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Incorrect MCU quote
  • Nick Fury: Thanks to your botched Germany job, you all made America's top 10 most wanted list.
  • Scott Lang: Top 10? That's alright!
  • Nick Fury: Well, not you Lang.
  • Scott Lang: What do you mean?
  • Nick Fury: You just missed the cut, you're number 11. So...
  • Scott Lang: I missed? That's impossible!
  • [everyone snickers]
  • Scott Lang: What number did they come in at?
  • Maria Hill: [points to Steve Rogers] 6.
  • Maria Hill: [points to Wanda Maximoff] 7.
  • Maria Hill: [points to Clint Barton] 8.
  • Maria Hill: [points to Sam Wilson] 9.
  • Maria Hill: [points to Sharon Carter] 10.
  • Scott Lang: She's 10? That's impossible, there's no way she's a 10.
  • Steve Rogers: Oh, she's definitely a 10.

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Wow i am absolutely in love with the image of Tomlinshaw having to share a bed for some reason and Louis just being absolutely furious about every little thing Nick (who is totally nonchalant) does. Doesn't maintain an even distribution of blanket, shirt rides up to his shoulder blades, breathes audibly in Louis' direction


Imagine Nick and Louis forced to share a bed because Harry had invited them both out to the Alps, to a chalet he’d booked out for his family, and he’d had one room spare so had asked them both. But then they’d both been free, so they turned up and had to share. 

  • Nick didn’t even intend to ski. He was going to ‘scout hot boys and watch other people fall over’. This is the worst excuse for not going skiing ever. Louis is furious. 
  • Nick unpacked all his belongings and lined them all up in the bathroom, neatly, in a row. Louis’s stuff is in a pile on the floor, tumbling out of his suitcase, where they should be. Louis is furious, and plans on using Nick’s toothpaste. 
  • Nick has actual pyjamas. Louis hadn’t anticipated sharing a bed, and had planned on wearing nothing to sleep in because he likes his dick to have a bit of unrestricted freedom once a day. He’s stuck wearing that day’s boxers. Louis is furious. 
  • Nick does things like ‘plug his phone in at night’ and ‘washes his face before bed’. Louis hates that. Why can’t he just fall face first into the pillows like any normal person. Louis is furious. 
  • Nick sleeps on his side, hand tucked under his face, all sort of stubbly and fresh-faced because of his annoying washing-before-bed habits, and every time Louis opens his eyes in the middle of the night it’s to find Nick lying there, facing him, like it’s just OKAY to be in Louis’s face like that all the time. Louis is furious. 
  • Nick makes these sort of adorable snuffly almost-snore-like noises as he sleeps, which is terrible and the worst and Louis has to stop himself kicking Nick in the shin to shut him up. Louis is furious. 
  • Nick wakes up to find Louis plastered to his side and his arm stretched out across Nick’s chest and his dick pressed up against his hip, and Nick allows that shit to continue, and doesn’t roll over over or get out of bed or anything, he just goes the fuck back to sleep, and then has the fucking gall to tell Louis that he “thought Louis needed as much beauty sleep as he could get his hands on”. Louis is furious. 
  • Nick steals ALL the blankets, every single one of them, all of them, to snuggle up like a fucking bug in a rug, just because Louis refused to go to bed at 2am with Nicholas fucking Grimshaw. He’s left having to poke Nick awake and then unroll him like a stupid burrito and deal with Nick’s sleepy snuffle and then him saying didn’t think you wanted to come to bed with me, darling, you made that quite clear. Louis gets the cold spot in bed and stares grumpily at the ceiling. Louis is furious. 
  • Louis goes to bed early the next night and tucks himself up like a very warm thing in a roll of delicious blankets, and is half way to falling asleep when Nick stumbles drunkenly into their room and sprawls on top of him. “You are a very angry man,” Nick says slowly, when Louis tries to bite Nick’s finger. “I don’t know why I fancy you.” He then stumbles drunkenly into their en-suite to dry-heave into the toilet for a while. Louis is furious. He gets Nick a glass of water and resolves to not think about Nick at all for the remainder of their trip. 
  • “Sorry,” Nick says miserably, early the following morning. “I didn’t say anything embarrassing last night, did I?” Louis says no, and is irrationally furious that Nick can’t remember. 
  • “You breathe funny,” Louis says, in the middle of the next night. Do not, Nick says, and bites Louis’s finger. Louis is furious. 
  • “Your pyjamas are all weird,” Louis says, because Nick never appears to move from where he’s sleeping with his nose pressed up against Louis’s shoulder, but every morning without fail, Nick’s pyjama top is all rucked up to his armpits and he’s got his nips on show. It’s not Louis’s fault he keeps staring. Tonight I won’t wear them, how about that, Nick says sleepily, and scratches his belly. Louis is really, really furious. 
  • The next night, Louis kneels over Nick’s chest and tries to show every ounce of his fury on his face. “You said you fancied me,” he says, “then you forgot. I’m well pissed off you forgot.” Nick, to his credit, doesn’t say anything. He runs his hands up Louis’s thighs, and then settles them on his hips. 
  • “Come to bed, love,” Nick says sleepily. “I’ll even kiss you to sleep.” Louis’s furious, but he takes Nick up on his offer anyway. 

