’re too sexy, beautiful

And everybody wants a taste

That’s why (that’s why)

I still get jealous

red in the face | shawn mendes


requested by anonymous

word count: 1,421
author’s note: sorry this took so long, anon!! hope u enjoy <33333 also, disclaimer: since i am shawn-focused, i have no idea which of these boys have girlfriends or not, so some of this might be vague of inaccurate, but i tried my best!!

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You would never, ever admit it out loud, but sometimes you did it on purpose.
You just couldn’t help yourself; seeing the way it made his jaw lock in place, the way his fists clenched and his eyes blazed impossibly brighter - it sent a thrill racing down your spine, cool and fast.
And Shawn was usually pretty laid-back, and difficult to provoke like that. So jealousy wasn’t a trick you pulled out often, but rather one you saved for perfect opportunities, for times when it was oh-so-easy to make him squirm.
And squirm he did.

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Lovebuggin, One Day At A Time (Part Sixteen)

She looked at Nick, down on one knee, and one eyebrow popped up as she cocked an eye at him. “I have a few ideas of what you could be up to…and all of the answers are ‘no.’ He laughed, knowing he shouldn’t have thought he could fool her twice in one day. “Okay, well what I was thinking was that we could just stay in and watch movies tonight, I know you’re tired, and I’m fairly tired myself to be honest.” She smiled, they had talked about doing this so many times over the course of their friendship, and it was always something she wanted to do when they saw each other. Nick saw her face light up, all the way to her eyes, and it made his heart swell inside his chest. “Alright, it’s settled,” he said as he scooted across the floor on his knees. Jennifer, despite how well she knew Nick, was surprised by this boy-like gesture, but it made her smile at the same time. He grabbed the remote, stood up, and walked back over to the couch. “Is there anything in particular you’d like to watch,” he asked getting the Netflix ready. “Not that I can think of right now, but to be honest, I’d really love to change clothes first,” she sheepishly replied. “Oh yeh, of course,” he smiled, “I got a little carried away, I wouldn’t mind doing the same thing, and possibly even take a quick shower…” he trailed off. The thought had occurred to her but she was going to let that one go for now, but if he was going to bring it up, “oh my goodness, a shower would be amazing!” Nicholas smirked at her, killing her weak heart, “sounds like a plan, you can go ahead if you wish, I’ll get this started…I think I’ll put some water on for tea as well so it’ll be ready when you are finished.” She couldn’t help but smile at him, “that would be great, thank you so much.

She headed for her room to grab some comfy clothes to change into. As she was searching through all the “trying to be perfect clothes,” Nick knocked on her door as he stepped into the doorway so he wouldn’t catch her off guard. She looked up and he just continued to look at her. He couldn’t believe she was here, finally, it still seemed quite unreal to him. She could tell he was thinking something, probably the same thing she was, how unreal it was that they were finally together after all the time that had passed; that after all the phone calls, texts, Skype dates, and every other way that had tried to keep in touch, they were a few simple feet away from each other. She decided to break the silence, apparently they were taking turns in doing this. “…Was there I could help you with,” she asked in a non-sarcastic tone, but instead trying to figure out if there really was something he needed her to do. He smiled, “sorry for that, my mind wandered. No, there isn’t, I was just going to say that I can get the stereo ready for you so you can listen to music while you shower if you would like.” She tried not to show him the smile that creeped across her face, so she quickly went back to sorting clothes. “Ahm, yeh, that would be awesome,” she answered simply. “I actually love to have music in the shower…or anywhere really, if I’m being completely honest…but I guess you kinda already knew that,” she tried to laugh off her awkwardness. He smirked, “yeh, that’s why we’re best friends I imagine…and lots of other reasons, of course.” Another moment passed with him still standing in the doorway, as she continued to pretend to sort clothes. “Okay, well I’ll get that geared up for you…I’m just really glad you’re here, Jennifer. This is going to be my best New Year, hands down.” Hearing this made her stop what she was doing, but she couldn’t look at him. She could hear the emotion in his voice, and this was not something that occurred too often; she didn’t know exactly how to react. When she didn’t respond, he made his way to get the stereo going. She quickly dropped everything and quietly caught up with him without him noticing. She grabbed his arm and turned him around, and simply snuggled into his chest, not saying a word, because at this point she only knew one thing to say, but she couldn’t say that, not yet. She had to control herself, before she messed things up. They stood there a moment in silence, just holding each other. He pulled away first, but it was to kiss her forehead and she smiled. She went back to grab her clothes and he got the stereo ready, then headed to his room and shower to start changing.

A shower hadn’t felt that amazing in a long while, so she took her time, jamming out to some of her favorite tunes, even throwing in a little bit of Nick and his brothers. Nick knew how much she loved their music, and appreciated it, so there wasn’t any sense in hiding it, but she did try to keep it to a minimum. She finally got out of the shower, threw her hair up and got in her pjs. She still was out before Nick so she headed for the kitchenette. Nick had already pulled out everything she needed; honey, sugar, water, and even the tea. To her surprise it was her favorite tea, which was semi difficult to find these days. She didn’t even know Nick liked the tea, he didn’t know about it ‘til she had told him earlier in the fall. She had mentioned it in passing, and it hadn’t really been brought back up since, yet he must have remembered and got it just for her, or simply got it to try it; his world didn’t revolve around her, despite how much she liked to imagine that it in some small way did. She sat there holding the tea, staring at the box like an idiot, simply admiring Nick and his ability to always surprise her in the best, and most simple ways. 

