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I’m still legit pissed off about Nuka World being the last DLC of Fallout 4 and only the second of two story DLCs.

where is my Lyons Pride and Sarah Lyons DLC?!

Where is my post-BOS Danse DLC?!

Where is my “return to the capital wasteland” DLC?!

Where is my pre-war DLC?!

Where are my Piper, MacCready, Cait, Deacon, Preston, X6, Curie, Hancock DLCs?!


You had so much potential, WHY ARE YOU THROWING IT AWAY?!


Fallout 4 trash bin doodle dump! A disgusting amount of this–okay, like 100%–is my OTP(s) and sketches in relation to an AU plot-baby @lady-of-rohan and I have and talk about pretty constantly, flip floppin’ from fluff to angst like there’s no tomorrow. I’m going to keep coming back to this like a goddamn drug! Comments/descriptions included in each pic. 

Getting a little tired of people “complaining” about how human Maxton Look. HAHAH I mean…he is my OC to do what I like with!!

This character have been an experiment from the first time I drew him. First he was gonna be a bunny, but then I figured…lets make this story “something else” So how would a hare and a fox mix look? Hmmmmmm Ware Hare human it is.

Finally in the latest chapter I felt like I managed to draw him like I always (almost) imagined….soooo if you like to follow this story…just …enjoy the comic

So heres a little sketchdump ive been wanting to draw for a while hahah

and ill try and not make him 100% human by the end of this comic