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I am so on a literary-adaptation webseries kick right now!  I felt I have to share all the ones I’ve seen/have in my “Watch Later”.

Now, before you say anything, I’m all up to date on the Pemberly Digital series.  I’m not going to talk about “The Lizzie Bennett Diaries”, “Welcome to Sanditon”, “Emma, Approved”, or “Frankenstein, MD”.

I will, however, point out that they have started a new one, an adaptation of Little Women called “The March Family Letters”.

And now, one to the plugging!

“Classic Alice” is a webseries about a college student who decides to live her life according to a series of classic novels

“Nothing Much to Do” is Much Ado about Nothing set in high school in New Zealand.  Use this playlist to watch the whole series, since it encompasses 4 different channels.  Seriously, watch this one.  I want to watch it again, and I almost NEVER do that! *complete*

“Elinor and Marianne Take Barton”.  Sense & Sensibility in college, told via Marianne’s vlog.

“A Tell-Tale Vlog”  Edgar Allen Poe and Lenore decide to film a vlog about living together.  You should also check out the other videos by Shipwrecked; they’re all of a classic literary and romance bent.

“In Earnest”  The Importance of Being Earnest set in college, told as a series of vlogs from the viewpoints of Jack, Algie, and Cecily, all on one channel for your convenience!

“The Autobiography of Jane Eyre” is a modern Jane’s vlog.  This is another one I might watch again. *complete*

“Green Gables Fables” Anne Shirley in high school, now, with a vlog.  Her classmates also have vlog channels, so make sure you watch those when they come in.

“From Mansfield with Love” Jane Austen's Mansfield Park set in a hotel that was a great estate, told via the vlog of the put-upon junior housekeeper.

“A Midsemester Night’s Dream” is a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream……….. with a few updates to the dialogue, and modern characterizations.  Like hipster-Lysander and Drama major-Bottom. *complete*

“The Importance of Being Mike” is kinda inspired by The Importance of Being Earnest.  Like, what would Cecily be like if she lived now?  Oh, yeah, it’s not the story you’re used to.


And now for the things I have queued.

“Jules and Monty”  Romeo and Juliet have been given the same assignment for their college Communications class: keep a vlog. *complete*

“The Emma Project” is yet another vlog adaptation of Emma*complete*

“University Ever After” appears to be about the college-age versions of a bunch of fairy tale characters.  Made by the same people as “A Midsemester Night’s Dream”, but made before.  I’m watching them in reverse order.

“A Bit Much”  Another vlog adaptation of my favorite Shakespeare play.  Dunno the specifics yet, but I will in a couple days.

“Kate the Cursed”  The Shrew has a video blog.  I have to see this.

“The Nick Carraway Chronicles”  If F. Scott Fitzgerald had lived now, his greatest story would have been told via vlog.

“Much Ado about a Webseries”  Guess what this is YET ANOTHER adaptation of?  Something I wouldn’t miss, that’s what.

Literary Inspired Webseries Masterpost

Those with * are still going, those with # are cancelled/abandoned & those with ~ still have to start, the other ones are already finished so you can binge-watch them ^^ Oh and it’s inspired by what’s in between the (brackets).
If you know some other series to add or notice any mistakes, please message me.


• Nothing Much To Do                (Much ado about nothing)
• Much Ado About A Webseries (Much ado about nothing)
• Lovely Little Losers ~               (Love’s labour’s lost)
• Jules & Monty                          (Romeo & Juliet)
• Any Other Vlog                        (Romeo & Juliet)
• Kate the Cursed                      (Taming of the Shrew)
• Call me Katie                          (Taming of the Shrew)
• Midsemester Night’s Dream   (Midsummer Night’s Dream)



• The Lizzie Bennet Diaries                 (Pride & Prejudice)
• Emma Approved                               (Emma)
• Elinor and Marianne Take Barton     (Sense & Sensibility)
• Mars and Elly                                    (Sense & Sensibility)
• Project Dashwood                            (Sense & Sensibility)
• Welcome to Sanditon                       (Sanditon)
• From Mansfield with Love                (Mansfield Park)
• North Hangin’  ~                               (Northanger Abbey)
• North Bound                                    (Northanger Abbey)
• the Elliots *                                       (Persuasion)


