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D1 Nick Wilde please if your still taking requests? Idk how I haven't found your account yet!? I'm loving your art style and seeing all the other pieces you've done!

Hooray!  You Found me!! :’D And thank you so much for liking my style,  it means a lot to me ^^”

But as you can obviously see, in this piece I didn’t really use my style but rather Nick Orsi’s XD idk why I draw him like this today, maybe cuz he’s way of drawing Nick is so unique hahah

Anyways, enjoy your time round my not-so- fancy account~  

And about request, I do take some depending on the ask and my mood :) 


People do realize Nick just looks like a Gen 2, right? I mean, he’s unique as far as Synths go but his body isn’t. You’ll see that face- minus a lifetime of character- any time you run into a Synth Strider, for example. I only say this because unless the Gen 2s were modeled after Nick Valentine, our Valentine’s face isn’t a good way to guess what pre-War Valentine looked like.

Easter Short Special

Easter in Bunny Burrow!

It’s Easter! Not a holiday that a particular red fox would want to celebrate. Normally he’ll go around with Finnick and hustle their way through the day. But that was in the past, since now he’s no longer a hustler, but a tax paying citizen, an officer who upholds the law in the city of Zootopia and a partner to a certain bunny that made Easter an enjoyable holiday for him. It’s been three years since they became partners, and every time they celebrate Easter, Nick would find himself surrounded by bunnies in the hometown of his partner. In the course of three years, he has been here numerous time, and most of them have swarms of bunnies and a few times with an old buck holding a fox taser, ready to jump him at any moment. Despite all that, this place has been growing on him lately, because of her, because of Judy, and definitely not because of Stu’s fox taser. The old buck can be a bit of a problem sometimes but Nick sorted out the differences between them around a year back, so the taser is just a joke between them, and hopefully it will stay that way.

Back to celebrating Easter, here in Bunny Burrow, egg hunt is on a whole different level to these folks. You could say they put the “hunt” in “egg hunt”, at least that’s how the little ones describes it. Nick would like to avoid this whole thing if possible but you would have to be a monster to say no to those little cottontails with sparkling eyes begging you to help them in their egg hunt. He could’ve sworn if he’s not dating Judy, this is undoubtedly the cutest thing in the whole world. If this was two years ago, just the thought of letting a fox babysitting a bunch of bunnies alone would make Stu jump off the chair and grab the nearest pointy object, but since the difference between them are pretty much sorted out, Nick has earned a considerable amount of trust from the old buck to be able to join this egg hunt. But Nick is not here just for egg hunt, before their trip to Bunny Burrow, he called Stu and Bonnie ahead of time, telling them he got something to say when they visit them this Easter, which raised a few question to the old couple until they had a late night talk yesterday. Thankfully, Nick’s reputations was enough to receive approval from Stu and Bonnie for this outrageous plan he had in mind for this day.

Easter morning in Bunny Burrow is enough to put any parties of those wealthy mammals in the city to shame, in terms of scale to say the least. After all, the children is the future of the world, so if you want them to celebrate something and have some positive outdoor activities, you gotta do it right. Seeing the rising sun is a rare thing in the city because of all the skyscrapers, and he himself is a nocturnal mammal, but you just have to enjoy it while you can. The sun is shining, the air is fresh with a little hint of grass, and a lot of bunnies, you can’t enjoy this kind of thing in Zootopia, especially when you can just stand here on the front porch and enjoy the view. But to think that the little ones didn’t lie to him at all, the scale of this egg hunt is out of this world, while other mammals enjoy the egg hunt in a public park, each household in Bunny Burrow have their own egg hunt event, not just the Hopps alone, but he can see a lot of others farmers are preparing their own thing at their respective household. If they raise an army here, there might be a chance they’ll take over the city. “Right! An army of bunnies taking over the city of Zootopia using their adorable looks and their fluffiness. Would pay to see that!” Nick couldn’t help but laugh at that idea alone, until he felt a light little tugging on his pants, looking down only to see an adorable fluff ball, her fur and eyes resembles Judy but her ears lacked the black tips, and this fur ball is brave enough to be this close to him.
“Nick? What are you laughing at? Was it something funny? Can Nick tell me? Oh! Can Nick pick me up? I didn’t get a piggyback ride from Nick!”