Nick had entered the kitchenette so quietly that Jennifer hadn’t even heard him. He had rounded the corner from the hallway into the kitchenette and saw her looking at the tea. He sure hoped he got the right one, it had been so long since they had discussed the tea, “I’m pretty sure it was early October” he thought. As she continued to look at the tea, he continued to look at her. She was so beautiful in every single way. She had the most amazing heart and was one of the most considerate people he had ever had the privilege of knowing.

“I sure am thankful God brought you into my life, Jennifer,” he quietly told her, trying not to frighten her too badly, but she still jumped and dropped the box of tea. “Heavens sakes, Nick, you scared me,” she said picking up the tea she had dropped, “how long have you been standing there? I never heard you come in.” He smirked and decided to be a smartass, “long enough to wonder if you were a zombie, or maybe frozen…white witch” referencing her first major stage role, one of her favorite roles ever. She tried to give him the stink eye, but instead they both ended up laughing at what he said. They were both extremely sarcastic, which was another reason he was saying that they got along so well; they both took jokes well, but they also both knew where the line was drawn, and not to cross it simply out of respect. “Anyways,” she said, “did you get this tea on purpose, and don’t lie to me, I know you had to, you didn’t even know about it until I told you about it months ago.” He didn’t really want to go too sentimental on her so he tried to play it off like it was nothing, “well, you said you really liked it, so I went out and found some.” “And where do they sell it, here in New York, I mean.” He dropped his eyes from hers, he had actually gotten it online because he couldn’t find it anywhere, even when he traveled, he couldn’t find it. He also had tried to make it sound like he had had it, and it wasn’t a brand new box just because of her coming to visit. “Well…ahm..” he had never been good at lying, especially not to Jennifer, “you see….oh screw it. I had to get it offline, because I couldn’t find it anywhere. I knew it was your favorite tea, and I wanted to get it to have it here for you while you were going to be here.” She knew this was not what he wanted to say or admit. She knew he was trying to conceal that from her, to refrain from being so mushy. “He was a romantic…even though they weren’t romantically involved,” Jennifer thought, but he never liked being too mushy about things, and he wasn’t ever one to show too much emotion, he didn’t like to anyways; he saved most of his emotion for the stage and when making music. Since he had been so open, against his will, she decided to take a step forward as well. She smiled at him and his confession, stepped close to him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and left it at “well thank you, that was very sweet of you,” as he blushed. She then, as quickly as she could, moved on, “well let’s get some of this tea, and hope you like it." 

After their tea was fixed, they curled up on the couch and started their little movie marathon. They watched movies into the wee hours of the morning, laughing, and during one or two movies just talked instead of really watching the movie. Jennifer ended up in Nick’s arms as they watched P.S. I Love You due to her uncontrollable tears…and the fact that she was cold, and not to mention, she just loved being held by him, so she made an excuse or two. They both soon fell asleep, and when Nick woke up to infomercials he turned the TV off and carried Jennifer to her bed and tucked her in. After getting her tucked in good, he stood over her, and he could hear her if she happened to wake up, she’d probably punch him, and tell him to stop being a creeper because it would probably scare her to wake up to someone standing over her in a strange place. After standing there a minute he slowly leaned down, kissed her on the forehead and whispered into her ear, "I love you, Jennifer. I’m sorry that I’m so afraid to tell you when you are awake. I promise you though, I will say it one day, and maybe it’s sooner than we both think.” He leaned back up, turned around and closed the door to a crack as he left to go to his room. Once he laid down, he knew sleep would not come easy. He continued to lay there for hours, just thinking about Jennifer and their relationship, and what the future held for them.

Naturally #24

Nick’s POV

“Sel, the phone is ringing.” I murmured in my sleep. I could barely hear a phone, but didn’t reach to get it. I was exhausted. Our album had come out just last week and I had been doing press all week long. Tonight was my first night home in days. All I wanted to do was sleep, with Selena, but the phone kept ringing.

“It’s your phone.” She said, half asleep. I finally rolled over and started fumbling around on my nightstand. I finally found my phone and opened my eyes enough to see who was calling me in the middle of the night.

“Kevin, what is so important that you needed to call me at three in the morning?” I was a little pissed off when I saw it was Kevin. 

“I just thought you’d want to know that Dani is in labor and you’re going to be an uncle soon. Get down here if you don’t want to miss it.”

“We’ll be there soon.” I suddenly wasn’t feeling tired anymore as I hung up with Kevin.

“Sel, Dani is in the hospital. I’m going to go down there. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.” I knew Selena had been working just as hard. Her album was coming out a week from today. She had barely been home in the last month because she was working so hard on making her album as good as it could possibly be.