I finally finished coloring this! The lineart was completed around two weeks before Zootopia was released in theaters, and I’m afraid that’s why Nick and Judy are a bit OOC here - and why Nick is wearing shoes. Although I’m not a fan of bare feet on the dining table eitherNick,getyouracttogether.

Anywho, sure hope there are Chinese restaurants in Zootopia. 

Proud - Nick Amaro

Fic #39 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: Blow Us All Away

God you’re a fox,” Nick said, sitting down on the couch next to you. You snorted and only glanced over at him, still paying attention to your TV show. He threw his arm over the back of the couch and looked at you presumptuously. 

I’m trying to watch the show,” you said, pausing the TV, flashing a dastardly look his way. 

“Yeah, but I was thinking - well since Zara isn’t going to be home for another hour-”

“Mhmm,” you said, rolling your eyes, but smiling at him, nonetheless.

“What do you think?”

“I think-” 

Although, you never got to tell Nick what you thought, because the door unexpectedly unlocked and swung open, and you were met with the crying face of a little girl. You both jumped up and walked towards Zara, who was home an hour early from school.

“Hey, mija, what are you doing home?” She tried to explain, but the only thing that came out were muffled sobs. You rubbed her arm, waiting for her to calm down before speaking.

“Did something happen at school?” She nodded, but didn’t say anymore. She kept crying, and eventually fell into your shoulder. You looked over at Nick, who sighed. 

“I’m going to call her teacher. I want to figure out how she was able to leave school an hour early without anyone noticing,” he said, standing up, the anger evident in his voice.

“Nick, stop.” He looked furious, and you didn’t want him to cause anymore trouble for Zara. “I’ll go down to the school with her right now.” He looked a little uncomfortable with that idea, but eventually agreed. 

“Is that okay with you, Zara? Do you want to go back?” he asked. She sniffed and looked up at him, nodding softly. “Okay.” You stood up, too, and smiled at Zara. 

“Why don’t you go get cleaned up, and we’ll go.” She nodded, and ran towards the bathroom. You looked over at Nick, and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. “It’ll be alright. Kids are mean.”

“I know,” he said, looking back towards the hallway. 

“Hey,” you said, running your hand through his thick hair. “How about when I get back we strip down to our socks?” you asked with a smirk. He smiled, and leaned in to kiss you, just before Zara reappeared.

“Ready?” you asked. She nodded and you took her hand. “Bye, Nick.”

“Bye, Daddy,” she said, smiling for the first time. You closed the door behind you, and started outside. Her school was only three blocks up the road. 

“So, do you wanna tell me what happened?” you asked. She sighed, and looked up at you with big eyes. 

“Some kids were making fun of-” She stopped and shook her head. 

“Zar, it’s okay. You can tell me anything.”