“Sure thing little one! I’m sorry I missed you, after all you have too many brothers and sisters, am I right? And I was laughing about an army of bunny taking over Zootopia!”

“That could be us since I have a lot of brothers and sisters, we can be an army. I know we are many but Nick always gives us piggyback rides, no matter how many we are. That’s why we like Nick! When we take over Zootopia we want Nick to come and live with us.”

“Hahaha! That’s a very tempting idea little one. You want me to move here soo you can have piggyback ride everyday?”

“No! Well, yes! I love piggyback ride from Nick, I will be the tallest in the house, taller than Judy too.”

“No and yes? Care to tell me why little one?”

“Of course! I can tell Nick a lot of things! I said no because I don’t want Nick to move here so I can have piggyback ride everyday, I want Nick to move here to live with us like family! Nick will be so unique because Nick is very red, and Nick’s ears have black tips like Judy too. Every time Judy comes home, she always talks about Nick, so if Nick move here to live with us, Judy will come back to live with us too. And I said yes because I want to have piggyback ride every day.”

“Awww that’s very nice of you little one, but where will I stay if I move here? Did you think about that? If you can answer it, I promise I will give you piggyback ride until I go back to Zootopia.”

“Hmmm? Really? It’s easy! Nick can stay in my room! I have a lot of plushies too, we can have a lot of fun and Nick can read me bed time story!”

“Hahahaha! Good answer! A promise is a promise, you can come to me whenever you want a piggyback ride, assuming my back can handle that after more than 200 of you siblings. Now, we should get ready, and you should eat your breakfast, you don’t want to be hungry when the egg hunt is about to begin right?”

“Okay! I will go eat my breakfast and get my basket. See you later Nick!”

Making her way down from the vulpine’s back, the little bunny quickly join her brothers and sisters at the dinning hall, Nick can’t help but to imagine how cute would his bunny be when she’s at that age. The little one’s words are still lingering in Nick’s mind and put a genuine smile on his face, she’s much smarter than her siblings, maybe she is a smaller version of Judy after all, the thought of being family with all these little fluff ball are not that bad. Lost in thought and the scenery, Nick did not notice Judy sneaking up behind him, breaking his trance with a bear hug
“What are you doing out here, up so early to begin with? That’s unlike you, Nick! And you seems to be in a good mood too, what did I miss?”

“Good morning Fluff! I was just taking my time and enjoying the view. It’s not like your dad letting me join the egg hunt to babysit his kits you know. And guess what, I just met the little you, she’s very smart, that little one.” He turns and lock her in his own bear hug, but not before landing a kiss on her forehead. “That made me wonder, you must be that smart when you were at her age too!”

“Oh! You saw her already? I was going to introduce you two but it seems you found her before I had a chance to do so.”

“Technically it’s her who found me instead, just like her older sister did three years ago.”

The inside of her ears and cheeks starting to go red, it’s fun to see her like this from time to time and before he knew it, this has become part of his life. Burying her face in his chest to hide the embarrassment, Judy could have sworn that no one in the world can just take her down this fast, except for this dumb fox who has been there for her whenever, wherever not matter what the obstacle is.
“Gosh! Shut it, Nick! The first thing in the morning I get from you is embarrassment!”

“Nuh uh! The first thing I gave you this morning was a bear hug, and a kiss to the forehead! Embarrassment is only the bonus!”

“Just so you know, I love my siblings but I’m not sharing this. I’m allowed to be selfish sometimes.”

“That you do, Carrots, that you do!”

“Anyway, I’ll go grab a bite, the little ones should be done by now. They can rest before the hunt begins, and I need to prepare it, I suggest you should too, Slick! Egg hunt in the Hopps household is not like in the city.”