Since we had both decided to tour at the same time, minimizing the time we would be apart, we had began to plan the rest of our year. Our album came out two weeks before Selena’s. She was starting her tour in four weeks. We were going on tour in eight weeks. We had tried to plan our breaks at the same time. As of now, we were only get to see each other four times during the nine months we were going to be on tour. I prayed we would be able to make our relationship work, no matter what the future brought.

“No! I want to come!” She jumped out of bed faster than I could say anything.

Selena’s POV

“I thought Kevin said it was going to be soon.” Nick whined as we sat in the hospital waiting room. Joe and Frankie had fallen asleep in the corner. I was comfortable leaning my head on Nick’s shoulder.

“These things take time, Nicholas.” Denise chuckled at him. I had only met her a couple of times, but she intimated me. She was so put together and so perfect, I was always scared to say the wrong thing in front of her. “Lord knows we waited a whole two days for you to appear.”

“What a little terd. You were making trouble before you were even born.” I laughed at him as I yawned. We had been in the waiting room for almost two hours. I was excited, but I was also exhausted.

“I’m a dad!” Kevin burst into the waiting room, looking like he was about die of excitement. 

“Boy or girl?” Denise jumped up, obviously the most excited.

“A boy! I have a son!” Kevin was too cute. I couldn’t help but laugh at him. 

“How’s Dani?” Her mom, Angela, was the next one with questions.

“She’s great! Come see your grandson!” He led the grandparents back while we waited where we were, not wanting to overwhelm Danielle.

Nick’s POV

“Okay, uncles, are you ready to meet your nephew?” My dad asked us twenty minutes later. We all nodded. 

“I can just stay here.” Selena said as I stood up. “It’s a brother thing.”

“Nonsense, girl. You just waited two hours with me. You get to meet the baby.” I laughed, pulling her up. She didn’t fight me as I took her hand and we were led back to the delivery room.

“Hi guys!” Dani had a huge smile on her face. “This is Jack. Jack Lindon Jonas.” I walked to Dani’s bedside to get a closer look at my little nephew. He looked very Italian and very much like a Jonas baby.

“He’s so precious, Dani.” I could see Selena’s heart melt when she looked at him. 

“Here, hold him.” She offered to Selena. She looked shocked that she was getting to hold him first, but she didn’t fight it. Dani gently laid Jack into Selena’s arms. I watched as Selena took him and instantly fell in love with the tiny baby.

“Hi Jack.” She smiled, not taking her eyes off of him. 

As I watched her hold him and talk to him, I knew once again that Selena was the girl for me. I wanted nothing more than to make her the mother of my own children. Before now, I had wanted to take our relationship slow and not rush into marriage or a family. I didn’t want to change things. I didn’t want to get married yet. We were in a good place and I was scared to change things.

Yet, seeing Selena with a baby just made me want to have that kind of life right now. I knew we had a year on the road, but I wanted to get married and have babies as soon as we were done with our tours. 

Music Series: Chainsaw by Nick Jonas...sort of

K…so I’m a bit tipsy, went out with friends for dinner and drinks, and thought it’d be fun to see what I can write after some tequila, so look out!

Entertaining maybe, if not good….

Sorry, Anon. You lost this lottery. This is “Chainsaw” by Nick Jones. Nothing was coming to me sober for this one besides the obvious, which I didn’t like, so let’s see how tipsy works! I really do love you, Anon! If you want to listen on Spotify, click —>HERE<—. Mwah!

And now, before I post, a tribute to a few under-rated and highly under-appreciated emoji’s…because I can…

😱 <—blind alien blowjob…not sure why nobody uses this…

🖖 <—does anyone else think ‘almost shocker’ with this one? hm? just me? two in the pink, one in the stink?

🕴️<—seriously? man in business suit levitating…nobody uses this?

🌪️<—it’s a twista! it’s a twista! Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

🥝<— because Harry…duh….

🎾<—tennis is a highly under-appreciated sport which I love, so, yeah…

♋️<—because it’s 69, in position! Obvious!




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Not Ready to Let Go

Originally posted by jasminevillegasportugal

Author’s Note: This is a Happy Lowman imagine based on Chainsaw by Nick Jonas, as requested by the lovely @lovatolowman23 (Happiest of birthday sweets, I hope you have a spectacular day, and I’m sorry if this imagine isn’t what you had in mind, but I hope you like it!) as well as request number 3 for MM8.

Not Ready to Let Go


I’ll take a chainsaw to the sofa
Where I held your body close for so long, so long
Walk in the house, lights are off
In the closet by the door, there’s your coat
I wasn’t thinking of you before
Too many rooms in this house, so I keep going out
What the hell is that about?
We gotta find a way to be okay

And maybe I’ll just take a chainsaw to the sofa
Where I held your body close for so long, so long
I’m gonna break the fucking china
Cause it’s just one more reminder you’re gone, you’re gone


She swears the walls still echo from their argument, and with the duffle bag on her shoulder she wonders how a house so full of life and love can suddenly seem so cold, so angry. Her footsteps on the hardwood echo loudly in her head, and pulling open the hall closet she finds his jacket hanging inside, right beside hers, like it always has; she can’t help herself. She reaches out and runs her hands over the leather.

‘I can’t do this anymore Happy!’ her own words roll in her head.

