I Regret Everything, Yet Nothing (Part 2-final) (Steve Rogers/Tony Stark x reader)


Part 1

“(Y/N)?  Answer me,” Tony pressed.  “how do you two know each other?”  When you still didn’t immediately reply, he took a step back with an expression of shock, pain and anger all together, and it only made your anxiety worse.  “He’s the guy that you said you’d never get over, isn’t he?”

You pushed past him and sat down in a chair again, leaning forward to rest your head in your hands, trying to calm both your nerves and your stomach.  “Tony,” you sighed, “please, let’s not get into this right now.”

“Yeah, well we’re going to.”

You could feel the tears beginning to build, but you fought them back, certain that you would be able to hold them in for only so long.  Your boyfriend of a mere six months was now standing over you, looking like he had no idea who you were; it already felt over before it had barely begun. “Yes, it’s him.  But that was years ago, and he doesn’t even know.”

“That doesn’t matter. I only care about what you feel.”

“It doesn’t change how I feel about you.”

He dropped himself down into the chair next to you, leaning his elbow on the table and resting his chin in his hand as if deep in thought.  The chair swiveled slightly beneath him and his gaze was lowered to the table top as he considered his position with you, and what he wanted to say. This was more than he was ready for, and he didn’t think he could compete with something that had lasted so long. “I have to be number one.  You know that, sweetheart.”

He was letting you go easily.  Putting this on himself to spare you.  “Tony…”

“Hey, that’s what you get for dating an egomaniac, right?  It’s been wonderful, (Y/N), really,” he said in a quieter voice with a tremble in its tone, “but I’m not about to come in second to Grandpa America.”

“You’re not, Tony. You couldn’t be second to anyone.”

“Right,” he sighed, slapping his hands down on his legs definitively and standing, reaching his hand down to pull you up to him.  Your eyes met for only a few seconds before he brought you to his chest in a tight embrace, breathing you in as if he didn’t want to forget.  “It’s okay, (Y/N).  Go tell him.”

As he began to release you, you brought your hand to his face, holding him gently as you gave him a final kiss before leaving.  “You’re a good man, Tony.  I know you don’t believe it sometimes, but you are.”  He nodded slightly as you walked away, not looking back as you shut the door behind you.

“Yeah, that’s the problem,” he whispered to himself, sitting back down to stare out the window at the busy city.  “You were the only one who saw it.”

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Always - 7 (Tony Stark Reader)

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Bruce sat watching you sketch on your pad. He watched you put the details into the eyes of Clint Barton. You said you missed his jokes and wanted to give something to him when he got back, “They said bring a tooth brush…”

She smiled glancing up at him, “Bruce seriously its fine, if you need something we can get it for you.”

“You have got to be the mellowest person that I’ve ever met.” He told you smiling.

You laughed, “You’re one to talk ‘Mister I’m at peace with myself’.”

He blushed a little at the poke, “So, uh, what exactly happened between you and Stark, if I can ask.”

“It’s a long story.” You frowned.

“Well I’ve got some time.” He tried reading you, but wasn’t very good at it.

“I…look you work really close with him and I don’t want you to compromise the relationship that you have with him just because of something that happened in our past. I think I already did that with Steve and that’s not good.” You told him with a sad smile.

“Yeah he did seem to come in slightly irritated.” Bruce noted.

“Yeah…well Steve has really been my only friend through most of this, and with Fury pretty much making me look in on Tony 24/7.” You stopped sketching and looked at Bruce, “He was the only one who would listen to me without telling me how important it was that I keep spying on Tony.”

“Spying?” Bruce frowned.

“Yeah, Fury wanted an eye on him. Not that I needed to try hard. I had been keeping tabs on him since everything fell through between us and when I found out he’d been kidnapped I ran to go find him.” You sighed, “My world crumbled that day.”

“What do you mean?” Bruce set his chin on his hand.

“I mean a world without Tony Stark, is a dark world for me.” You looked at him, “I’d do anything for him. Go to hell and back and all he’d have to do is just keep breathing.”