“Roger that, ma'am! I’ll prepare to make sure that you are always in my line of sight!”

“Dream on, Officer Wilde!”
Watching the the figure of a certain bunny making her way towards the dinning hall, Nick could have sworn she wiggle her tail on purpose to get that image stuck in his head for the entire day.
Egg hunt, a small outdoor activity for young mammals to have fun and collecting easter eggs, if only these folks from Bunny Burrow define their Egg Hunt that way. It is now 10AM sharp, Nick Wilde found himself standing in the middle of a sea of bunny, where he stands out like a tree amongst the lapins. This could be an event for the Zoolympic itself according to the way these folks define Egg Hunt, what kind of Egg Hunt would require little kits wearing protective gears? Is this a war? Feeling out of loop, and panicking a bit since this is not like what he planned with Stu and Bonnie at all, they could have warned him about the scale of this. Babysitting more than two hundred bunnies wasn’t in his plan at all, but he got no choice, it’s now or never! At least they divided it in half, or in two teams to be precise. Nick quietly sit down, mentally preparing himself for this whole turn of event that is not in his calculation at all, but a sudden tug brought him back to reality. Nick turned back only to see the little one, but this time with a sad look on her face and tearing eyes
“Oh it’s you little one! What’s wrong dear? It’s almost time for egg hunt, are you hurt? Did something happen? Someone bullied you?”

“*sniff* I was supposed to ask Nick to be our team leader this morning but I was enjoying the piggyback ride so I forgot. *sniff* Now my brothers and sisters are a bit angry at me, so I come here to ask Nick if Nick wants to be out team leader, please?”

“Awww, it’s alright dear! I would forget that if I had a piggyback ride too. But Nick will not be your team leader.”

“Ohhh! I see, I’m sorry to bother Nick! I’ll go ask daddy then.”

“Now hang on! Nick is not going to be you team leader, but Officer Nicholas Wilde will be! I’ll go get my uniform, you tell your siblings the good news. So if I’m your team leader, we’ll be going against your big sister Judy’s team right? Tell them to be ready, okay?”

The tearing look now completely disappeared from the young bunny’s face, and in it’s place, a biggest, brightest smile appears.

“Thank you, Nick! I mean Officer Nicholas Wilde! I will tell my sibblings!”

Making her way back to her brothers and sisters with the tiny basket in hand, she suddenly stopped half way as if she forgot something, but she turned back to face Nick, gave him a salute before joining her siblings, of course it would be rude if he doesn’t return it, just the image of her saluting him warms Nick’s heart. Feeling a bit better now that his mind was taken away from this whole calculation, the vulpine make his way into the burrow, he thanked himself for packing an emergency set uniform in his duffle bag in case something happen, but now it’s pretty handy to cheer up the little kits. Moments later, emerging from the burrow, a finely dressed vulpine officer making his way to the little bunnies, leaving everyone in awe since none of them have ever seen him in his uniform before, and he knew he look good in it. The little bunnies are jumping all around with joy when they see the officer approaching them, he stands firm and salute them.

“Officer Nicholas Wilde, at your service! It is my privilege to lead you into the Hopps Egg Hunt today!”

Much to his surprise, the entire bundle of commotion suddenly stopped and all of them turned to salute him, some of them got the wrong hand but it was adorable enough to let it slide.
“At ease, Cadets! Now where’s my personal assistant?”
The little bunnies are looking around to find this “personal assistant”, Nick was expecting it to be another commotion but they were so organized, like an army, which makes him wonder what did they teach these kits here in the Hopps household. Trying his best to keep his composure, Nick lean down to whisper to little Judy at the front.
“Hey! That means you! You got me to put on this uniform and be your team leader, that makes you my personal assistant!”

“Oooohhhh!!!! That’s me! Ahh! I mean! Your personal assistant reporting for duty, Sir!”