‘Then your shit will be gone when I get home,’ Happy’s voice was cold, disconnected. He’d made up his mind already. His choice was clear; and she wasn’t it, so letting out a shaky breath she gathers her coat and walks away.


When I get home, TV on
Drink in my glass, better make it strong
Some nights wanna fill this space
A tight dress and a pretty face
Keep finding things that you left on purpose
Did you plan that your timing’s perfect?
Gotta find a way to be okay

Maybe I’ll just take a chainsaw to the sofa
Where I held your body close for so long, so long
I’m gonna break the fucking china
Cause it’s just one more reminder you’re gone, you’re gone


There was a time when he looked forward to coming home, and despite how long it’s been since he swears that he can still smell her in the air, and despite how many women he’s tried to fill the space with, she’s still all he thinks about.

The first few weeks after she left he was constantly finding shit she left behind. Her box of nail polish on the top shelf in the bedroom closet, bottles of perfume cluttering the counter in the bathroom. Little pieces of her were left all over the place, and in the early months without her, when all he could bring himself to do was drink he swore she did it on purpose.

Leaving bits and pieces of herself behind to remind him of her, and countless times he’s packed her shit and contemplated driving it to her new place, dumping it on her lawn, and yet every time he finds himself stopping, unpacking the boxes, and with a hope he knows is in vain, he waits for her to come home.


She missed him. God she missed him. The list of things she missed about him grew longer every day. The way he always smelled of his favorite shower gel and motor oil, the way he chewed on toothpicks, the sound he made whenever she kissed all of his favorite spots, how he’d roll over in the middle of the night throwing an arm over her and pulling her close.

So many times she reached for the phone; she knew he’d tell her to just get her ass home. He’d meet her there, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was always the one to cave first. She was tired of that.

But if she’s so tired of it why is she at the stoplight with her phone in hand, a text message already typed up to him, finger hovering over the send button, but before she can press send the world explodes.


We were building brick by brick
Now it’s just a quicksand home, yeah
So I’ll take a chainsaw to the sofa
Where I held your body close for so long, so long

I could put a sign in the lawn
But it’d mean that I would wanna let you go
And I don’t wanna let you go
I could put a sign in the lawn
But it’d mean that I would wanna let you go
And I don’t wanna let you go


“I’m not selling the house Gem,” his voice is hollow as he sits at the kitchen table.

“Happy, she isn’t coming home baby,” Gemma’s voice is soft as she pours him a cup of coffee and as he stares at the steam swirling off the lip of the mug he grits his teeth. He knows that. Doesn’t she know that he knows that?

The paper said it was an accident that took her life.

He knows it was retaliation. Didn’t matter that anyone who paid even a little bit of attention knew that she and him were no longer together, she still paid the price for his sins. He saw her laid to rest, but he kept his distance. Her Mom didn’t want him there, a request that was made perfectly clear by her grieving brother’s fists. He didn’t even fight back. He didn’t have it in him too.

He always thought she’d come home. That somehow they’d find a way to make it work. They always did, but with the last of her scent lingering in the air, he knows she won’t be coming back, not this time, and despite knowing that, he’s just not ready to let her go.

He’ll never be ready to let her go.


I’ll take a chainsaw to the sofa
Where I held your body close for so long, so long
I’ll burn everything that binds us
Take a lighter to the mattress and run

We were building brick by brick
Now it’s just a quicksand home, yeah
So I’ll take a chainsaw to the sofa
Where I held your body close for so long, so long
Yeah, so long


Naturally #10

Selena’s POV

            When Nick got back to Los Angeles, I was leaving for New York. Our work schedules were conflicting, so as the weeks passed, we didn’t get to see each other once. It had been two months since the Teen Choice Awards, where I had last seen Nick.

            It was hard. We talked on the phone, but I didn’t want to talk to him every night. I didn’t want to get all hung up over him. I was trying my best not to get overly attached to Nick, especially since we were just friends. I kept telling myself I didn’t want anything more, but I knew my heart did. Which is why I needed to just be friends with him. My heart had been broken so many times already, I didn’t know if I could handle another broken heart.

            “Selena?” Brain got my attention. “We’re home.”

            “Oh sorry.” I didn’t even  know how long we had been sitting in the driveway. I had been daydreaming about Nick, again. Lately, I couldn’t keep my mind off of him.

            “Are you okay? You seem distracted?”

            “I’m just tired.” I lied. But I was tired. I had been working long hours finishing up on the last season of Wizards of Waverly Place. I had been giving the show my everything, and ended up being exhausted.

Nick’s POV

            “Let’s go out to dinner! I want to celebrate that all of my boys are finally home!” Mom smiled when she picked us up from the airport.

            “Can we just go home? I’m really tired.” I was exhausted. In the last two months we had been all over the world doing meetings and press and studio recordings. It was crazy, and even though I loved every minute of it, I was happy to be home.

            “Are you feeling okay?” She immediately went into mom mode. “Is it your blood sugars?”

            “No. I’m just really tired.”

            She relented and took us home. Even though it was only four in the afternoon, I couldn’t stay awake. I laid down on my bed and fell right to sleep.