“They were making fun of Daddy. They were saying he was a bad cop.” You were speechless for a minute, as Zara started to tear up again. You stopped her, right in front of a butcher’s shop, and squatted down so you were eye-level with her.

“Your dad was a great cop. He cares so much, which is why sometimes bad things happen.”

“Bad things happen to good people?” she asked.

“Yeah, sweetie,” you said, tucking her hair behind her ears. “Sadly, it happens a lot. But don’t you worry. Your dad won’t be down for long. We moved out here to be with you, and we’ll make a life here. Those kids don’t know what they’re talking about. Your dad is going to take care of you, no matter what he does.”

You reached the front steps of the school about three minutes later and looked at Zara. “I don’t want you to worry about what people think of your daddy, okay? You are your father’s favorite person in the world.”

“No,” she said with a giggle, “You are.” You laughed and shook your head. 

“No, you are. You make him so proud, Zara. Do you know that?” She smiled and you hugged her. “I’ll talk to your teacher after class, but those kids-”

“I can handle them.”

“You’ll be nice.” She nodded. 

I’m making my father proud.”

“Everything work out?” Nick asked as you walked back through the apartment door. You nodded, and Zara ran into his arms. “You okay, Zara?”

“I’m okay.” He smiled and looked over at you. You gave him a reassuring nod.

“Zara actually fixed everything by herself. She didn’t need my help.” Nick smiled widely and kissed Zara’s head. She smiled over at you, too. 

“Daddy, can I go play now?”

“Sure, honey,” he said, setting her down. She ran off towards her room, and you walked closer to Nick. He hugged you tightly, resting his head on your shoulder.

“Everything alright?” he asked. You smiled and kissed his head.

“Yeah. Everything was fine. Zara handled everything on her own.”

“Really?” He grinned proudly and you gave his hand a squeeze. 


“Well what was the problem? Another kid?”

“Sort of,” you said with a shrug. “It doesn’t really matter.” He looked at you strangely, but didn’t push it. “She handled it.”

“Okay. Well, good.”

“And, Nick,” you said, tightening your grip on his hand as he tried to walk away. “She’s proud of you. You know that?”

“Why would you tell me that?” he asked.

“She just is,” you said, shaking your head. “I just want you to know.”

“Well, I’m proud of her.”

“She knows,” you said.

She’s gonna blow us all away one day.”

“She already has,” you said, smiling once more as you leaned in to kiss him again, wrapping your arms around his neck. “And, yes, she really will.”

the rom-com au: During a weekend bender in Vegas, our agents engage in self-destructive, drunken shenanigans that lead to two unplanned pregnancies, a wedding officiated by a Captain America impersonator, and a furious Nick Fury. With their jobs on the line, Skye and Ward are forced to finally get along while learning how to do this parenting thing.

featuring: drunken shenanigans by idiot spies, language, violence, nudity; all the classic things that make an adult rom-com amazing.

pairings: Skyeward, Huntingbird, Fitzsimmons, Clintasha, Philinda with Kate,Trip, Mack, & Fury

read the first FIVE chapters @ Ao3

Ficlet: Straight Through Crew

Here’s the third of my Wednesday Night Drabbles/Ficlets which have turned into Thursday Ficlets. The first two are Chicken and Chips (Louis/Nick) and Always You (Harry/Nick) and there are a few more to come. This one is for the lovely @alligatornyc who left some amazing prompts for me to choose from. I tried to combine two of the prompts, Louis returns to Radio 1, Nick wears a track suit in his honor, and the booth pictures capture an unexpected soft moment between them and Nick and Louis are seated next to one another at the Brits. Cordon roasts them and dares them to kiss. I hope you enjoy it!

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Hysteria - Nick Amaro

P/N: Gonna try to post all my writing here so whoever just wants to read my stories or whatever can read it here without being bombarded with my excessive spamming.

Nick Amaro x Reader

Imagine: Nick dealing with his guilt when an arrest goes wrong.

Nick wasn’t new to being undercover. In fact, he hated undercover, because there isn’t a book anyone could follow in order for the mission to be completed. The goal is to infiltrate a group, but in doing so, crimes are usually committed. The whole process went against what Nick believed in, but he doesn’t have any control of the undercover missions he got assigned.