He waved his hand at the bunnies, telling them to take a break, while turning to Judy, checking the gears on her subblings
“I’m surprised Carrots! Was it you who taught them all of this? If it was, you did a great job! If not, I might recommend the Hopps household to be a training facility for young officers!”

“I didn’t teach them anything, Slick!” She turned to him with a smile “I was watching some of the footage I got from the Precinct in the family theater room and they happened see it. And of course with some footage of a certain Fox officer in action too!”

“I have a fan base? I’m always open for autographs, you know?”

“Yea, right! Get ready Slick, this is not your normal Egg Hunt, this is war! Lucky for you, you are on the Hopps team, we decimated the others household last year. But this year, it’s on a smaller scale.”

“Uhh, about this whole thing, why do they have to wear protective gears again? Aren’t this supposed to be a family friendly outdoor activity?”

“It’s for their own safety! We got casualties here and there, don’t think your Uniform can help you with that.”

“How could you say that with such a straight face? You are wearing your uniform as well, but at least you have a balistic vest! This is children we are talking about! Bonnie! Stu! Are you sure this is ok?”

“Relax, Nick, she’s messing with you! I swear on my fox taser that she is!”

“Dad! I thought you got rid of that thing? And don’t ruin the fun, it was getting good!”

“Don’t worry dear, I took the battery out, it’s harmless! Now it’s only a joke between Nicholas and Stu. And Nicholas, dear, don’t worry, the protective gears are just to prevent them from hitting on things while they are too focused on the ground.”

“That’s good to know, thank you Bonnie!” Letting out a sigh, Nick could have sworn if that was real, the Hopps household is an Asylum more than a Burrow. “You had me there Carrots! So it’s war you say? But before you start a war, you better know what you are fighting for, and what are you fighting for?”

“You know if your team loses, you, the team leader will have to do whatever request that I, this team’s leader, have, right? And of course the request will be chosen by my team before I pass it on you. So if you are asking me what I’m fighting for…. what are we fighting for, team Hopps?”

“We are fighting to see Nick in the Easter Bunny costume!”

“Hahahaha, in front of your sibblings, I might consider it. In front of you alone, Carrots, you just have to ask, whenever, wherever.”

“Nick is going to wear Easter Bunny costume?” Little Judy asked him while tugging the back of his shirt. “For real?”

“Only if we loses this game, little one. And I’m not planning to l….”

“Hey everyone! If our team loses, Nick is going to wear the Easter Bunny costume! So we have to lose this game!” Little Judy raised her fist in the air, rallying her team as the personal assistant of Officer Wilde.

“Yea!! That’s right! We have to los… Wait…. What??? Little one, you mean we have to win, right?”

She turns to him with a pouting face and glaring eyes, then turn back to her team.
“No! We have to lose! We want to see Nick in the Easter Bunny costume too!”

“Looks like your team is turning on you, Officer Wilde.” The satisfaction on Judy’s face alone enough to put Nick into a crisis, now that his team is turning on him too? This might be the worst Easter ever, but he’ll make it worth it.
“But tell me Nick, what are you fighting for?”

Turning his head to the watch tower, it’s about time the egg hunt begins, he look back at Judy with the ever present smug
“You’ll have to wait to know that, Carrots!”

“Hey! That’s not fai….”

The sound of the horn signals the beginning of the hunt, cut Judy short before she could turn her attention back to her team, Nick has already leading his own troop into the field
“Alright!!! Team Wilde! Lets go!!! I don’t care if we win or lose, just go out and have fun! I’ll buy extra candies for all of you! FORWARD!!!”

The green field is totally covered by the tsunami of bunnies from the Hopps household, leaving a certain red fox and a grey bunny behind, watching their every single movement. Time sure does fly when you are having fun, or at least tried to have fun even though he knows his head is pretty much on her chopping block, and of course, he knew the result before the game even started. Accepting his unavoidable defeat, Nick makes his way towards Judy, who’s waiting for him in under the tree in the Hopps garden with her team and his team.
“Well, here I am, ready for my punishment! So just hop to it, I guess!”