            When I woke up at nine, I was still exhausted, but I felt a lot better. I decided to text Selena to see what she was up to. I hadn’t seen her in over two months. Even though we texted a lot, I still missed her.

            Guess who is home! Want to go grab a bite to eat or something?

Even though we were just friends, my heart still fluttered every time I sent her a text or called her.

            I’m kind of tired. But my parents are out.. Do you want to just come over and watch a movie?

Selena’s POV

            I was so excited when Nick texted me. I had been waiting for him to get home sometime this week. He hadn’t given me a definite day he would be home, but I was glad it was finally here.

            Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Taylor’s text made me laugh. I didn’t plan on doing anything with Nick other than watching a movie.

            Within twenty minutes, Nick was at the door.

            “Hey!” He let out a genuine smile when I opened the door. “Long time no see!” He reached to give me a friendly hug. I smelled cologne, which made me a little happy. He had definitely been trying to impress me.

            “So what movie do you want to watch?” I led him downstairs into the theater room. Since movie watching was one of my favorite things, we owned over a hundred.

            “We can watch whatever you want to watch.” He sat down on the couch.

            “Really, if you leave it up to me we are going to end up watching some sappy romance like The Notebook.”

            “We can watch that!” He said, eagerly

            “Really?” I laughed.

            “Yeah! Love me some Rachel McAdams!”

            “Oh Nick.” I giggled, sitting down beside him. “I missed you.”

            “I missed you Selly.” He smiled.

Nick’s POV

            Halfway through the movie, I could barely keep my eyes open. I looked over at Selena, who was already asleep. I knew I couldn’t sleep over. That wouldn’t be a smart idea for our just friends plan.

            I told myself that when the movie ended I would leave. But a part of me knew I wasn’t going to make it that long. Selena and I were about to have our very first sleepover, and it was going to be nothing like either of us expected.

Squad Goals Season 3 Episode Eight


“You’re joking!"Selena shakes her head. All of our newly ordered furniture had arrived and she, Kylie and I sat cross legged on mine and Justin’s bed.

"It’s not nice to tease Gomez” Kylie says bitterly as she takes a bite out of a bright green apple. Selena snatches the apple and takes a loud, large bite before tossing it back to Kylie.

“I’m really not Jenner” she says in earnest, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“This sounds like a lot of work” I say with a sigh and Selena nods,

“Yeah it is. But what else will you be doing besides starring on Squad Goals? You postponed the world tour, won’t you be bored?” I think about her points and they’re all a1.

“The director asked for Rhiannon and I specifically?” Selena makes an annoyed face,

“No he actually asked for Rhiannon and Kendall, but you and your sister look so much alike that I forgot.” Kylie throws the apple at her head and misses, but not entirely.

“Yo! What the fuck!” Justin shouts holding his eyes which looks sort of blue when he pulls his hand away. I’m quick to walk over to him and pepper kisses on the area which sort of tastes like apples.

“Is there a reason I’m being attacked?” He asks scooting Selena over so he too can sit on the bed. Selena places her hands on his chest and Kylie looks wildly uncomfortable.

“Please convince your girlfriend and Jenner to be in my tv show”

“You think I can convince these two to do anything? Think again Sel” he reaches for my hand and starts to play with it.

“Okay the truth is… I don’t want to be there nearly everyday alone” Justin looks at me with a pouting face when Selena admits her fear.

“If you and this one,” here she motions to Kylie who’s eyes are trained on her apple across the room.

“Come to filming I won’t have to make new friends” Kylie finally breaks away from her apple and then faces Selena.

“Weren’t you on Barney? Didn’t they teach you how to make friends?” Selena told her eyes and beats softly on Justin’s chest, careful I noticed, not to breach his neck area.

“Is it a lead roll?” Selena nods and I sigh

“So that means recurring?” She nods again and then pulls my hand from Justin.

“Just show up for our first read through okay?” I nod and shrug before turning to Kylie who mimics my unenthusiastic form of agreement.

“Not sure why he insisted on you Jenner, no offense”

“I pretend to like you don’t I? I should have an Oscar just for that” Justin snorts and hides his face in my lap.

“Be nice to each other” I say warningly and then they’re hopping  out of our bed and fighting their way to the elevator.

“Ready to go?” Justin asks and I hop off the bed before immediately searching for some shoes. He wanted me to come with him to the studio.

“Yeah are we bringing Harry and Zayn?” Justin shakes his head and takes his phone out and starts to take a serious of ugly faces selfies.

“Why not?” I ask and bending over to tie my shoes. Once my butt is in the air the camera snaps several times and I have a feeling the front camera isn’t on.

“They want to hang with Niall, I even think Louis is flying in later” I count on my fingers and come up with four.

“Where’s their last memeber?” Justin shrugs and gets off the bed when I start to head for the door. Walking around in London is way more uneventful than trying to navigate through California. Our camera crew followed Gigi, Kendall, and Cara to a quick magazine gig and the paparazzi snapped silent pictures of us, which was still annoying but at least we weren’t being ambushed.

“Soon enough we’ll have to learn how the fuck to drive over here” Justin comments when a security guard opens the doors to a large black SUV. I nod and take Justin’s hand as he helps me into the vehicle.