“That’s a lot of devotion for a man who really dislikes you.” Bruce told him.

“Yeah…” You nodded standing up, “I have to look into some things, I’ll talk to you later. Dinner time maybe?”

“That sounds great, see you then.” He told you with a smile.

You picked your materials and started out into the hall. Your thoughts were far away, well not too far. Just on the other side of the ship in a lab. You shook off the thought of him as you turned down the hall. You walked into your small private office stopping when you saw him.

Tony was standing there with his back to you looking out the window, “You should get a bigger window. Natural light is much better to work in.”

You didn’t say anything, so he turned and looked at you. You were holding the sketch pad to your chest like a life line biting your lip.

“So here’s how I see it.” He pulled a hand out of his pocket and swung it around dramatically, “We need each other right now. So I’m going to set our differences aside for the remainder of this endeavor.”

“That’s very big of you.” You spoke slowly, “Becoming more like your father every day.”

“At one time that wasn’t a good thing.” He moved in front of you looking down into your eyes.

You hugged the sketch pad more when he was closer, “Things change when the truth is revealed.”

Tony looked into your eyes searching for answers, “Really?”

“Really.” You moved past him and setting everything down on your desk.

“So are we gonna play nice?” He asked without turning around.

“I never stopped playing nice.” You told him quickly as you picked up your tablet. He looked back at you and scoffing. “Tony I never asked for this alright. I only did this to help you.”

“Why?” He turned to face you fully, “Who said I wanted help?”

“Tony you always need help.” You told him and before he could say anything, “Look at your life, you’ve had maids, and P.A.s and Pepper Potts the whole time. When they couldn’t be there I tried to be.”

“Well I don’t want your help.” He told you putting his hands in his pockets, “Not anymore, not after this.”

“…fine…” You turned from him grabbing another tablet.

“Good.” He told you.

You turned to him forcing a fake smile, “Good.”

“Let’s get to it.” He told you.

“Let’s get to it.” You repeated him and started for the door.

“What are you going to repeat me from now on?” He followed you out.

“Nope.” You turned down a hall that didn’t lead to his and Banner’s lab.

“Where are you going?” He watched you confused.

You stopped looking at your tablets for a moment, “I have work to do. That doesn’t involve the tesseract.”

“I thought it took precedent?” He said enunciated all of his words annoyingly.

“It does in your department.” You looked at him before pointing around at the ship, “See I make this boat run. Most of it has been remodeled by me and right now I have a turbine to work on. So go play hero alright.” You turned again and started walking away, “If you need anything Mr. Stark don’t hesitate to ask.”

He watched you walk away and tilting his head.

“Stop looking at my ass!” You shouted back at him.

“I wasn’t!” He shouted back somewhat embarrassed that you knew. He looked away then back after you again as he smiled a little.

“Really…really…” You were mumbling to yourself, “Oh I’m Tony Stark billionaire play boy mir mir mir…”

“Hello there.” You stopped cringing at the voice as you looked slowly to your left.

“Oh god how did I get here?” You whispered looking at Loki. You were terrified of him. This man made every hair on your body stand on end.

“Anger is a very powerful emotion.” Loki smiled at you.

“I was on my way to the turbine not here.” You started to back out of the room that held him.

“It’s easy to direct the angry and make them do what you want.” There was a loud boom followed by shaking. You began to stumble around dropping your tablets.

“What’s going on…I need to get out of here…” You caught your balance and turned right into Loki’s chest.

“Oh I do love this trick, everyone falls for it.” He put a hand on your face. Your eyes got wide as your voice left you, “Oh fear…something else I’m incredibly fond of.” Some men in uniforms came in behind him as his smirk grew, “You know how to get into Stark Industries…I think I’ll have use of you.”

He put her in the hands of the men, “Take her to the ship I’ll be there shortly.”

You were being dragged down the hall screaming as they forced you further. Finally one of the guys hit you and putting you over their shoulder. They hustled down the hall.

Dizzy you lifted your head and saw the Iron Man suit land in the hall, “Tony…” You reached out for him, “Tony!”

