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I finally finished coloring this! The lineart was completed around two weeks before Zootopia was released in theaters, and I’m afraid that’s why Nick and Judy are a bit OOC here - and why Nick is wearing shoes. Although I’m not a fan of bare feet on the dining table eitherNick,getyouracttogether.

Anywho, sure hope there are Chinese restaurants in Zootopia. 

Furious Fighter

Avengers x reader x shield  

Imagine request: Reader is the one of the roughest fighters of underground fighting world, she gets slashed up on the face, beats her opponet up as crow of people runs away as couple avengers (who ever you want) raid the place. Reader is close of killing him, but Steve stops her. Takes Bucky and Tony to hold her down. They bring her to Fury who has dealt with her before, and this time gets her to cooperate with shield

Warnings: Cursing

Note: First non-love story? Tell me how I do. And 300+ followers? I can’t believe it. You guys blew up my notifications over the past few days, and I love it.
Thank you anon who requested this, too.

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“Alright, Y/N. My money’s on you and so is the rest of the people,” said one of the dealers of the fight. He smelled of mildew and garlic. “Better win.”

You spit on the outside of the rope that indicated the fighting ring looked at your opponent. It was a dirty, abandoned building. No one cared about hygiene.

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“Maybe taking on all six of them at once was a bad idea,” Nick mumbles. He sits in the back of an ambulance with a broken nose, a few broken rips and a bullet which grazed his arm. The establishment has been shut down after things go out of hand and he can hear the owners yelling at the police in the distance.

The man looks up at James with a smile. “I’m glad you were not hurt though.”

“Y-you…” his gaze narrowed at Nick. “You’re an idiot! The hell was even that supposed to be? Do you have a death wish, Nick? Just say so, and I will strangle you myself.”

James wasn’t even in shock. He was too furious with Nick for it. It all happened so quickly, but thankfully he was armed and so were bouncers.

“You’re lucky I had my dagger with me! That guy would’ve butchered you.”