“You miss them don’t you?” He gives a dramatic looking pout and nods before burying his face into my neck.

“So, so much.” Justin’s cars had been placed at the homes of various friends and family members,

“I just feel like when I get the T-Rex back from Khalil it’ll be all fucked up”

“Not to mention the Audi-”

“Don’t make this worse baby” he whines and I pat him lovingly on the head.

“Speaking of worse, your hair is getting more and more tangled by the day. You haven’t stuck to a routine have you?” He raises a quizzical eyebrow,

“I was in the hospital you know. They don’t really fuck with hair care there” I tug on a dread and he winces.

“Let’s both go natural”


“I’ll dye my hair back to its natural color and you can shave off this, well, this birds nest” he gives a look of false offense.

“You weren’t complaining when this birds nest was between those thighs” I slap his bicep and he cringes away.

“Fine. I’ll do it. Doesn’t match the atmosphere here anyway.”

“Your hair grows really fast too, don’t sweat it”

“The things I do for you woman” he jokes, pulling me closer to him despite our seat-belts.

“I love youuuu” I drag out and he responds with a meaningful kiss and an eyeroll.


My vocal coach had recommended me one of his London partners and I would start meeting up and continuing with the exercises in the next week. My voice was still super brittle, making it hard to hold a vibrato or to even sing acoustically as I so often had.

“You’ve made a ton of progress” my coach, Ian, had told me and I believed him though I still felt discouraged. I actually thanked God that my hands hadn’t gotten too fucked up because since my vocal instrument wasn’t up to par I’d been going back to my roots and playing every instrument I could get my hands on. Today it was a synth.

“I wrote a song” I blurt this out to Nonnie when she starts checking out the impressive studio. I’d paid extra so we’d have time and privacy.

“Yeah? Show it to me” my hand reaches to scratch the back of my neck and I hand her my phone. She goes straight for the ‘notes’ app where she knows I keep my inspirations and lyrics.


“Yeah. Close.” Fitting title for how I felt about being with and around her.

“It says duet on the latter chorus” she hands me back my phone and I quickly send her the lyrics. When her phone chimes her face lights up.

“I’m the duet?”

“We’re the duet , c'mon I’ll make up a beat, read the chorus” I’d have to sing it once I got my rifts and crescendos down. I make a beat. It sounds like island noise, tropical even and Rhiannon really starts to dig it and then she’s in the booth, touching her hips, chest, pulling at her hair as she begins to sing with her fucking amazing voice.

'Oh man, oh man I am not really known for ever being speechless’ the note is held perfectly and she smiles because she’s totally aware that she killed it.

'But now, but now somehow my words roll off my tongue right onto your lips,’ Nonnie blows me a sensual little kiss before reading the next lyric set.

'oh I’m keeping cool while you keep smiling saying all the things I’m thinking’ she smiles at me and I can tell that she’s going to switch something up.

'Oh man, oh man I am like you so I want proof I’m what you’re feeling’ she vibrates her voice and it’s the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. Then her eyes narrow and she motions for me to come into the booth. I waste zero time and soon I’m standing in front of her as she grips the front of my collar, the music still bumping in the background.

'Cause if I want you, and I want you, babe’ she sings throatily and for a brief second I wonder if there’s cameras in here. Her hands wrap around my waist,

'Ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space’ she smiles and nuzzles my nose before turning back to the mic and closing her eyes.

'Cause space was just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too…’ I decide to push myself, walking up to the mic with her we sing the chorus and of course her voice over powers mine but the raspiness that my singing voice has given the song a sexy kind of vibe.

'Close, ooh Oh, so close, ooh
I want you close, ooh
Cause space was just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get close, ooh
Oh, so close, ooh
I want you close, ooh
Oh, I want you close, and close ain’t close enough, no!’

Song:'Close’ as performed by Nick Jonas and Tove Lo.

Shower Lullaby

Summary: “Ouuu yes! How about a Sam x Reader “you live in the apartment next to me and everyday I can hear you singing in the shower but you’re really good and it makes my day” AU and the reader is the one singing, she sings Love Bug by the Jonas Brothers bc it’s cute and catchy :) I would love you forever if you wrote this!”

Pairing: AU Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1009

Warnings: Shower scene, fluff

A/N: For redemptivesammy, thx again for the help setting up & I hope you like it! My first fic on tumblr!! I hope to keep doing this ~ so send in requests and I’ll try my best! Thank youuu

🎶 Now I’m speechless. Over the edge I’m just breathless. I’d never thought that I’d get hit…by this love bug again…🎵

(Y/N) had been singing this tune non-stop to herself, finding the retro song touching and beautiful. There was just something special about it- the idea of innocently falling in love with high spirits like a reckless teenager- with nothing to lose. You’d just come back from a run in the park and were itching to peel your clothes off and wash away the old sweat and grime. 

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Push - An Everlark Drabble

A/N: Just something that popped into my head when listening to Nick Jonas’s Push. Enjoy!


It was happening again, but he could take it.

Katniss was once again spewing words of hate and anger, pushing him further away with every syllable.

She knew every one of his buttons to push. His mother. His brothers. His childhood.

