nick galli

You and your three admirers

“Well we’re all shucked.” Thomas sighed.

“We have been since the day she showed up.” Newt groaned.

“So what are we going to do about it?” Minho asked.

Newt, Thomas and Minho were sat on the ground with their backs resting against the homestead. They were all looking at you chatting to Chuck at the bonfire. You had no idea that your three best friends were looking at you, nor that they were discussing the small problem of the fact that all three of them were head-over-heels in love with you.

“The only fair thing that I can think of is that none of us have her.” Thomas said.

“That’s not fair – I’ve loved her longer than either of you two!” Minho protested.

“You two spend all day in the maze, you don’t know her like I do.” Newt said.

“Er who is it that spends hours talking to her into the night?” Thomas countered.

“I think we’ve all done that slinthead.” Minho said.

There was a moment’s pause, then Newt spoke up again; “You know I’m starting to understand why the creators sent a girl here – they’re testing us. They want to see if we let her tear us apart.”

“They chose a hell of a good girl if that’s their intention.” Minho noted.

There was a pause as all of the boys admired you. Your cute smile, twinkling eyes and infectious laugh.

Thomas let out a long breath, “Okay, we’ll just have to agree – no one tries anything with her. But if she shows any interest in one of us, then the other two will just have to accept that, yeah?”

“Good that.” Newt said, although his voice made it clear that it wasn’t his ideal plan.

“Fine, but it’s not actually as though she’s ever shown any interest in us other than as mates. I think we’re all friend-zoned.” Minho sighed.

“Maybe it’s better that way.” Thomas said.

All three boys lapsed into silence and tried to look somewhere other than you – all three failed miserably. You finally felt their gaze on you, and glanced round at the three of them. You grinned at them.

“You know, I think that those three hate you.” Chuck laughed.

“What? Why?” You asked turning back to the younger boy.

“Because you made their friendship a hell of a lot harder when you arrived.”

You went to ask Chuck what he meant but Alby’s voice rang out “Right everyone to bed, you shanks need your beauty sleep.”

That night, despite the deal that they had made, Thomas, Minho and Newt all went to bed and came up with a plan to win your attention anyway. They had to do it in a way that the other two didn’t notice – if they could make it look like it was your idea to get together then the other two boys would just have to accept defeat.

The only trouble was that you’d never shown any romantic attraction to any of them.

The next morning Minho and Thomas got up at the crack of dawn and disappeared into the maze. You woke a little after and went to work in the med-jack hut. You loved your job, but there really wasn’t enough people in the glade to need three med-jacks, so you often had a lot of free time. You spent this time chatting to Newt in the gardens.

By three o’clock you’d tided the med-jack’s hut so you checked that Clint and Jed didn’t need you and then you wandered to the gardens. You found Newt tending a strawberry patch.

“Need a hand?” You grinned, sitting on the ground next to him.

“If you don’t mind – but here, have my gloves.” Newt said, handing you his pair of gardening gloves. “Wouldn’t want your pretty little hands getting all dirty.”

“Awh thanks Newt, but what about your pretty little hands?” You laughed as you slipped on the gloves and began turning over the soil.

“I’m sure that I’ll cope beautiful.” Newt replied. Your hands froze, had Newt just called you beautiful? You glanced up sideways at him, he was smiling at you. You very nearly melted on the spot; how had you never noticed how stunning he was? You quickly looked back down at the soil, he probably hadn’t meant anything by it, he was just being nice.

“You’re blushing.” Newt said.

“Your compliment caught me off guard.” You laughed, “Despite the fact that I live with 50 boys, none of them are gentlemanly enough to say things like that.”

Newt grinned, then he plucked a strawberry and passed it to you.

“What’s this for?” You asked.

“Well I didn’t have a rose, but I figured that that’s the same colour so maybe it would do the job.”

Newt could tell that his plan was working, he knew that you were interested, but what he didn’t know was that Minho was also hatching a plan.

“y/n!” Clint called across the glade.

You turned to face him. “What’s up?”

“Go and see to Minho, he has just come back from running early, something about a twisted ankle.”

You turned back to Newt, “Sorry Newt, but duty calls. I’ll see you later.” You said, and with that you took off the gloves, gave them back to Newt, popped the strawberry in your mouth and set off to see Minho.

Minho was sat in the med-jack’s hut, no one else was in there.