“Gosh! Did you just make the Easter joke? Not flinching in the face of danger aren’t you? So, do you have any last word before we carry out your punishment, Officer Wilde?”

This is it, this is the perfect moment, the sun is setting, the place she’s standing under right now, this is following the plan at least. He turns to Stu and Bonnie, giving them a nod as they call the children to them, as planned, much to the confused bunny in front of him.
“Alright, what are you playing at here, Slick?”

“Nothing! Say, did you get any egg while babysitting your sibblings?”

“What? No? How could I when I’m babysitting them?”

“Figures you would say that, so I got you one instead!”

“It’s light, kind of hollow, there’s something in here!”

“Careful now! You might want to open it, carefully!”

“This better not be a prank or you will be sleeping on the floor in the costume, Nick!”

The look on his face clearly shows that he’s hiding something but it doesn’t seems to have ill intention, or a prank like he usually does. Her curiosity just make her unwrapping the chocolate egg faster to find the mysterious content inside, but as Judy cracking the egg in half, she wasn’t fast enough to catch whatever is falling out from it.

“My oh my, what did I tell you Carrots, be careful, right?”

Thankfully, Nick caught the object just in time, as Bonnie and Stu letting out a relief sigh. Everything is still a mystery to Judy at this point, turning to her head between her parents and Nick for some answer but getting none.
“Really? Mom, Dad? You are part of this too? What are you hiding from me?”

“Look forward, dear, don’t look at us!”

Frustrating but can’t do anything about it, Judy got no choice but to listen to her mother.
“Alright, I see Nick! What’s going here Slick? You better tell me before…”

Before she could finish, Judy can feel Nick’s finger on her lips, shushing her at the same time.
“You are impatient, Carrots! Just listen for now!”

Taking her paw, Nick slowly get on his knee, and revealing the object he’s been holding in on this entire time. Now everything starts to make sense to Judy, she couldn’t say a thing as tears are forming at her eyes.

“Judith Laverne Hopps!
Before you show up in my life, I was a mess and in denial of achieving my dreams, I let everyone close to me down and to be honest, I thought I was just a living corpse. But then, thanks to a certain bunny that stepped into my life, dragged me out of the abyss and into the light, showed me the way, made me who I am now. The fox that’s in front of you, the Nicholas Wilde that is your partner, it’s all thanks to you, you complete me. And because of that, I don’t think I can live without you in my life, so what do you say, Judy? Will you marry me?”

“Gosh! What took you so long? Put that ring on my finger already!”

As soon as the ring settled on her finger, she pulled him up by the collar into a deep, passionate kiss.
“You set this up didn’t you? Sunset, me under the tree, my parents pulling my sibblings over there and of course, the ring too. I’m surprised, Mr. Wilde, you do know how to make a girl feel special.”

“Anything for you, Mrs. Wilde!”

Suddenly, a figure hanging itself by the leg on the tree swooped down between the couple.

“And then they live happily ever after right? To be honest with you, putting metal object in my eggs are highly forbidden because the young ones might choke on it! You are a cop! You should know that Foxxy! But I’ll give you points for being romantic as hell my dude! Good job! Have a happy life and take care of her, okay? Now if you excuse me, I need to go plan out what to do next Easter! Cherio!”

The figure dropped down from the tree, into the hole on the ground that suddenly closed when it went through, leaving only a flower behind on that spot.

“What the hell was that, Nick?”

“This might sounds crazy but I think we just met the real Easter Bunny, Carrots!”

——The End——

Glad I made it for Easter! Enjoy it everyone!
-Aquila Silverwings-🦅

[Headcanon] Laser Tag

Ever since Nick joined the ZPD, the ZPD had become the uncontested champion of the Inter-City Police Laser Tag National Championship.