He stared at the wall behind her, his name coming from her lips causing him to meet her eyes, normally so clear they appeared almost silver, but now they were a dark, cloudy, almost charcoal color.

“Peeta, maybe we should see other people.”

This argument always ended the same way. With those exact words. And at this point, they had lost their ability to sting. He was numb to them.

She held his heart, and they both knew it, the same as they both knew he held her’s.

But he had created a safe place inside his head, a warm, fuzzy place where he was content to wait it out, weather the storm. A place she never got to go. A place he never let her in.

But when it came to these words, as numb as he had become, he knew no one else was good enough for her. He himself was barely above par.

“Don’t say that,” he said, reaching out to stroke her cheek gently with his thumb, stilling when she went rigid at his touch, backing away a step.

“You’re suffocating me, Peeta!” It was more of a whine, even a plea, than an accusation.

“You need your space, I get that,” he said softly, taking a step toward her, putting them practically back where they were. “And time. Whatever you need, I’ll do. It’s me and you.” He wrapped his arms around her in a hug, if only to hide his face for a moment.

In reality, it was just her, and no him. No matter how much he was there for her, no matter how much they repaired, there was always a flaw in their plan, and they always fell through the cracks, back here at the start.

He willed his tears to not fall. They could make it through this. But he was wearing thin, being pushed too far. For once he wanted to repair things if only just so he could be the one to push her away for once.


Things started to get better. They fell back in synch. Until one day it happened again out of the blue.

And for some reason Peeta felt himself growing anxious and frantic, like he had the first few times. The words tumbled out of his mouth before he could process them.

“Please don’t go. We can do whatever you want. Wanna go to a concert? We can do that.” He hated concerts. “Want to just sit at home? That’s fine.” Not really. It was awkward now. “Want to fly to the moon? I’ll try.” His promises were empty despite his smile.

Was all this worth it? Getting buried deeper and deeper, dragged further and further down, only to be left there alone, in the dark, wishing for a ray of light.

Once again he enveloped her in a hug to hide his face, not because he was insincere, but because his eyes were wide with fear.

All the empty promises rang in his head as he realized what they were.

A means to an end. A line to pull her in, bring her close, only so he could finally be the one to push.

And that hurt most of all.


They had broken up for what must have been the fifteenth time.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror, wondering how they had gotten here again.

Finally it dawned on him as an unexpected tear rolled down his face.

He needed her enough not to notice.
He wanted her enough to lie.

And that scared her. He should have seen it sooner, but she was so good at wearing that confident face, along with all the rest, that he was drawn in just as much as any by her beauty.

But now that he saw her vulnerability, the man behind the curtain, and saw all her flaws, all her short comings, he also saw all the parts she’d hidden that were so unmistakably her, and so unmistakably beautiful, she was no longer just beautiful, she was radiant.

And he had been the one to finally push.


They reconciled a week later. A week from hell, in Peeta’s opinion. They grew back together, once again in synch.

Until one day that she simply broke down for no apparent reason. Suddenly she was sharing things about her family, her past, everything, and all Peeta could do was listen.

He held her as she sobbed, rocking her gently. Kissing her temple when she took a shuddering breath. Holding her close and squeezing her tight to hide his face, because the smile he wore would be misinterpreted.

“I’m so sorry, Peeta. I’m so sorry for how I treated you. I need you.”

His smile only grew, and as he pulled away to finally let her see his face, he whispered a promise in her ear.

“Don’t worry. I’ll hold you so you can be the one to push back.”


“Higher, daddy, higher!”

Peeta smiled as his little girl giggled and squealed as she soared to new heights with every push of the swing.

“Mama, look at me! I’m flying!”

Peeta looked over to find Katniss leaning on the porch frame with a smile, their little boy waddling down the hill toward Peeta.

He couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“Papa!” The little boy called as Peeta ran up to him, picking him up and swinging him around above his head, making him fly.

“Daddy! Come on! I’m dying over here!”

Peeta laughed at his daughter’s description of her slowing swing.

“Okay, Pumpkin, be right th-”

“I got it,” Katniss said as she walked passed him, making him jump. He hadn’t even heard her coming.

Looking at him with a pointed, nostalgic, but happy twinkle in her eye, she smiled and said, “I believe it’s my turn to push.”

Writing Playlist ♡

Playlist ♡:

  1. XO by Beyonce 
  2. Dangerous by Before You Exit 
  3. Wait On Me by Rixton 
  4. Your Biggest Fan by Nick Jonas and China Anne McClain 
  5. Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer 
  6. All I Ever Need by Austin Mahone 
  7. Show You by Shawn Mendes 
  8. Chains by Nick Jonas 
  9. Heart Like California by Before You Exit 
  10. All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran 
  11. Best Mistake by Ariana Grande 
  12. First Flight Home by Jake Miller 
  13. Begin Again by Taylor Swift 
  14. You’re Prefect by Jacob Whitesides
  15. Title by Meghan Trainor 
  16. Jealous by Nick Jonas 
  17. Dear Future Husband by Meghan Tranior
  18. Drunk In Love by Beyonce feat. Jay Z 
  19. Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande & The Weekend 
  20. Shadow by Austin Mahone 
  21. Key to My Heart by Jessica Jarrell 
  22. How To Love Justin Bieber Cover 
  23. One of Those Nights by Shawn Mendes 
  24. Fireproof by One Direction 
  25. Long Way Home by 5 Seconds of Summer 
  26. Boomerang by The Summer Set 
  27. Hold on, We’re Going Home by Drake 
  28. My Everything by Ariana Grande
  29. Amaze Me by Union J 
  30. Lighting In A Bottle by The Summer Set 

Naturally #2

Selena’s POV

            It had been two weeks since Justin and I decided to make it work. He had been in Europe, so I still hadn’t seen him again. We hadn’t even gotten to talk in the last couple of weeks since I was working at night and he was seven hours ahead.