“Hey Minho. Let me guess, your shoelaces came untied and you tripped on them?” You grinned as you entered the room and sat on the floor in front of him.

“Nope, running from a griever.”

“What? Really?” You asked shocked.

“Er, no. Your guess was correct, but I just didn’t want you to think that I was an idiot. It was my left ankle.” Minho replied sheepishly.

You slid Minho’s left shoe off and inspected his ankle. “Oh Minho you know I’d never think that off you.”

“Not even the other day when I tried putting on your shirt thinking it was mine?”

You laughed at the memory. No one made you laugh like Minho did, the pair of you were so natural together.

“You ain’t half cute when you laugh.” Minho said.

You froze again, that was the second compliment to catch you off guard today. You looked up at Minho and felt (also for the second time that day) your heart rate speed up, your skin tingle and your cheeks flush.

They’re must be something in the air today. You thought, trying to brush off his compliment.

“Minho your ankle seems fine.”

“It is. I just wanted to see you.”

A quiet gasp escaped your lips, but you never got a chance to react any more before Winston came rushing in with a blooded arm.

“y/n, I need some serious help here.” He said.

“Oh god, yeah okay. Minho, I’ll have to talk to you later yeah?” You said.

Minho left grumbling something about bad timing.

You spent the next hour cleaning up Winston’s wound, and then the next two hours scrubbing the blood off the hut floor. You were hungry and aching from the labour, but you were nearly done so you kept going. It was lucky for Thomas that you stayed in that room, because it was perfect for his plan.

A knock on the door sounded, and you spun around to see Thomas enter, he held up a paper bag that smelt amazing.

“Thought you might be hungry.” He grinned.

“Oh Thomas I love you.” You grinned getting up and taking the bag and placing the contents on the little wooden table (which was blood-free.)

“There is enough for two here.” You observed.

“Yeah well I was hoping that you’d let me eat with you.”

You smiled, “Of course you can Thomas, have a seat.” You gestured to the chair on the other side of the table. You sat down opposite each other. An unlit candle sat in the middle, Thomas grabbed a match and lit it.

You laughed, “Well this escalated into a romantic meal very quickly.” You met Thomas’s eyes across the candle light and for the third time that day your stomach flipped. What was happening?! You had never had these feelings before, and now it had happened three times in one day with three different boys. “Er, well at least it would if it wasn’t for Winston’s blood covering the floor.” You rambled.

Thomas smirked, “Even with that it’s pretty romantic, but then again I could sit in Gally’s armpits with you and still find it romantic.”

You officially didn’t understand now; first Newt, then Minho, now Thomas?

“Thomas, what the hell is happening today? Are you guys pranking me?”

Thomas looked shocked. “What’d you mean?”

“You, Newt, Minho! All three of you have tried to make the jump from friend to boyfriend today. I don’t get it!”

Thomas sighed, “I knew them shanks wouldn’t keep to the deal.”

“What deal?”

“The one where we agreed no one was going to try and get with you.” Newt said from behind you.

You whipped around, Newt and Minho stood in the doorway. You stood up.

“What? Why’d you make that deal?”

“Because we’re all in love with you shuckface.” Minho said.

“Yeah, we made that buggin’ deal to try and stop you from coming in between our friendship – but it looks like we are all bloody shanks who can’t keep away from you.” Newt said.

You were at a total loss for words.

“Look y/n, we’re sorry, you don’t have to choose between us.” Thomas said.

“Choose between you? Of course I’m not going to choose between you – I could never. Today has proved that much, because each one of you got very close to winning me today. And who knows, maybe if the other two weren’t around I might have gone for it, but I would never come between your friendship. I won’t date any of you – you guys mean too much to me for me to let myself ruin everything for you, because that is all dating any of you would achieve.” You said.

There was a short silence, but then Newt spoke up. “Good that. Now we know that you won’t date any of us, maybe us three shanks can get over you.”

Minho and Thomas nodded in agreement. Then Minho eyed the food, “Any chance we can eat some of that?”

You laughed and the four of you crammed round the little table and enjoyed the feast. Everything was back to how it was. You had just eaten the last chicken leg when Chuck came running into the room.

“Oh my gosh, y/n, I just overheard Gally telling Nick how much he fancies you!”

Your mouth dropped open, but then you made eye contact with the other three boys and you all burst out laughing.


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