ZPD racks up absolute wins in “darker” settings (i.e., games with low lighting), where Nick’s unique combination of Night Vision + Marksmanship + Sassmaster / Hustler means:

  • Nick can see the opponents perfectly without night vision goggles
  • Nick never misses an opponent in the open, and
  • If the opponent is hidden behind cover, Nick just knows what to say to make the opponent becomes enraged and leave the cover – and thus well into the foxy fox’s sniping zone.

.  .  .

[Exiles AU add-on]:

In the World Championship, though, they faced serious opposition from the Listrana Police Force, which was composed of 90% foxes…

.  .  .

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ok sooo what if the companions found a video holotape of sole's wedding day plus love this

Aww that’s so cute (: Like a video of Nate and Nora from pre-war? Aww of them in their wedding outfits looking all beautiful after pulling out all their hair from the stress of planning it all? D’awwwwwww. I feel like Shaun should see that.

Ada: “Fascinating. According to my collections about standards of pre-war aesthetics, you are indeed a beautiful/handsome human ma’am/sir. I do not think you have ever seen a robot in a wedding dress have you? Jokes,” she chided drily but maybe deep down inside kind of wanted to try one on.

Cait: “What? Shut up. I’m not crying. You’re crying.” She aggressively wiped her eyes with her shoulder to hide the fact that they were getting quite misty. She’s never seen Sole look so damn good before. In fact, she hadn’t seen anything that damn beautiful in her whole life.

Codsworth: *sniffle* “Ohhhhh mum/sir!!! I remember that day. I recorded this holotape, oh you were so lovely and your better half was simply gleaming with love. Oh look at their face, and how much they love you.” Codsworth wailed as he let all the feels grip his emotions. He receipts the wedding vows verbatim along with the tape.

Curie: She puts a hand over her heart and sighs dreamily when she sees Sole come out in their wedding attire. “Oh my love, I never even thought zat I could get married one day but I can think of nothing else but you in your dress/suit again because today my heart has been stolen!”

Danse: He felt a warm tingly feeling in his stomach and felt his face heating up under the collar. So he grabbed Sole and put them in his lap and wrapped his arms around their tummy, squeezing so they couldn’t see his warm face as he spoke. “Sentinel… we are not trained to acknowledge things like… beauty in the the Brotherhood. Simply saying it feels strange on my tongue. But seeing you… if this isn’t beauty then I don’t know what is.”

Deacon: He smiled and looked off to the side. For someone who talks so much, he certainly was silent now. When pressed, he took off his glasses and looked to the side (Sole could never see his face!). Seeing Sole all dressed up reminded him of Brenda briefly and their wedding (although less pre-war). But Agent Whisper should definitely wear that again. For the mission… yeah.. not for him, no definitely not.

Dogmeat: BARK!BARK!BARK! (I better be the ring bearer next time)

Hancock: “Aw shit, I almost forgot you used to be someone else’s before me.” He tipped his hat down over his eyes to mask the confusing melange of jealousy and admiration on his face. Sole was just so goddam good looking, he didn’t wanna see them next to someone else. No way in hell. He grabbed Sole by the waist and pointed to the holotape. “You an’ me… we’re gonna recite vows that are 10 times better than that ya dig? That’s because we’re the two hottest folks in the Commonwealth so we gotta make everyone jealous.”

Longfellow: “Well damn little lass/lassie, I haven’t seen someone in wedding attire since… actually I’ve never seen anyone in wedding attire, haha!“ He kept the holotape even though pretending like he had lost interest because deep down, he did like keeping that little bit to himself.

MacCready: A little confused since he’d never knew what pre-war weddings entailed. All he saw was Sole looking so damn fine in that dress/tux that he could not tear his eyes away from the holotape. “Ohhh boss… Wow.. you- wow. My thoughts are definitely going to be plagued by thoughts of you like this knockout.”

Nick Valentine: *chuckles* “Am I gonna get to see you like this in my arms or are you just yanking my chain, showing me this holotape?” He says suavely as he pulls Sole into him by their waist. Nick had the unique advantage over the others in that he did remember what pre-war weddings were like. Nick jokingly started planning out where they would get catering from, and the perfect napkin color for everything.

