nick crossland


Memory Overload

Comic commission for my awesome friend @kirain featuring her sole survivor Keira Crossland, Nick and DiMA! Kirain provided the script and I tried to do it justice ^^

@kirain is a great friend and is someone I bounce ideas off of. She also writes awesome fanfiction so if you guys want, please check out her AO3 if you want to see more of Keira and more of @kirain‘s amazing writing in general ‘u’!


I Dont Want to Fall In Love



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Accompanying Music - I Dont Want to Fall In Love - She Wants Revenge

With a cameo from @kirain‘s Keira Crossland. She’s been helping me out with brainstorming along with @george-nordington and I wanted this to be a bit a surprise (unfortunately, she wont be seeing this until 2 weeks from now >_>; )

Hope this was worth the wait. Working on the next installment soon.