After three days of undercover work, he was finally relieved of his position. The perpetrator was caught and he was glad the case was over. In the process of getting the hostages out, the perpetrator escaped from the arresting officer and lunged for one of the hostages. In the process, Nick shot his gun at the perp before the hostage could get hurt. However, the perp had a hidden knife in his sleeve and he managed to sliced across that hostage’s neck. The only one that knew all the details and that could get him a longer sentence when the case goes on trial.

That mistake haunted Nick. He was furious with himself. How could he let a hostage get hurt? The captain gave him a couple of days to rest. Nick didn’t argue with that, he didn’t want him to return to work until he has dealt with his guilt. The only choice he had was to go home to his loving girlfriend. But he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to face her, not when he reeked of guilt.

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Wade is working for SHIELD and he’s been instructed to train a team of newbies. Wade has a particular interest in the one called Spider-Man. (Fury gets really annoyed by all of Wades flirting)

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To follow up on the Interpol question: Sensible!, Supportive! and Eh!Barkley talking to Carmelita post-Thieves in Time.

B: Well, well. Inspector Fox. Good of you to join us. Care to explain why you haven’t been returning my calls?

[Carmelita needs a moment before replying.]

C: It’s… over.

B: What?

C: I was dragged along with the Cooper Gang on an… ordeal. Too long to explain. I’ll submit a full report as soon as I can. 

B: And where is Sly?

C: …Gone. He’s gone.

B: Of course he is.

C: Sir…

B: No, Fox. No talking. You stand there and you listen. I did not want to do this. I thought this was a moronic idea from the word Go, because I am a rational adult trying to run an international police squad, not some lovesick teenager looking for an excuse to feel up my crush. But I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I assumed you had a handle on the situation. And was I wrong?

C: …

B: Answer me, Fox! Was I wrong?!

C: Yes, sir. You were wrong.

B: Wrong about what?

C: Wrong about me. Wrong about… trusting my judgement.

B: Uh huh. Yeah, I was. And now we’re back to goddamn Square One. Cooper’s gone, again. And what about his friends? I assume he covered their tracks too?

C: …something like that.

B: Outstanding. Out-goddamn-standing. You’re gonna have to do a lot to make up for this fiasco, you hear me?!

C: Yes, sir. I hear you.

B: Son of a… Get out of my sight, Fox. I’m sick of looking at you.

C: Yes, sir.

B: And quit dragging your tail on the floor! You look like a wreck. You’re one of my officers, dammit. Act like it.

[Carmelita pauses in the doorway. After a moment, she sucks in a breath and stands tall. Hands tightening into fists.]

C: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. I’m going back to work.

B: Damn right.

B: …Gone? What do you mean, gone?

C: I mean… gone. I - I can’t find him. Anywhere. Normally he’d have shown up by now, left me something, but he’s… he’s just…

B: Easy, now. Try to be clear. Is he… should I call a medical team?

C: No. No, he’s not - he can’t be, after everything we’ve, we’ve, he can’t be-

B: Slow down, Carmelita. The department would be glad to help in the search efforts, you know that, but first we need to know what happened. Do you need some time to-?

C: No. …No, I’m fine. [A breath.] I’m fine. I’ll be brief. Put simply, Cyril Le Paradox was misusing some very dangerous technology. A device capable of time travel. Something went wrong, and now Sly…

B: …is gone.

C: Y… yes. That’s correct.

B: I see… And what about you?

C: What?

B: How are you holding up, Carmelita?

C: I’m… I’ll, as soon as… I will -

C: …

C: …I’ve been better.

B: I thought so. Which is why, as your superior, I’m ordering you to take a minimum of 24 hours off.

C: Sir, I’m -!

B: Oh, I know. And I know you’re probably going to spend most of that time trying to fix the problem. That’s just who you are. But you need a break, Carmelita. You look exhausted. It’s actually a little disturbing seeing you like this.