Piper: The holotape clicked on and she watched Sole stride out to the alter in their wedding gown/suit. The grainy quality of the holotape didn’t do it justice but the emotion of the event was getting to her. When she heard Sole (in the tape) start reciting their vows, she looked deep into Sole’s eyes instead of at the holotape. She imagined Sole saying those words to her on an alter and she had to wipe a tear from her eyes just thinking about how happy that would make her.

Preston: “You are the most remarkably beautiful/handsome person I’ve ever met, and I’ve met quite a lot of them.” He thought the pre-war wedding was beautiful and got swept away with the emotion. Vowing to recreate as much of it as he physically could, he confiscated the holotape and watched it every night. He tried to teach himself ballroom dancing just from the video and restlessly practiced every night in order to one day take Sole in his arms like so.

Strong: *grumble* “HUMAN CAN’T FIGHT IN TIGHT CLOTHING. HUMAN WILL TEAR SUIT/DRESS IF YOU TRY TO FIGHT IN IT. WEDDING LOOKS BETTER WITH GUNS.” Sole tried to imagine reciting their vows with an AK-47 in their hands and it was awesome.

X6-88: “There are many things about pre-war customs that still elude me. For instance, why was it customary to wear white even though it is the most impractical color? Everyone should wear black.” It kind of annoyed Sole how he was focusing on the benign details rather than the meaning of it. When Sole asked him what he would think if they wore white right in front of him and he grew silent. All Sole got was a sly smirk and an unreadable expression beneath the glasses.


Maxson: He typically tried to repress thoughts about family and relationships simply because they would make him feel emotional and emotionality is  not something soldiers want to see in a leader. So when he felt his face betraying his steely front, he quickly stalked back to his room where no one could see. He pulled out a ring that had been passed down through the Maxson family for generations. He thought it would end with him. But now he knew… it was time.

Glory: Felt a weird pang of jealousy spring up. She knew they were dead but dang she couldn’t help herself. She was watching her Sole tell another wo/man that they loved them! It was hard stuff to bear. So she started teasing. “Y’know I think that dress would look better all ripped up at the bottom. That way you could like like 9 guns. 2 right here…” *points* “and 3 right here.”

Deegan: He didn’t say anything because he didn’t need to. He was a servant and shouldn’t be expressing any desires that could compromise the situation but he couldn’t help himself from twisting the ring Sole gave him around his fingers. This world was too ugly for something so beautiful. He was going to protect them until the day he died. This he was sure of.

My Boys...Part 16

I hope you all have enjoyed this series.  Let me know if you would enjoy an epilogue to this one as well!  I love you all so very much.  Here’s the last chapter, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Epilogue)

The next day, trying your best to cover up your limping, both you and Spencer return to work.  The side-glances he keeps giving you in the elevator as you attempt to adjust your work pants make you even more flustered, causing you to pull your hair back into a hair-tie as the elevator doors spring open.

“Y/N!” Garcia squeaks as she shuffles quickly towards you, wrapping you in her arms as she presses her prominent chest deep into you, “Oh my gosh, you’re finally back!  J.J. and I have missed you at girls’ nights.  W-w-…we wanted to call and ask, but-”

Holding up your hand as Morgan approaches your side, you smile lightly as you give him a side-hug, slowly feeling him wrap both around around your shoulders and pull you close.

“How you doin’, pretty girl?” he asks.

You recognized the name-change, similar to Spencer’s nick-name, but still uniquely yours.

“Garcia…it’s fine,” you smile as you turn towards Morgan, his arms falling to his sides.

“You guys already know?” you breathily ask as Rossi approaches you from behind.

“Reid took multiple weeks off to stay and help.  Yes, Y/L/N…we know,” he chuckles as he places his hand between your shoulder blades, patting your back lightly as you shake your head.