• New Adventures of Peter and Wendy         (Peter Pan)
• University Ever After                                    (a variety of princesses)
• Grimm Reflections                                       (Snow White with a twist)
• Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros *      (Cupid mythe)
• Or so the story goes *                                  (Peter Pan)
• Cindy  ~                                                        (Cinderella)
• My name is Mulan ~                                     (Mulan)


• The Jane Games                              (Characters of Jane Austen novels)
• The Writing Majors                           (Austen, Bronte, Wilde, Shakespeare)
• Classic Alice  *                                  (A lot of stories)
• Tell-Tale Vlog                                   (Edgar Allen Poe)
• SHAKES                                           (Shakespeare plays)
• Blankverse                                       (Shakespeare, Marlowe, Johnson)
• Kissing in the rain                             (A lot of stories)
• I didn’t write this                               (Variety, modern and classic)


• Carmilla *                                          (Carmilla)
• Frankenstein M.D.                            (Frankenstein)
• Notes by Christine                            (Phantom of the Opera)


• In Earnest
• Nick Carraway Chronicles                 (the Great Gatsby)
• Jamie Watson and Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)
• Baker Street  /  221B                         (Sherlock Holmes)
• East and West #                                  (North and South)
• Masked ~                                           (the Scarlet Pimpernel)
• Middlemarch: The Series ~               (Middlemarch)

• Green Gables Fables *                     (Anne of Green Gables)
• Project AoGG ~                                (Anne of Green Gables)
• March Family Letter *                       (Little Women)
• Misselthwaite Archives *                   (the Secret Garden)
• the Autobiography of Jane Eyre       (Jane Eyre)
• School of Thrones                            (Game of Thrones)
• Dona Moça Eventos  *                      (Senhora) [English subtitles]
• A Little Princess Vlog  *                     (A Little Princess)

NON-LITERARY (but still fun)

• the Late Nell Avery* ♡
• Squaresville
• MyMusic
• Wish it inc. *
• MsLabelled *
• Social Medium ~
• Untangling Tessa
• Dating Rules From My Future Self
• Wave Jacked

Maybe later on I’ll create links so you don’t have to search for them  yourself, but right now I’m to lazy to do that.

Oh btw, I got the idea from, but that one wasn’t complete so I decided to make one of my own.

Edit 7-1-2017: Not really updating this but if you want something changed or have a webserie to add, I’ll happily do that, I’m just not doing it if no one asks haha, don’t really have the time.

I’m making a bulletin board at my library to feature web series.  Any suggestions for my list?

(* marks those I have not yet seen but are on my to-watch list, ** means I’m currently watching it) I’ll be doing it this summer for next school year, so stuff coming out this summer is fair game. And it will be up all year, so…)

[EDIT: Italics are new additions to the list.  Also, I’m already going to run out of room, so unfortunately I’m not including series like Kissing in the Rain or I Didn’t Write This]

• Nothing Much To Do
• Lovely Little Losers
• Jules & Monty
• Any Other Vlog
• Call Me Katie
• Kate the Cursed
• Midsemester Night’s Dream
• Like, As it Is (New As You Like It)*
• Much Ado About A Webseries

• The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
• Emma Approved
• Autobiography of Jane Eyre
• Elinor and Marianne Take Barton
• Mars and Elly*
• Welcome to Sanditon*
• From Mansfield with Love
Project Dashwood*
North Hangin*

• New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
• Green Gables Fables
• March Family Letters
• Misselthwaite Archives
• University Ever After
• Grimm Reflections
• Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros

• The Jane Games
• The Writing Majors
• Classic Alice
• Tell-Tale Vlog

• Carmilla
• Frankenstein M.D.
• Notes by Christine**
• The Late Nell Avery

• In Earnest
• Nick Carraway Chronicles
• Jamie Watson and Sherlock Holmes
• Baker Street*
• East and West
• Masked*

Follow the flow chart to pick your next webseries binge!