C: It… it has been a long… yeah.

B: Take a break, go home, and at least try to rest. When you come back, we’ll have everything ready for you. I’m just gonna go ahead and pencil you down as the head of this operation. There’s no-one else who can do it.

C: …Thank you, sir. So much.

B: It’s what I’m here for.

B: …Gone where?

C: I don’t know, sir. That’s what I meant by “gone”. He’s missing.

B: Oh.

C: …

B: …So, are you gonna find him?

C: Yes. I am.

B: Good.

The Book of Life Au.

“Yes, it is. And on this particular day of the dead after centuries of being banished judy finally had enough.”

Two mammal figures floated up from there graves on the left is Nick Wilde he’s wearing an huge large hat with candles around it, wearing an beautiful red dress and paws on his curvy waist. On his right is Judy Hopps wearing an suit with flames on her shoulders wings on her back with a silver grey crown on her head with it her two-headed snake cane. Then they step off it and started walking more or less hovering through the small village looking at the living mammals respecting there loved ones.

“Really, my fox you have no idea how cold and vile the land of forgotten has become.” said judy ears perked up making nick chuckle softly at her then said. “Just like you and your father hearts, carrots. Just like your hearts.”

“Hey leave him out of it.”

“He’s the one who wanted me to love you, cute bunny.”

Judy blushed. “Don’t call me cute.”

“You know you love me.”

Judy grunts then noticed a male lion sneakily drinking while his wife and daughter are praying and respecting of there love ones. She smirks as she sizzled the flames out the candles making the lion eyes widen in shocked, but nick light them back making the lion gasp in shocked he looked at the bottle and prayed with his family making nick laugh.

“Why must i rule the bleak wasteland while you enjoy the endless fiesta party in the land of the remembered of prey and predators? It’s simply not fair.” she said with a smug then grins like a cherish cat when she was about to touch an elderly male deer who was praying to his dead wife but was stopped by nick. “Judy.” He slapped her paw away with his tail. “What? It’s his time to join his beautiful wife. More or less.”

“Uh-uh. Not today, sweetheart.” nick said floating away swishing his tail sexily but judy appeared infront of him.

“Come on, blueberries. Trade lands with me. I beg of you.” begging judy but nick is not pleased or a bit amused by her

“Oh. You’re so cute.”

“I’m serious. I hate it down there.”

“It’s not my fault, it’s your fault that you’re there because you cheated!” said pissed nick “You had your carrot pen with that wager.”

Judy is shocked then was about to protest when nick beat her to it and said. “Your no the bunny girl that i fell in love with all those centuries ago.”

She cringed at that then try to changed the subject. “Let’s forget what’s in the past mi amor.” nick growled at her in playful anger making her gulp nervously then look down and smiled. “Anyway, i was thinking how about another wager.”

“You think you can calm the flames of my hatred with another bet.” said furious nick then he see judy purple skull eyes looking at him then down he turned around to look at what she was looking then look back at her calmly an said. “What exactly do you have in mind, carrots.”

Judy laughed as she disappeared into a cloud of black mist carrots as nick follows as he disappear into a cloud of flower blueberries then appeared on the roof of the church building. “Let’s check out the menu for the evening.”


“Ah, look there, my sly fox. Classic mortal mammal dilemma.” Judy smirks as she watches nick smile. “Two boys. Best friends, no less. One bunny and a sheep.”

“Oh, in love with the same vixen i see.”

‘Just like old times.’ judy think in her head as she remember she and female lion are fighting over nick to see who can marry him the lion almost won but she cheated and i won him over.

“Fear not, senorita. Your has arrived.” said kaida

“Is that so.” said skye

“How dare you interrupt me an guitarrista.” said jack strumming his guitar dodge kaida attack to pounce him making skye giggle at them. The two boys start play fighting and dodge eachother attacks to try to impress skye but she wasn’t. She chuckled jumped off the rock she was sitting on and went to the boys that are still fighting.

“The vixen is mine, savage.”