            But this afternoon he was flying in to New York, so I expected a call letting me know he had gotten back. I didn’t get it by the time I had to go into the studio. I left my phone in the car and ran inside. I would talk to him later tonight.

            “That sounds great, Selena! Do you want to call it a night?” Robbie, the producer of my next album, asked five hours later.

            “Sure. Let’s be done. I have a very important phone date to get to.” I laughed as I ran out of the studio to my phone. I had one missed call, from Justin. I was about to call him back when I saw he left a message. I decided to listen to it, figuring it was probably cute.

            “Hey Selena,” he started. “I’m sorry about what’s about to happen tonight. I think we need to be officially over. I haven’t been happy for a while, and I know you haven’t been happy either. I think we would be happier with other people. I have a date tonight.  I just wanted to give you a heads up. Call me back, or don’t. I don’t know if you will want to. I’m sorry this didn’t work out. Bye.”

            I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Had he not told me he just a few weeks ago that he wanted to make it work? And now he was dating someone else! I was so upset. I cried all the way home. Taylor was waiting for me when I got there.

Nick’s POV

            I was on Twitter when it blew up about Selena and Justin’s break up. I assumed it wasn’t true, so I clicked on a link, just to make sure. There was a picture of Justin with a girl I hadn’t ever seen before. Apparently no one knew who she was, but she was getting millions of death threats for breaking up the world’s favorite couple. I was secretly worshipping this stranger. Selena was finally single again. I might just have my second chance.

            I knew I couldn’t do anything right away. If I called her tonight, I would look desperate. Besides, I thought, she was probably doing break up stuff with Taylor. I had no idea what they actually did, but they always hung out after break ups.

Selena’s POV

            “We almost never speak! I don’t feel welcome anymore! Baby what happened, please tell me? Cause one second it was perfect, now you’re halfway out the door!” Taylor and I belted her Forever and Always as we recorded ourselves being goofy. We had been eating junk food and making funny videos all night. I knew I wasn’t over the break up, but I felt like I was when I was with Taylor.

            “Oh my gosh. We have too much fun.” She sat down and clicked on the television. Just my luck, TMZ was talking about Justin. She immediately clicked it off, but I wanted to watch.

            “Are you sure?” She asked as I took the remote.

            “I want to see who he went out with.”           

            “Justin Bieber was spotted with an unidentified blonde woman tonight. Does this mean it’s over for Selena and Justin? The couple hasn’t been spotted together in over a month, leading to speculation of a break up. Is this Justin’s way of telling us it is over? And who is this new girl?”

            I sighed and sat down. His new girl was gorgeous. She was petite and had a fabulous body. Her hair was amazing. Long and blonde. Her smile was genuine. I couldn’t find a single flaw. It made me hate her even more.

            “She’s not that great.” Taylor hugged me. “Definitely a downgrade. You should call and leave him a nasty voicemail. It will feel just as good as slapping him.” She was right. I was going to do it.

            “Justin, don’t try calling me back. I just called to tell you that you are a douche bag. You hurt me. I can’t believe you did that. So stay away from me. I don’t want to see or hear from you ever again.” I felt so much better as soon as I hung up.

Nick’s POV

            I waited three days before calling Selena. I had been shaking the entire day I decided to do it. I didn’t know why it was so hard for me. We hadn’t talked much since the break up, but we weren’t strangers. It should’ve been easy for me to pick up the phone and call her.

            “Do it. Right now.” Joe demanded. I hit the call button. I didn’t know what I was about to get myself into.

            “Hello?” Selena sounded surprised.

            “Hey! Selena! You answered!” I laughed nervously. I had expected to leave a voicemail, not actually talk to her.

            “That is what people do when the phone rings.” She said. I couldn’t tell if she was joking or not.

            “Well I didn’t know if you were at work or something. You’ve been pretty busy these last couple of months.”

            “Yeah, but it has been for the better. But I am at work, and I should probably get back.”

            “Oh yeah!” I agreed. Joe elbowed me.

            “Ask her out!” He mouthed.

            “I was calling to see if you wanted to hang out sometime. Maybe Friday night?”

            She hesitated for a second. “I don’t know.” But then something changed. “Actually, I would love to. Text me details, okay?”

            “Will do! Talk to you later!”

            I couldn’t believe I had actually called her. I couldn’t believe she had actually answered. I couldn’t believe I had actually asked her out. I couldn’t believe she had actually said yes. Everything was working out. But was it really going to be that easy?