I remember seeing something like this quite a lot time ago, but thought I’d make an updated version! I wanted to include a few more shows (like, off the top of my head: I didn’t write this, project dashwood, 221B, cupid and eros, or so the story goes, shrew that, the nick carraway chronicles) but space got really tight so sorry if your favourite isn’t there.

So I had a geeky kind of evening and now, for the sake of comparing how conventions of LIWs come into being and how they’ve changed over time and also for fun, there’s now playlists for:

LIW “Adventure Montage” Episodes

(Episodes which dedicate at least a chunk of themselves to a montage of exploring a place or generally a fun day/night out, often with musical accompaniment. First done in AOJE’s “Kidnapped” , but could have origins in the day out Lizzie, Darcy and Gigi had as seen over Twitter in the LBDs. The line between these and “going for a walk” or “commuting” episodes is blurry but I think it’s there)

LIW “Baking” Episodes

(Episodes which are presented as the vlogger talking their audience through them cooking something. Welcome to Sanditon had these as a regular part of the show but the first “one off” baking video in a series is AOJE’s “Happy Rainbow Baking Show”. Again, possible origins into Jane Bennet’s passion for Snickerdoodles in the LBDs and how this was taken up by some of the fandom. )

LIW “Party” Episodes

(Episodes in which something that a character describes as a party either in the video or description takes place to some degree on camera. These are separate from “Group Hang out” ,“sleepover”, “pre-party” ,“post-party” “clubbing” and “Hiding from the party” episodes, though, again, blurry lines. “Hiding from the party” and “post-party” videos are present in both the LBDs and The Nick Carraway Chronicles, and Emma Approved showed a photo area of a christmas party, but AOJE was the first to include a definitive “Party” episode.)

LIW “Internet Meme” Videos

(Episodes that include an internet meme, tag or widely played game. AOJE was the first to use “Draw my life” (Swiftly followed by A Tell Tale Vlog), NMTD was the first to use “My Boyfriend does my Makeup” and A Little Princess Vlog used the first “questions”-type tag.)

LIW “Music” Videos

(Episodes that specifically show a character on camera doing something musical, not just the use of a soundtrack. Does not have to be an original song or remotely in tune. Notes By Christine was the first LIW to use this (I’ve only included the first 3 in the playlist because there’s so much music in it)

(I don’t watch or keep up to date with every LIW (though I do my best), and some of the videos on the playlists were just found by spotting people wearing fancy clothes in thumbnails or suggestive titles in LIWs I haven’t seen, so message me if you think I’ve missed anything out or misjudged anything :) )


Nick Carraway Chronicles Episode 1!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this series, as I love LOVE The Great Gatsby. This first ep was (pretty much as expected) an infodump to introduce all the characters. I’m interested to see how this one will continue on, if the camera will travel places (e.g. to a Gatsby party!).


Get to know ‘The Group’ a little better! Check us out behind the scenes, we get a little weird…

dftbanews  asked:

Do you know where we can find the Great Gatsby one?

It hasn’t officially started yet, but the characters have been active on twitter for a while.

Follow the Characters on TWITTER!

Ok, so I might be jumping the gun a lot here, but I sort of want to do my next major research project on this (if I, you know, end up actually going to grad school and doing more research on Transmedia Storytelling so that I can be thoroughly unemployable). Even though I’m not a huge Gatsby fan, I love the idea of a completely amateur endeavor like this. The LBD (which is the subject of my current thesis project, due in 1 year and 10 days… hey I said I’m jumping the gun by wanting to study this) was awesome, but that team had a lot of advantages these guys won’t have. I can’t wait to see how they do!

This is their channel:

P.S. Sorry for reuploading instead of just linking the vid, but since they’re taking it down in two months, I figured I ought to store a copy here so that this post will keep making sense.