“No kaida. She is mine.” Then they were pushed to the ground by skye as she smirks at the two paws crossed annoyed and said. “I belong to no one.” They were both admired by her strength, serious, and courage. “Whoa.” the two said making nick smiled.

Judy sighed. “I believe we have our wager. Which boys will marry her, blueberries.”

“Very well, carrots.”

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Hey :) how about "I'll always protect you " prompt :) nick saying that to Judy

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore but here you go!

“I’ll always protect you,” says Nick sarcastically as she drags him up the stairwell towards suspect number four in this awful case she’s parlayed him on. She gives him a look over her shoulder and says-

“How sweet.” There’s no syrup on her tongue. Her purple eyes look up at him, so far away, and he scoffs.

“I try,” he says. She knocks on the door, and that’s all.

“I’ll always protect you,” says Nick after she’s shaking the water out of her ears. A quick fall into the fountain induced by a sharp bop to the hip by a fox.

“You pushed me in,” she spits, and she looks absolutely furious and Nick couldn’t have been any happier. Smug, cop bunny bumpkin.

“There was a bee.” He leers down at her. “I told you, Carrots-”

“Don’t call me that.”

“-I’ll always protect you.”

She hisses, “I wish you’d do it a little less,” but follows him anyway.

She’s not so bad, he learns. Not horribly bad. So when he says, “I got your back,” after they were chased by a savage cat through the jungle trees, he means it.

Sort of.

The Rabbit (Judy, he’s learning to call her) punches his arm with more force than she means

(or maybe with the exact amount- he’ll learn later that she’s always had an affinity for doing exactly what she means)

“You too,” says the Rabbit (Judy).

Things have happened. Too many things. They’ve hurt one another. Came back together. Foiled an evil plot and been in and out of clinics with stitched up legs and hoards of reporters. But here he is, signing their agreement clause and waiver in Bogo’s office, and she stands beside him looking so damn proud and he can’t help but ruffle the fur between her ears. “Hey,” he says. Then, “hey,” again when she doesn’t look at him right away. She does, then, turn her eyes up to meet his. “You know I’ll always protect you. Right?”

“Oh Nick.”

“I mean it!”

“I know!” She punches him, a little softer. “Ditto, Partner.”

He’d promised. And he tells her, he’d promised, as they’re wheeling him into the ambulance and she’s kissing his knuckles, holding her trembling lip against the little ridges of his hand.

He tries to say, see, told you so, but all that comes out is a coppery cough.

Judy says something into his skin. Her breath is warm.

He’s taken away.

Her purple eyes stay at the end of the hall.

“I hate you,” she tells him later, sitting on the end of his couch. He was released early after sixteen stitches to the wound in his side that had failed to kill him began to heal nicely and the gruff doctor he’d been assigned had begun to call him a waste of breathing space.

“Calm down, Carrots-”

“I won’t calm down! That perp was supposed to hit me!”

“And he didn‘t. He hit me.”

“No. You hit him.” True enough. A body slipped skillfully in front of her was proof enough of that. “And I hate you.”

“Cool. Hand me another applesauce?”

She hits his knee. He yelps. “Nicholas Wilde! How can you think about applesauce when-”

He springs up. Her breath stills. And then he’s there, his nose to hers, and his arms boxing her little body in against the ripped musty green fabric of his old couch. “Hey,” he says, sincere and all too real. Her purple eyes flash. There are tears brewing there, so he dips his head to nudge her chin with his muzzle. “You know I’ll always protect you, right?”

Judy swallows.

Slowly moves. Folds around him. They stay like that for a while. Nick with Judy. Judy with Nick. She mutters something into his shoulder, her breath still warm, and he kisses her temple in response, a little wet and noisy, but she doesn’t mind.

Later, she’ll let him go and get him more applesauce.

For now, he protects her.

He promised.

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Fast and Furious

It took me a bit of thinking to figure how to answer this ask, but then I recalled that a couple of months ago, I saw a post that got my eyebrows raised. So basically it was an image of Pietro Maximoff and Nick Fury

Fast and Furious

I’m not certain if this is what you meant, but whoever did that post is brilliant.