“You think Hotch is gonna be against it?” you ask as your eyes drift over to Spencer, his body already standing close to his boss’s as J.J. approaches you and takes your hand.

“I think Reid’s already taking care of that angle,” she smiles lightly as he pulls you from the crowd, pulling you close into a hug.

“How’re those boys?” she asks as she rubs her hands up and down your back.

“Good.  Healing.  Happy to be back at school.  Have some of their independence back,” you sigh as you try to hold back your tears.

“And how’s mom handling that development?” Hotch asks as Spencer and him walk up, Spencer’s hands in his pockets as a wide smile graces his beautiful face.

That face you rode so many times yesterday…


Looking up at the main office, the wide television screen that had first started this entire nightmare of a debacle, you swallow hard as you feel something creep into your hand.

Something that squeezes down…almost in reassurance.

Ripping you from your trance, your eyes pan over to Spencer, his kind features entranced upon your face as his brow lightly furrows as he reaches out his thumb, wiping away a tear that you didn’t realize was slowly making its way down your face.

“Hey,” Hotch coos lowly as he places his hand on your shoulder, your gaze ripping over to him as he looks at you tenderly, his gaze filled with worry and understanding.

“Walking into this office’ll get easier.  I promise,” he reassures you.

“I know it doesn’t feel like that now,” J.J. interjects as he places her hand lightly on your upper arm, “but it will.”

“In the meantime,” Spencer says as he pulls your hand he’s still holding, ushering you over to a computer as he jiggles the mouse, “I have something I want to show you.”

“Wha-…what is it?” you breathe, wiping the tears from your eyes as Spencer grasps you around your waist, tugging you into his lap as you fall with a plop, your eyes widening as they dart over to Aaron.

“It’s alright,” he coos with a gleam in his eye, “…for now.”

Nodding curtly, Garcia reaches over your shoulder and hits the space-bar, playing a video as your jaw unhinges.

It was your boys.

Your two, beautiful boys.

“Hey mom!” Wilder and DeShawn say in unison as they wave at the camera.

“So…Spencer said you’d have a tough time-” Wilder begins as DeShawn nudges him with his elbow.

“He said not to mention that,” DeShawn roughly whispers.

The transaction caused you to giggle lightly as Spencer’s arms slide around your waist, pulling your back close to his chest.

“Alright…” Wilder drawls out, turning his attention back to the camera, “well…we all thought that you might struggle.  You know, going back to work and us back to school, and we want you to know that you don’t have to worry.  The police at the school take really good care of us, and while you are away working, we’ve arranged a system!”

“Yeah, a system,” DeShawn says as he nods.

You feel your brow furrowing as you watch your strong son take over.

“Whenever you’re away on a case, we’re gonna do what your boss and J.J. had their babysitters do.”

Turning your head towards them, they nod their heads back to the computer, urging you to pay attention.

“Every morning we’re gonna text you when we wake up, and every evening once we settle down in bed we will call you on the phone.”

“Even if it’s just to leave a voice message,” Wilder interjects, a broad smile on his face.

His beautiful, unwired face.

“And during the day, every time we eat, we’re gonna shoot you text messages.  You know, pictures of us with open mouths of food, or slathering ketchup on our mashed potatoes.  You know…the good stuff,” DeShawn chuckles, smiling his beautiful, pearly-white smile against his ebony skin.

“And we promise,” DeShawn says.

“No matter what,” Wilder adds.

“That none of this was your fault,” your boys say in unison, their eyes intent on the camera in front of them, envisioning you watching this video, your shaking body on top of the man you love, surrounded by the people who supported you most.

And as you lean your elbows onto the desk, your face covering your hands as you sob into your palms, you feel Spencer lean his body forward, placing his forehead onto your back as he peppers you with kisses, his hands rubbing up and down your achingly sore thighs as he murmurs the one thing you love to hear drip from his lips.

“I love you, Y/N,” he whispers in between his kisses, “and everything’s gonna be alright.”