The eyes lit up and looking over at you. Blood was trickling down your face, “Y/N…” He started to get up, “Cap'n they got Y/N.”

“On it!” Steve jumped over him and took off running down the hall.

You started to struggle again kicking and hitting the man who was holding you. You screamed as loud as you could in their ear making them stumble.

Out of nowhere the Captain’s shield slammed into the back of the man’s legs making him crumple to the floor on top of you.

You hit the man on the shoulders and the Captain pulled him off you throwing him down the hall. He looked down at you, “You alright?” You nodded as he pulled you up, “Get behind me.”

Tony got to the hall to see the Cap'n put you out of harm’s way. More of Loki’s goons piled into the hall in between him and them, “I don’t think so.” He walked up to each of the guards and pushed them out of the way knocking them out easily.

He turned around putting up his hands up for anymore enemies, “You alright Y/N?”

You looked at the back of his head your heart fluttering, “Y…yeah.”

He looked back at you, “Stay with me, Cap'n you got our back?”

“Yeah go!” Steve shouted as he kicked another goon back. They worked their way through the mess and got someplace where they could stop and sit down. Steve kept watch up high and watched Tony take off his helmet and go to you.

“Here let me take a look at that.” He reached out to touch your face.

You looked at him then his hands which were cast in metal and pulsars, “Just don’t crush my head or blow it off.”

He smirked, “I would never.” He started inspecting the bruise under your eye.

“Ow…” You winced pulling away a little.

“That hurt?” He looked into your eyes as you nodded, “Sorry.”

“You’re fine.” You smiled a little, “Thank you…both of you.” You looked up at Steve who smiled at you.

“Don’t move.” Tony told you pushing your head back to him with a finger.

“Sorry…” You looked at him.

“And you’re welcome by the way…it’s what we do right?” Tony said somewhat nonchalantly.

“Quiet.” Steve put his hand to his ear as reports started coming in.

“What is it?” You looked up Steve again and that’s when Tony noticed it.

“Isn’t your ear piece working?” He tapped your ear.

You looked at him confused, “What?”

“Your ear piece.” He repeated getting strange look on his face.

You stared at him then a smirk appeared on your face, “Very good Mr. Stark.” You stood up, “I thought I could’ve played with you a little longer and you.”

You looked up at Steve, “You both care about this girl deeply so making you see what you wanted was easy.” Your image shifted to that of Loki.

“Where is she?” Tony glared at him.

“Far from the likes of you, but don’t worry she’s quite comfortable and her mind is fascinating.” Loki smirked putting his hands together, “Completely screwed up because of you, hat is for sure. By the time you find her she’ll be a completely different woman I can guarantee that.”

“You touch her I will-” Tony started as he stood up.

“I’m touching her right now and you’re doing nothing.” Loki smiled at him, “You gentlemen have a good day.”

“Gah!” Tony yelled and punched the wall as his image disappeared.

“Agent Coulson is down.” Fury’s voice rang through their ear pieces.

A Child is a Responsibility

Alright, here’s a new one for Shield ‘verse.

What if Phil didn’t go back to Shield? What if his parents died and he ended up with a little baby sister? And instead of letting Nick persuade him into coming back (it’ll be a desk job, honest… until it’s not), what if he looked at this girl-child who was suddenly dependent on him for everything and decided “No. I’m not working for an organization that almost guarantees I will die before she goes to college” (the number of close calls are pretty much uncountable… and that’s not even getting into Darcy’s close calls)?

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Kay so.

In The Avengers, we have this moment:

Tony looks at the screens how Nick would see them and is confused by how he manages with them.  It’s little, and mostly played off as a joke.

Tony: How does Fury even see these?

Maria Hill: He turns.

Tony: Sounds exhausting.


Later, in Agents of Shield, we see Fury’s toolbox being used:

It’s a computer that basically spins around the user as needed.

You know, rather than having them turn.

Headcanon that Tony built Fury’s toolbox to make his life easier, because he might be a textbook narcissist, but he also genuinely considers the abilities of people he cares about and respects, and works to make their lives easier.